The Establishment’s Attempt to Render the Voter Useless

Over the past two years the country has witnessed the establishment make a hard push to remove former President Donald Trump from the ballot. This is happening as Trump attains landslide favorability in primary polls where he is up well over double digits against all primary opponents.

Thus, with the corporate media in tow, political opposition in Maine and Colorado through various legal procedures attempted to have Trump removed from the ballot and 13 states followed suit of the same type. This tactic is called lawfare where one opponent attempts to disqualify or drown out another opponent through the legal process and all the time and resources that it consumes.

Lawfare has been attempted before but never to the extent that it is today. It serves as evidence that the establishment is running out of options in defeating the people as they take back their governments.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

This tactic has hit home here in Texas. Attorney General Ken Paxton has been a thorn in the side of the Karl Rove and Bush family establishment since he was first elected as a State Representative. Since being elected as Attorney General he has defeated mail in ballots across the state which would have most likely resulted in a Beto O’Rourke victory as Texas Governor.

He has also confronted the Biden Administration more so than any other Attorney General in the United States by suing to stop different initiatives. Ken Paxton’s success rate in these legal fights is over 70% and is having a disastrous effect on Biden’s attempt to destroy the country.

As a result of these victories, the people of Texas re-elected Ken Paxton as Attorney General. They did so three times as he had to win a primary, a run-off, and the general election. In this process he ended the Bush legacy in Texas forever as he defeated George P. Bush. However, the establishment did not approve of the voter’s choice and moved to the lawfare tactic where they sought out Republican friends in Texas House of Representatives who would partner with Democrats in impeaching Ken Paxton.

Texas State Rep Jacey Jetton

They could find one friend in State Representative Jacey Jetton who is a stated admirer of the Bush family and their legacy in Texas:

“Jetton, 40, identifies as a Reagan Republican. He likes Abbott, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio and Nikki Haley. He paused for a few seconds before conceding that he’s “always been a fan” of the Bushes.”

-Houston Chronicle

State Rep Jetton partnered with the establishment and overruled the electorate by voting to impeach Ken Paxton. As a result, he now finds himself in a heated primary challenge against Matt Morgan. Jetton continues to defend his vote on Paxton but refuses to accept a debate invite by local citizen activist group Freedom Matters Action Group.

Dan Mathews

Gary Gates also voted to overrule the citizenry and impeach Ken Paxton and as a result is being primary challenged by Dan Matthews. However, Gates stepped it up a notch by applying the lawfare tactic in his own primary challenge. Gates filed a lawsuit against Dan Matthews and Fort Bend County GOP Chairman Bobby Eberle to have Dan Matthews removed from the ballot. However, the courts struck Gates down and the primary challenge will go on.

All elements of secrecy are removed and the establishment within our Republican party cannot be more transparent. Their continued attempts to refute the citizenry can only be viewed as a cynicism for the voter. Should types such as Gates and Jetton succeed in these primary challenges it will serve as an endorsement of the lawfare practice and it is only reasonable to assume attempts to refute the voters will only increase in magnitude.

These are epic times, and these local primaries will have an incredible impact on the future of the state of Texas.

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Chris Heasley

Christopher grew up in the industrial Midwest city of Youngstown, OH where, during his formative years, his hometown experienced the steepest economic decline of any American city. Later he worked in economic development in the industrial city of Pavlodar, Kazakhstan. Through these experiences Christopher developed his opinions on the causes of economic decline, industry exodus, and the factors that determine prosperity.