BREAKING: Texas Rep. Jacey Jetton is Called In a Penned “Letter of No Confidence,” Calling for the “Liberal Establishment Republican’s” Replacement in the Upcoming Election Cycle

BREAKING: Texas Rep. Jacey Jetton is Called In a Penned “Letter of No Confidence,” Calling for the “Liberal Establishment Republican’s” Replacement in the Upcoming Election Cycle

BREAKING: AUSTIN, TX– Texas Representative Jacey Jetton (HD 26-R) was thrust on the hot-seat by his fellow party members in a recent letter calling for his removal from office in the upcoming primary election cycle.

Jetton is a “liberal establishment Republican” who “[refuses] to uphold the platform of the Republican party,” the letter, which was signed by a supermajority (over 60%) of Republican precinct chairs in HD 26, claims.

The following is a new press release from Matt Morgan (HD26-R), Jetton’s primary election opponent.

“It’s a shame that Fort Bend County Republican Party Leaders have no confidence in their representative. Jetton has failed to protect our kids, he has failed to protect our gun rights, and has been a critical roadblock in passing conservative legislation in Austin,” Morgan said.

“Jacey Jetton likes to say he’s a conservative. Still, his voting record shows he is just another tax and spend liberal hiding behind the falsities and empty promises of the Speaker and his cohort of special interest groups.”

Katy and Fort Bend Christian Magazines have received the penned “Letter of No Confidence,” but we aren’t at liberty to release this yet in order to protect the signers. Instead, we’ll provide our readers with a few notable highlights.

The Republican party has historically been a party of conservative principles, and it advocates for policies based on the Judeo-Christian worldview, and Godly and righteous standards, the letter maintains.

Jetton, who ran for office in 2020 and was elected as a Republican Party Member, has voted against his party and against these values countless times. In fact, in contested votes, Jetton sides with Democrats and against his Republican colleagues more often than not.


The letter lists multiple accounts on which Jetton has detrimentally opposed his own party, including violations of the following:

Republican Party Platform 32, involving the right to bear arms and to nullify any gun laws that violate rights of the Second Amendment or rights of due process. Jetton violated this principle with his vote to pass SB 728, which allowed the federal government to declare a person “mentally ill,” “unwell” or “dangerous” and to seize their weapons;

GOP Legislative Priority 7, which protects gun rights against threats such as red flag laws;

Voted to Approve Speaker Dade Phelan, violating platform 233, requiring Texas Republican members to vote as a unified body for a Speaker candidate;

GOP Legislative Priority 5, to ban democratic chairs;

Voted “Yes” in the Illegal House Impeachment Trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton;

Authored and Voted To Pass HB 1898, which establishes a tax-funded grant program to fund children’s hospitals to include funding for “transitional operating support,” which is in violation of Republican Platform 209- Protecting Minors to prohibit sexual transition and Platform 156- Gender Identity;

And GOP Legislative Priority 3, To Ban the Gender Modification of Children.

The letter listed several more accounts of Jetton’s betrayal of his Republican constituents and colleagues, including GOP Legislative Priority 1, To Protect Texas Elections and Platform 137, Medical Freedom.

Grassroots Priorities provides a Rice University Analysis for Ideological Scoring of legislators. This groundbreaking and accurate tool calculates that Jetton is “slightly liberal,” not Republican and certainly not conservative.

Katy and Fort Bend Christian Magazines join the ranks of those with “No Confidence” in Jetton. It’s been evidenced time and time again that Jetton does not support our party interests. He has respect for neither his constituents, who voted him into office, nor his Republican colleagues, with whom he claimed to share platforms.

Thus, we call for the immediate dethroning and replacement of Jetton in the upcoming election cycle.

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