Jacey “Two-Face” Jetton and the 10 Other RINOs in the Texas House Who Voted to Fund Transgender Social Transitioning of Children

Jacey “Two-Face” Jetton and the 10 Other RINOs in the Texas House Who Voted to Fund Transgender Social Transitioning of Children

“Jacey Jetton and his merry band of RINO’s are the most dangerous people in the state for Texas minors.”

In April, notorious RINO and State Rep. Jacey Jetton introduced House Bill 1898, which would distribute taxpayer funded grants to children’s hospitals across the state, including dollars toward programs for the hospital-facilitated transgender “social transitioning” of minors.

In response, State Rep. Tony Tinderholt (R-Arlington) argued that children’s hospitals that are transitioning children shouldn’t receive taxpayer dollars to expand their services. This put a halt to Jetton’s plans. House Republicans were provided the chance to restrict grant funding to only children’s hospitals without transgender “social transitioning” programs.

Transgender “social transitioning,” in this context, refers to the elaborate, long-winded grooming process of psychologically manipulating vulnerable children into believing that they identify as the opposite sex. The final result is full-fledged, medical transitioning, including puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and genital reassignment surgeries.

Children’s hospitals that facilitate these programs also offer employee-planned “coming out” parties, where confused children “come out” to the world as the opposite gender.

So, how, you might ask, did House Republicans navigate the option to restrict grant funding to solely children’s hospitals that didn’t participate in this barbaric, abusive practice? By neglecting to do so.

An initial vote recorded 90 “nays” and 53 “yeahs.” Twenty-seven House Republicans listened to floor arguments and still decided to hand taxpayer dollars to children’s hospitals that socially transition children.

In all fairness, Jetton did lie to his colleagues when he discussed other legislation addressing a possible ban on social transitioning funding, according to Texas Scorecard, and an informant who asked to remain anonymous. Jetton, who serves on the Public Health Committee, is present at the table of all prospective public health bills, bans and fundings.

In the wake of Tinderholt’s remarks, Jetton stood on the House floor, looked his colleagues in the eyes, and essentially told them, “Oh, there’s another bill that’s addressing this, so we don’t need to address it here!”

While doing so, Jetton was well aware that no bills involving the “ban” for the funding of hospital-facilitated child social transitioning were being considered. He intentionally, blatantly and unabashedly lied to his fellow lawmakers.

Let’s circle back to the initial vote and those twenty-seven Republican lawmakers.

These Republicans were Steve Allison (San Antonio), Doc Anderson (Waco), Ernest Bailes (Shepherd), Keith Bell (Forney), Brad Buckley (Killeen), Angie Chen Button (Richardson), Giovanni Capriglione (Southlake), Tom Craddick (Midland), Drew Darby (San Angelo), Mano DeAyala (Houston), James Frank (Wichita Falls), Frederick Frazier (McKinney), Cody Harris (Palestine), Jacey Jetton (Richmond), Kyle Kacal (College Station), Ken King (Canadian), Stan Kitzman (Pattinson), Stephanie Klick (Fort Worth), John Kuempel (Seguin), Stan Lambert (Abilene), Janie Lopez (San Benito), Geanie Morrison (Victoria), Candy Noble (Lucas), Angelia Orr (Itasca), Hugh Shine (Temple), Carl Tepper (Lubbock) and Kronda Thimesch (Lewisville).

Immediately following the first vote, eighteen House Republicans worked desperately to “change their vote on the record,” according to Texas Scorecard. Sixteen of these lawmakers were names from the list above, and two were representatives who were absent; Glenn Rogers (Graford) and Tom Oliverson (Cypress).

Oliverson’s vote, Texas Scorecard pointed out, was “damning to Jetton,” who argued that it was Oliverson’s bill that would have “dealt with this issue.”

If this were true, and Oliverson had been drafting a bill for some sort of upcoming ban, “why did Oliverson find it necessary to support?”

So, eighteen Republicans changed their recorded votes. Yet tragedy for the Texas right-wing, pro-family population is that even if these lawmakers had cast their votes based on their own moral convictions at the time of the initial voting, the amendment still would have failed by a 75-51 margin.

Furthermore, the first votes cast determine whether or not an amendment is added to a bill; switching votes after the fact serves nothing other than clearing the consciences of fence-sitting Republicans, and perhaps covering the back ends of those who did intentionally vote to betray the wellbeing of children across the state.

Eleven Republican representatives didn’t even bother to change their votes. These twisted eleven full heartedly and unrepentantly cast ballots to push tax money into the laps of pro-transitioning children’s hospitals. They were exposed for their positions on policy, and then doubled down on these positions.

These twisted eleven RINOs are more perilous for Texan children than the Democratic party itself; these deep blue creatures cloak themselves in red, occupy Republican House seats and pull wool over the eyes of our citizens.

The eleven are as follows; Jacey Jetton, Ernest Bailes, Angie Chen Button, Drew Darby, Kyle Kacal, Stan Kitzman, Stephanie Klick, Geanie Morrison, Angelia Orr, Hugh Shine and Carl Tepper.

Let’s focus on State Rep. Jacey Jetton (R -Katy/Richmond), whom Katy Christian Magazine once endorsed. It’s safe to assume that after evaluating his past year in office, during which he’s drastically morphed in character, we politely withdraw our endorsement.

A universal law in politics and all other breeding groups of potential corruption is to follow the money trail. Power and money are perverting forces with the command to change most people.

In the 2022 campaign year, OpenSecrets revealed that Jetton accepted substantial donations from Texans For Dade PAC, a political arm funding notorious RINO Rep. Dade Phelan and his cohorts.

Jetton’s top contributor in 2022 was Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC, the political arm of Texans for Lawsuit Reform. On its website, the PAC lists its mission as;

“The state’s largest civil justice reform organization. TLR is a bipartisan, volunteer-led coalition… TLRPAC works to elect Texas leaders and lawmakers who understand the importance of maintaining the historic civil justice reforms that are strengthening the Texas economy and ensuring access to health care throughout the state.”

Accessible health care throughout the state, as in the social transgender transitioning and eventual sexual reassignment of Texas children? Just a thought.

During the current 2023 campaign year, Jetton has also accepted notable sums from PharmPAC, the political arm of Texas Pharmacy Association, or in other words, Big Pharma. He has also received donations from Memorial Hermann Health Systems.

Jacey Jetton’s style of governing is better suited for liberal Austin, Texas, or better yet, San Francisco, California; not for the conservative population of Katy, Texas.

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