Impeachment of Dade Phelan Absolutely Necessary: Attorney General Ken Paxton’s Acquittal Hangs in the Balance

Despite all the hullabaloo about the Ken Paxton impeachment trial, no one seems to ask the simple question, why has Ken Paxton been impeached?

It all centers on real estate, and there is only one expert on real estate in this entire fiasco, and that man isn’t Ken Paxton.

A Lawyer Who Decided in His Twenties That Business Wasn’t for Him

Ken Paxton (Warren Kenneth Paxton, Jr.) wanted to rely on a career in law after his studies in Waco, Texas with Baylor. After ten years of university from 1981 to 1991, Ken Paxton emerged with a bachelor’s degree (Baylor), an MBA (Baylor), and a J.D. (Doctor of Jurisprudence, Virginia), and worked as a corporate lawyer and an attorney at law before becoming Texas Attorney General in 2015.

The furthest extent of Paxton’s business has always been in law and as a lawyer either for other firms or independently as his own legal firm.

As Attorney General, he has launched more than fifty lawsuits against the Democrat-led federal government and its allies, often resulting in cases that feature the word “Texas” or “State of Texas” in the case heading, such as “Texas v. Biden.”

On May 19, Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan–R (Matthew McDade Phelan) was in a state of drunkenness on the House floor, and the Attorney General Ken Paxton followed this with a tweet that Speaker Phelan should resign.

Days later, an impeachment committee removes the Attorney General from office.

An Impeachment Based on Convenient Rumors

On May 27, he was impeached by an almost equal number of Republicans (61) and Democrats (60) during House proceedings, after two months of escalating rumors about his character.

Now the process moves to the Texas Senate, where there is a two-thirds threshold if the impeachment of Ken Paxton is to be upheld. The Texas Senate is small, consisting of just 19 Republicans and 12 Democrats. Eleven Senators could acquit Paxton by August – the tentative deadline for a Senate decision – but 21 Senators could just as easily confirm the May 27 decision undertaken by the House.

President Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz–R (Rafael Edward Cruz, Cuban-Irish American) have called for Paxton’s acquittal, due to the fact the open cases that Paxton has filed against the radical left are anchored in some of the same concerns shared by Cruz and Trump, including voter fraud / election fraud, safety in healthcare, and illegal immigration.

The disappearance of Paxton from the legal apparatus of the state of Texas could mean the continued economic stagnation of Texas and ever-increasing rates of crime and public peril.

“Texas grassroots are outraged over this,” writes Joseph Menslage, president of Katy Christian Magazine, on the unjust impeachment of the state’s highest legal officer at a time when Texas citizens need him most, “They clearly stand with Paxton.”

The impeachment process centers entirely on Indian American Natin Paul, also known as Nate Paul, as well as Laura Olson, a Republican supporter of central Texas upbringing.

Impeachment officials claim that Laura Olson and Ken Paxton are in an adulterous relationship, and that Nate Paul, being Laura Olson’s employer, has benefited from Ken Paxton’s position as Attorney General.

It is apparent that there is no extramarital affair between Olson and Paxton, but a sensational story has proven quite necessary to help tie the impeachment process together. Nate Paul, on his part, is a less-than-successful real estate entrepreneur that has had to rely on loan extensions in a tough economy. It is the fact that he wasn’t allowed to fail, and the fact the state of Texas has been lenient on him, that has landed Ken Paxton in the quagmire of being called “unfair” or “unjust.”

However, the Attorney General’s Office has allowed debt to accumulate and debtors to stay in business, on numerous occasions, most typically for countless adults who were students’ years ago, but have yet to resolve their college tuition loans.

Nevertheless, a small committee convened in late May, between May 19 and May 27, to hastily draw up twenty often-repetitious charges aimed at removing Paxton from office.

Uncertain if Senate will Acquit Paxton

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan–R cobbled together this committee of three Republicans in-name-only (RINOs) and two Democrats. Ken Paxton was not allowed to present a defense before the committee. He was impeached based on hearsay supplied by investigators who did not sign affirmation statements before the committee. Soon, he was removed from office – all without due process.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott–R will likely appoint a replacement attorney general that kills off Paxton’s lawsuits. Paxton has lawsuits against Biden, Big Tech, and Big Pharma, and won several lawsuits in recent past. Therefore, Paxton’s complete removal from office would only benefit left-leaning entities such as Facebook, Google, Pfizer, and Moderna.

Today, the ball has arrived in the court of Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick–R, who chairs the Texas Senate and will help guide the upper house to a decision in August. While Dan Patrick comprehends the details of the impeachment allegations and has historically espoused some of the same values as Paxton’s, the allegiances of the various Senators are less than clear. All in all, Texas politics has fallen down a well and seems a mess.

Paxton Doesn’t know Real Estate, but Phelan Certainly Does

Ken Paxton is known for his investigation into Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, the pharmaceutical giants that led the nation into a vaccine-receiving whirlwind. Paxton believes these companies misled the general public as to the efficacy and safety of those anti-Covid vaccines. He wants to investigate clinical trial data to see if trials actually proved the vaccines dangerous but were covered up so as to facilitate the sale and distribution of these unnecessary vials of poison.

Paxton has also been digging into LGBTQ+-motivated child sex-change mutilation surgeries, particularly at Texas Children’s Hospital and other facilities, as part of his efforts to stop child abuse. His interpretation of Texas law is that such surgeries – which remove body parts of perfectly healthy underage girls and boys – are in fact child abuse, and he has been active in outlawing unethical procedures and has been trying for a medical consensus on this.

Paxton doesn’t know how to make money, for otherwise he would have instead chosen to stand with the lucrative practice of mutilation surgeries.

Still, the May committee has asked for Paxton to “accurately reveal his financial interests.” By contrast, Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, who created this persecution committee, knows business, understands profit, and has lots of equity (of the financial sort).

Time to Impeach Phelan

Dade Phelan was born with a silver spoon in his mouth in Beaumont, Texas, and has a street named after the family, Phelan Boulevard. He was voted the most handsome in high school and inherited the natural chance of heading up real estate acquisition and leasing in east Texas. It is difficult to claim that he represents a broad cross-section of religious conservative Texans in the working-class stratum of society.

We are the developers of several multi-use land developments,” his family-led Phelan Investments says on LinkedIn, “including a 2,700 acre, planned community development in Southwest Beaumont named Willow Creek.”

At Willow Creek, some of the cheaper houses are about a million U.S. dollars each, with property taxation upwards of US$15,000 annually, but the non-residential properties in east Texas have become the main focus of the Phelan dynasty in recent years. With a client-interfacing address at 1277 Calder Avenue, Beaumont, Texas 77701, the usually more-discreet Phelan Investments provides leasing opportunities in the more expensive real estate of the non-residential kind, such as commercial and industrial properties.

Phelan has never relinquished his participation in the real estate property ownership industry. His experience has never been as an agent or a salesperson, but rather as owner and landlord. He possesses experience in leasing retail space that Phelan Investments owns in more than twenty shopping centers in Texas, and his locations are considered luxury developments or adjacent to high-end, and in areas sometimes represented by important agents such as Sotheby’s. Through Phelan Investments, Dade Phelan is the de facto landlord for a stunning array of brands such as Walmart, Chipotle, Kroger, CVS and Starbucks.

The Phelan dynasty has a spread of many locations, including east Texas (Beaumont, Port Arthur, Port Neches, Lumberton, Woodville, Orange, Jasper), central/south Texas (Lampasas and San Antonio), northeast Texas (Texarkana), and southern Arkansas (El Dorado). While their specializations include commercial real estate, properties for oil and gas, land development, shopping centers, retail space, office space, and industrial real estate, the Phelan company also involves itself in mineral reserves and timber.

In an effort to conceal, Dade Phelan and his kin have tried to stay offline, and whatever online documentation usually disappears within weeks. Land parcels, land sales, tenders, construction works, and leasing arrangements are often secretive, and the Phelan network works hard to ensure business is done face-to-face with little to no disclosures on the Internet. However, trace remains do reveal acquisition and sale activity, even to the most casual of Internet users.

In view of the profitability and hundreds of thousands of dollars in monthly personal profits, just with real estate ownership and leasing, what is Dade Phelan doing being a politician? Why does he even need to be Speaker of the Texas House?

As state officer, Phelan is not allowed to take home more than US$40,000 in annual earnings – that’s less than a schoolteacher in New Jersey. Politics and business do not mix – or rather, they should not. But Phelan’s involvement in state politics is disturbing, considering he has never distanced himself from his lucrative day job.

If Phelan’s day job is not as Speaker of the House and a man in public service, but rather as a real estate tycoon, he should “accurately reveal his financial interests” and the fact that he hasn’t simply means he ought to be impeached under Title 6, Chapter 665. It is glaringly disproportionate that a career lawyer with a meager salary (Paxton) has to come to the guillotine of impeachment, while a rich man who does politics and clandestine real estate deals (Phelan) does not.

An Un-Christian Attitude

Dade Phelan’s cavalier attitude reveals his high self-regard, as though he is King of the Chamber, rather than a presiding officer for the people. During debate and House voting over SB-1 (Senate Bill 1), an election integrity bill, in August 2021, Phelan prohibited the use of the word “racism” during deliberation, thereby restricting the freedom of speech of Democrats and Republicans in the chamber. “We can talk about racial impacts with this legislation,” Phelan said, but in true petty schoolboy fashion, did not want to hear the words “racist” or “racism.”

It has been observed that Phelan’s ban on the word “racism” has extended to other sessions of the Texas House of Representatives as well. This is quite obviously a ban that disadvantages both Democrats and Republicans, especially when real cases of racism or racialist ethnic discrimination and exclusion do occur in the realm of mankind, and therefore in Texas too, but no representative gets to talk about them in the Texas House. Phelan has created a catch-22 situation that impacts Republicans in every ethnic group.

Inclusion in conservatism is very different from the Inclusion offered by Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Conservatism sees all people as capable, and inclusion is welcome and oriented on merit, such as attainment, accomplishment, or quality of character.

If we want a strong and inclusive conservatism, we must continue to eradicate racism to the extent that logic permits. But if you are not allowed to eradicate or discourage racism, you can’t shape conservatism into something strong and inclusive. Then conservatism would in and of itself cease to exist, because it would have become utterly anti-Christian.

New Testament Christianity calls for inclusion and broad-mindedness (Acts 10:11-12, 10:28, 10:34-35, 17:19-23), for otherwise, only Jews would be acceptable in the eyes of God. Two thousand years on, Dade Phelan has evidently forgotten the lessons taught in catechism class.

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