Introducing State Rep Candidate Matt Morgan, a Conservative Grassroots Alternative to RINO Incumbent Jacey Jetton

Cover Photo: Matt Morgan with his wife Jessica and two children

In light of monumental recent (and older, ongoing) Texas political scandals, many “Republican” politicians have been outed as dirty old RINOs. The House is particularly filthy, as evidenced by their wicked attempted character assassination of Att. Gen. Ken Paxton, “R” member votes to fund child transitioning hospitals, and countless other unforgivable treasons. 

It’s RINO hunting season. As we inch closer toward the new election cycle, we’re praying for rain so heavy and pure that it cleanses the contaminants out of the toxic Austin Swamp. With these prayers in mind, we’ve taken the time to interview State Rep. candidate Matt Morgan (HD 26), a truly conservative, grassroots alternative to notorious RINO incumbent Jacey Jetton

We like him. We like him a lot. And we respect our readers, and their ability and autonomy to make their own, educated decisions. So, get to know Morgan yourselves; here is our exclusive interview.

Q: Discuss your career and personal background, and how this will aid you in your prospective seat as state representative.

A: “My great-grandparents, my mom and my sister were all Texas educators. Serving others is in my family’s DNA, and that makes me very proud,” Morgan said. “And I am you, a constituent. For a man to lead, he must first walk the path of his constituents. As a constituent, the leader will naturally serve others in all that he does, because the leader believes that to serve others is a privilege.”

In Morgan’s campaign website bio, he elaborates further on his qualifications and personal background.

 Matt Morgan’s family dates back nearly 200 years in Texas

Matthew R. Morgan’s Texas family roots date back nearly 200 years ago. Matt’s ancestral family moved to Texas with Stephen F. Austin, as part of the original 300 in 1825. Stephen F. Austin is considered the founder of Texas as we know it today.

Matt graduated from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville with a bachelor’s degree in business. Matt received two separate job offers; one was from an elite stock brokerage firm, and the other from a well-known insurance company. This was the pinnacle moment in Matt’s career, for he picked the profession that would help others when they experienced a loss.

Matt’s son followed his dad’s lead in joining the Boy Scouts, which Matt Morgan obtained Eagle Scout rank.

Matt is proud of being an Eagle Scout and was the recipient of the Young American Award. In 1993, he earned a proclamation of a day in his honor through the City of Houston for service to his community. He is a former member of the board of directors for Lamar Little League and is currently a committee member for Cub Scout Pack 10 based in Richmond, TX.

Devoted to his community, Matt helped build several homes through Habitat for Humanity. He also collected over 100K books for needy children for a literacy organization in Houston. To Matt’s surprise, he met former First Lady Barbara Bush, who served on the organization’s board of directors, and they remained lifelong acquaintances until her passing.

Matt is currently a public insurance adjuster, licensed in Texas, Georgia, and Colorado. After years of working as an insurance adjuster for various top well-known insurance companies, Matt decided that he could better serve others if he only represented the policyholders. In 2015, Matt launched Morgan Elite Specialist Services, LLC. Matt advocates for his clients who are the policyholders of various insurance companies and have suffered losses.

He is happily married to his wife Jessica, and they have three children, Westley, Samantha and Christian. He is also the proud papa of their dog, Smokey.

Q: Tell us a bit more about your community involvements. You’ve done work with Habitat for Humanity?

A: “Yes! I have volunteered at my church for mission projects and more. I wanted to make sure that every child had a chance for a better life, so I went on a mission to raise over one hundred thousand books to give to children from impoverished homes. The City of Houston then proclaimed a day in my honor for outstanding community services,” Morgan illuminated.

“When I’ve found myself available, I’ve helped with many Habitat for Humanity projects as well, doing tasks like plumbing, electrical work and framing. I’ve also served for many years on a little league board in the district, as well as my current work sponsoring a cub scout pack that would’ve had to close had we not stepped up to sponsor them.”

Q: What is your relationship with your family like? What about your relationship with the Lord? How will these dynamics influence your policy positions, if elected?

A: “I am very close with most of my family. We try to hold family reunions at least once a year with extended family,” Morgan said. “My parents live at the family ranch, purchased shortly after World War II ended, which is located near Schulenburg, TX. Our bond is precious to me, and I speak to my parents several times a week. I do the same with my sister; I only have one sibling.”

“My mediate family, including my wife and three children, and I enjoy a very strong relationship with each other and in Christ. My wife, Jessica, and I spent decades as members of First Methodist Church in Sugar Land. Then, nearly a decade ago, we all joined Faith Methodist Church in Richmond, where we’ve been attending since,” he said.

“I pray every day; I always want a stronger relationship with our Lord and Savior, but I let Him lead me in that direction. Running for office was not done without hours of prayer and reflection; it was God leading me to take on this burdensome task. And I will continue this, always praying for guidance in every vote I take, as the next State Representative in HD 26.”

Q: You’ve listed several platforms you’re passionate about on your campaign website. Explain your intentions and specific plans for each of these issues.

A: Securing the Texas Border: “President Biden is violating the sovereignty of Texas’ borders by allowing an invasion of millions of illegal immigrants to pour across our southern border. Since his administration took over in 2021, over 5.5 million illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border,” Morgan cited.

“This includes individuals with criminal records, infectious diseases and terrorist ties. The unprecedented volume is having a crippling effect on Texas schools, hospitals and law enforcement. It’s time for the Texas legislature to take definitive action and secure the southern border once and for all.”

A: Upholding the Texas Constitution: “The Texas constitution has come under attack by the radical Biden administration. Our right to state sovereignty and self-governance is under attack. It’s past time the Texas legislature made clear they will use the full force of the Texas government to defeat any and all attempts to undermine Texans’ liberty.”

A: Due Process of Law: “The impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton by the Texas House of Representatives was a disgrace. During the Texas House impeachment, Attorney General Paxton was offered no opportunity to cross examine witnesses or present contradictory evidence,” Morgan expressed with disdain.

“The entire process was a political sham and an attempt to overturn the will of the Texas people. While Attorney General Paxton was ultimately acquitted by the Senate, there is a clear need for reform to the impeachment process. I will be a fierce advocate for reform that requires impeachment witnesses to be put under oath and subject to cross examination.”

A: Improving Education: “The education of our kids determines the future of Texas. We have to do a better job keeping politics out of the classroom and solely teaching the facts. Classrooms are not the place to introduce ideas of sexuality and gender identity. I’m father to three children, and I take the quality of their education very seriously,” he elucidated.

“As your next State Representative, I will ensure our schools are adequately funded, but I will also ensure that our administrations and educators are meeting benchmark and accountability metrics.”

A: Reforming Property Taxes: “Property taxes are out of control. The thought that a taxpaying Texan can work their entire life, pay off their mortgage, retire and then be threatened with losing their home because they can’t afford runaway property taxes is wrong. We desperately need reform,” Morgan empathized.

“And we need it now. If we can generate a more than $30 billion surplus in state revenue, then we can buy down the tax burden for Texans. This will be one of my top priorities as your next State Representative.

A:  Ban Trans Gender Modification in Children: Some Texas ‘Republicans’ in the state legislature seem to think gender modification funding is a good idea,” Morgan scoffed.

“As the father of three children, I couldn’t disagree more strongly. There is zero place for this kind of radical policy in Texas, and as your next State Representative, I will fight any effort to endorse or fund gender transition or modification by the state legislature.”

A: Securing Our Elections: “The sanctity of our elections is imperative to the survival of our Republic. 2020 was an unprecedented election with the way Democrats unconstitutionally circumvented state legislatures to universalize mail-in voting in many states. In Texas, there were attempts to do the same, but Attorney General Ken Paxton was able to thwart them in court. This shouldn’t even be a discussion. You need an ID to buy tobacco, to drive or to buy a beer, all of which pale in comparison to the gravity of voting. Texans should be mandated to have ID to vote, and there should be a paper trail of every vote cast.”

Q: Additionally, do you have any other strong stances in policy that you’d like to mention now?

A: “I believe that we should vote in term limits today. Not tomorrow, not next year; now.”

Q: How do you differ from your opponent, the incumbent candidate and State Rep. Jacey Jetton?

A: “Oh, many ways,” Morgan laughed. “I don’t believe that any Republican should receive less than an A in family and fiscal issues on various score cards; that is one way I differ from Jetton.”

“I also don’t believe in letting the Austin Swamp inelegance my vote, ever. I will always cast my votes for my district in the way they want; not for me, but for them.”

“Furthermore, I know we still have issues with voter fraud in Texas. We can fix much of that with a few simple changes. Jetton, on the other hand, would not audit the 2020 elections, and he only voted this time to fix an issue they created last time. He does not support giving the Office of the Attorney General dual jurisdiction on voter fraud. I do.”

“And for other key differences,” Morgan listed, “I do not support spending our hard-earned tax dollars toward socially transitioning children. I do not support raising taxes in Fort Bend of any kind. Jetton, however, voted ‘yes’ to raising the HOT taxes in Fort Bend County, and a few other counties, on a bill with Democrat Senator Boris Miles.”

Q: You and Jetton both live in Richmond, where you are both well known. In the 2020 election cycle, you won by a landslide in Richmond, yet the support that Jacey received in Katy won him his current seat as State Representative. Why was this?

A: “I was not well known in political circles in 2020. While well known within my community, in 2020, I was a person who worked behind the scenes for the party, so I wasn’t known out front in other regions. Back then, I received very little support from within the party. Now, I’m grateful to have overwhelming support.”

Q: A bit ago, you expressed your distaste for the crooked House impeachment “trial” of Att. Gen. Ken Paxton. Could you expand more about your stance on the trial, and its verdict?

A: “I watched the Ken Paxton trial carefully, and I personally reviewed nearly four thousand pages of materials which the House Managers publicly released while on a gag order from the Senate. If this was a federal trial, all of those documents would likely have been excluded from the trial. But this was a political persecution. One crucial moment in the Paxton trial was when the defense team asked several witnesses if various articles of impeachment were true. Each witness agreed that they were not,” Morgan recalled.

Q: How have you funded your campaign, in this election cycle and the last?

A: “I am running a grassroots campaign,” he explained. “Rather than accepting money from dirty donors grooming RINOs, my campaign has been funded primarily out of my own pocket, both this time and last time. My votes wouldn’t be for sale.”

Q: In light of all of the RINOs and political deception within the House, why should our readers place their faith in you as the conservative you claim to be?

A: “People can trust me because they trust those who support me and know me. My community urged me to run. People kept calling me and asking me to run, because they know me as an honorable man who is always willing to help others whenever and however I possibly can.”

Morgan’s best friend. Their pet dog.

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