Meet Police Officer and Self-Made Businessman Ali Sheikhani, Republican Candidate for Fort Bend County Constable Pct. 3

Fort Bend County, TX– We’re a short three months away from the March Primary Election cycle. It’s time to acquaint you with another candidate whom we believe could improve the state of our county: Ali Sheikhani, Republican candidate for Fort Bend County Constable Pct. 3.

Ali, a man of humble character, is not the sort to brag about his good deeds and achievements. It took some digging and conversations with his acquaintances to get a sense of his nature.

He immigrated from Pakistan to the U.S. when he was nineteen years old, and through a lengthy span of incredible work ethic, he earned success as a self-made businessman and started and grew a huge company.

Yet Ali didn’t simply bask in his blessings; he founded a nonprofit organization in his mother’s name with the desire to give back to his adoptive community. This nonprofit organization has fed the mouths of countless lower income families within Fort Bend County.

After getting to know Ali, both from his own words and the stories of others, Katy and Fort Bend Christian Magazines have identified the policeman and businessman as the ideal constable for Pct. 3 for several reasons.

Firstly, Pct. 3 spans Sugar Land, the western region of Missouri City and Stafford. Its racial demographic consists of fifty-five percent Asian residents, contrasting the Republican party’s seventy percent Anglo political representation. The facts show that if the right wishes to retain its current voters and attract new ones, it absolutely must begin putting racially diverse candidates with whom we share values up for general elections.

Ali complements the shift in demographics within Pct. 3 beautifully. Aside from his ethnic roots, Ali is an impressive self-made businessman with a huge local following from his heavy involvement in charity and philanthropy. And perhaps most paramount, Ali shares the values and interests of our readership: to build a tougher stance on crime and keep Fort Bend County safe.

Below is our interview with policeman, businessman and constable candidate Ali Sheikhani.

Q: Discuss your background, and how this will aid you in your prospective seat as the constable in Fort Bend County Precinct 3. Additionally, tell us a bit about your community involvement and your relationship with your family.

A: “I’m Ali Sheikhani, an American Pakistani. Earlier in life, I was a young individual with potential, yet I struggled to grasp the path to success. My trajectory changed when I relocated to Houston, Texas,” Ali said.

“Through years of relentless work, I have emerged as a prominent figure in various industries, including retail, construction, real estate, and logistics. I take pride in delivering exceptional services to my clients. In addition to my enthusiastic community efforts, I concurrently serve as a police officer in Texas.”

An anonymous close friend of Ali expanded further on his character and background.

“Ali Sheikhani embodies generosity, extending his giving nature both domestically and during his travels. Continually dedicating himself to others has allowed him to uncover a profound purpose, adding greater significance to his life. In 2019, he established the Shamim Sheikhani Foundation in honor of his late mother,” they said.

“This nonprofit organization operates full-service food kitchens and offers a range of public services to support those requiring assistance. Ali is characterized by his drive, passion, and persistence, as evidenced by his unwavering commitment, fervent efforts, and the triumphant journey he has undertaken.”

Q: Explain your law enforcement, crime prevention and community policing philosophies.

A: “I have a strong background in law enforcement and a passion for serving the public,” Ali began. “I am dedicated to improving the safety and well-being of the residents and businesses in the precinct.”

“I have a proven track record of leadership and have worked with diverse communities to address their concerns and needs. As Constable, I will bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to the role, with a focus on transparency, accountability, and efficient service delivery.”

Below is Ali’s four-point plan for community safety:

  • Add more patrol officers to our neighborhoods.
  • Work with the county to fund the tools and resources our law enforcement officers need to keep citizens safe.
  • Create faster response times to ensure safety.
  • Increase school safety by adding patrol officers to school zone areas.

“Crime in Fort Bend County is all around us. I will protect our Precinct 3,” Ali vehemently vowed.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024, is the Primary Election date in the State of Texas. Mark your calendars and familiarize yourselves with candidates for each position now, as this date is rapidly approaching.

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