Texas CD7, American National Values, Democrats, Fraud, and a Disenfranchised Public

A whole host of things has to go wrong before things seriously go wrong.

Lizzie Fletcher–D has retained her seat with something like 63% to Dr. Johnny Teague’s 37%. Outside of Congressional District 7, however, the sea is Republican red all the way to the borders of Texas north, south, east, and west. So, what has happened in District 7? – an area that covers the lower portion of west Houston and has more than 600,000 citizens, of which approximately 180,000 turned in their votes.

We weren’t expecting kids to vote, so anything like a voter turnout of two hundred thousand makes sense to us. If anything, Republicans were worried too few wanted to vote, and (unlike the claims put forth by national media commentators at ABC and NBC) many conservatives were on their rounds in District 7 encouraging Hispanic Americans and African Americans to vote. The attractiveness of Dr. Teague’s message was simple: stable jobs, vibrant, unrestrained industries that produce and export, and crackdowns on crime so that people can feel safe living and doing business in west Houston.

Fletcher’s Democrat message was simpler: I am a Democrat, I champion the deletion of womb life and offer this as proof of power for womankind, and I want Americans to believe that Caucasian Christians are inherently evil. Somehow this formula works.

Or rather it didn’t. Take away the sort of absentee, by-mail balloting you see in Cobb County, GA and in New York City and tones of other districts, and suddenly there can be no way to generate ghost votes. In New York authorities have the cheek to advertise the nonsensical technique of last-minute absentee balloting – all while the city languishes in rubbish. Filth can stay uncleared for days on end! I return and the electronic board now has two stickers plastered on it by audacious civilians who do not fear the law – for it is as if there is no law, and there is no enforcement, and no consequences. Officials do not exercise duty and responsibility; so how can the citizen be expected to behave honorably?

“Where did these ballots come from? Why are they arriving at the Detroit Bureau of Election so suspiciously late on election night? What could possibly account for so many ballots arriving so late,” complained Ben Wetmore, a Christian political organizer and author of the book, Getting a Job in Politics, And Keeping It. He has certainly discovered how Democrats keep their jobs in politics: create phantom votes, or rely on computerized voting, or hack computers through easy backdoors and change the numbers.

Speaking of backdoors, physical containers were captured at back doors in Michigan on security-cam footage, but that is difficult work for Democratic staffers and collaborators. It is much more convenient to play with machines, like in Harris County, TX where District 7 is. There the Republican Party has given press conferences with civilian testimony of how election workers mess up scanning processes for ballots thousands of times (perceptibly, of course, and with untold, unobserved possibilities at other times). New ballots are created, and pages scanned again and again. What!? That does not even happen in the Republic of China (Taiwan), and certainly not in Malaysia.

Will local police pick up these testimonies and round up election workers for questioning at police stations? No. I have complained of financial corruption and unethical businesses happening in broad daylight in local counties, but American police officers in Ramapo, NY* tell me, “The law protects (minorities). The law protects unlawful activity.”

Racially speaking, I am a minority, even though I don’t regard myself as one. A broken enforcement system does not help minorities, no matter which way it is spun in Democrat storytelling. Corruption and unfair elections disadvantage all of America and her inhabitants, and consigns America to the dustbin of has-beens. Republicans want America to be admired in the world, but Democratic political correctness in the past decade has doomed this country to developing status once more.

Whatever Happens in America Has an Impact on the Entire World

 When I was at Harvard University in 2016, my lecturers and co-learners celebrated Malaysia’s implementation of indelible ink on fingers for any citizen who has already voted: the method consists of dipping at least one of your fingers into a tub of crazy ink that does not wash off until two to four weeks later. The Election Commission in Malaysia also promised the world that no matter the size of the district, results would materialize on the night of the election or latest by next morning. My Harvard lecturer in international development also nodded in approval at the fact Malaysia has decided to stick to paper balloting with zero use of machines. Instead, these paper votes are counted up in full view of political party personnel from both sides of the political divide.

Republicans brought such best practices to foreign lands in the past twenty years, for instance through institutions such as the International Republican Institute. But Democrats like Barack Obama and Joe Biden bring their own ‘best practices’ by signing memos to cultivate recreational abortion overseas, so that Asiatic folk can relearn how to kill womb life (even when the Communist Party has dismantled all birthing restrictions since summer of 2021).

Unethical Democrats have sabotaged the sanctity of electoral republicanism. If you damage the electoral process in North America, how are you going to convince the rest of Asia to adopt the electoral mode of picking leaders for public office? When elections look stupid and unreliable, there is no way Asians will want to implement widespread electoral republicanism in an emerging Asia. The Democratic Party has doomed the American republic and this hurts opportunities for the rest of the world. Democrats in so many U.S. counties – represented through caucuses for recreational abortion, AFL-CIO, and the ADL – have implemented too many concessions in elections. It is high time to retract them all.

Remove computers and digital machines from the electoral process, bar all who are absent from voting, create more voting stations in more locations (which is a great way to harness real estate during election season), and restrict all votes to election day. If insufficient time to vote is in any way an excuse, then open stations at 5am and close them at 9pm, but count up the votes all day, and announce at 2am the next day.

And here’s what inks the deal: put harmless, indelible ink on people who have voted, so they don’t vote again – at least not for the next two to four weeks. You get to show off your inked finger at Thanksgiving.

Helping The Party of Greed and Disenfranchising the American People

Tuesday, November 8 was election day, but by Saturday I was seeing only 30% of votes counted in a certain district. By 4am Sunday, November 13, Ohio’s Districts 1 and 9 had no qualms about the fact only 90% and 85% of votes had been counted. It is unconscionable that results can be dragged out so long. Races in Arizona and Nevada are technically inconclusive, with Kari Lake obviously Arizona’s Governor one moment – and then suddenly no longer, with the prettiest votes filing in on the weekend. Arizona’s Districts 1 and 6 were still counting stuff on Sunday, with the leanest of margins switching from left to right and left again. Such incompetence is being made to happen in the world’s oldest republic. It is no wonder family-centered, honest Americans are flustered and deeply disappointed.

“A win in Nevada would give Democrats a fiftieth Senate seat and allow them to retain control in the chamber,” reporters write at the Washington Post, and they admit that by-mail voting was still being accepted through Saturday, November 12 in Nevada and that corrections can be made to problematic ballots in order to qualify them as late as Monday, November 14. It comes as no surprise that by dawn on Sunday, highly experienced antiterror specialist Adam Laxalt has been dealt a terrible blow with his chances for Senate disappearing from the mental horizon. The Democrats now have the Senate again – such convenience – and no antiterror specialist can do anything about this.

The paradigm of deceit is a new normal under Democratic rule, but so are the habits of greed and dereliction. A microcosm of what happens when you let convenience-oriented Democrats rule the roost can be found in New York, where deceptively lit streets actually reek of the sort of stench that’s like a cross between fifty types of dried-out vomit and dead rodents blended with rotten intestines from the belly of a slimy, mythical fish. You can see how I’ve had to combine imagery in order to describe the foul air and grimy streets. It is otherworldly and unreal – in the realest way.

High prices, pushed by high taxation, have rendered everything pricey and unaffordable for most in the city and in eastern and southeastern New York state. Democrat politicians pocket the money from these taxes – do not trust for one moment that these monies are being properly used on the people of New York. The clunky, dilapidated, and dirty subway infrastructure and trains are shocking and worse than riding to a village on a third-world donkey. The Christ didn’t mind donkeys. Donkeys are cute and a healthy way to travel. But I will have to persuade my dear Jesus to avoid taking the New York subway.

Due to unaffordability in so many Democrat states, it is a rat race in those cities, and people have become terrible with each other – scams, deceit, and lying to make either a quick buck or long-term dishonest gain reign in such pricey places. But the quality of goods and services remain dismal, so it is like paying an arm and a leg to get substandard stuff. Due to the priciness of trying to stay afloat, even life itself is untenable and expensive – and this explains why abortion is a mentally viable option in the minds of many folks who live in Democrat-ruled states. It is expensive to raise a kid, but way, way cheaper to end her/him before s/he sees the world. The benefit of abortion to the healthcare system and government is noticeable: abortion procedures still cost money, and the parent(s) still pay. Health facilities collect money, and government of course collects taxes.

The dog-eat-dog, all-for-the-money mentality of Democrat governance has made life an expensive hell for ordinary Americans; and it is not just the African American or Hispanic American who suffers. Caucasian Americans were among the first to fall, and their collapse has been tremendous, to say the least. Many Caucasians cannot afford the brand-name universities anymore (whether public or private), and they do not qualify for bursaries or scholarships, because Caucasians have no racial basis to appeal to. This is highly damaging for the psyche and self-esteem of Caucasian folk in modern America, and those who do not end up destitute or homeless** actually serve in menial positions way below their skill and aptitude or acquire a lowly station in life that is mismatched with their achievements in high school and college.

When American Values Are Thrown onto The Trash Heap on National TV

I believe in reproductive rights. There’s no buts about it. I waited till I was financially capable and was armed with at least two academic qualifications at the tertiary level before I even dared to ‘put myself on the market’ to reproduce. Most urban girls (an endearment for the textbook word “women”) believe in earning degrees and saving up quite a bit, before starting a new family. That, folks, is called reproductive rights. We get to choose when, because we need to prepare for the beautiful and noble chapter known as marriage and childrearing (child-raising).

My rights to argue end when there is life present right before me. When I create life, I possess no logical right at all to terminate my baby. It does not matter if I had been tempted, or lost discipline, or succumbed and made love one rainy day. I have created life, and nurture, raise, and defend my child I shall.

American society used to vilify and socially ostracize men who put women through abortions so as to shirk fatherly duty to children. Such men were hated, and people avoided being friends with despicable men who kill womb life in order to “remain free” and “unencumbered.”

What mental gymnastics enable well-manicured, well-dressed professionals such as Alexis McGill (leader, Planned Parenthood) to go in front of national television, and proclaim that it is not up to doctors and lawmakers to defend innocent lives? McGill admits womb life is very much alive, but that doctors should not think it a medical duty to protect womb life. We must all shudder the next time we rush to a hospital in Democrat-ruled states for what we perceive is advanced healthcare; to Democrats, advanced healthcare includes the idea that life isn’t worth protecting. Why will your comfort level be when you find yourself being tended to by a doctor who has successfully terminated a hundred preborn babies? Will you let such a doctor even touch you?

No. I asked the women and girls in my family, all of whom are cleverer, more intelligent, and more opinionated than I am. They are hugely successful and have more societal power than I do. And they cut me off even before I finish the question. They say, “No! I won’t accept such a doctor. What, let a murderer put his hands on my tummy? No!”


* Ramapo PD is the jurisdiction governing the Jewish village of Monsey, NY, where much of the Lev LaLev scam took place. In 2020 and 2021, the Lev LaLev organization pretended to be a Lev LaLev Israel Girls Orphanage / Lev LaLev Orphanage Netanya Israel and raised funds for what it claimed would be Jewish weddings and a pet therapy center for orphaned children, to the tune of 250,000 Malaysian ringgit. The scam affected Malaysian Chinese in the state of Johor in Malaysia. Lev LaLev collected these monies via its electronic name Lev LaLev Monsey NY, operating out of an office at College Road, Monsey/Ramapo.

** What mainstream journalism does not want you to see – but I insist that you do. The miseries of poverty and helplessness afflict all races in a broken economy destroyed by lockdowns. (Photograph, November 6, 2022, New York City)

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Victor Yong Jen Ong

Victor Yong Jen Ong chairs a community roundtable for classical Chinese values, and is critical of communist 'democratic' philosophies. Credentialed in global affairs at Harvard University and in corporate ethics at the Federation University in Australia, Jen is author of Daughter of Palestine, a pro-Israel book, and appears on Israel365 and Oriental Daily News.