What You Need to Know Before the Paxton Impeachment Trial, Set to Begin September 5

AUSTIN, TX — State Attorney General Ken Paxton will appear before the Texas Senate on Tuesday, September 5, to respond to 16 of 20 articles of impeachment that were approved by the Lone Star State “kangaroo court,” or Texas House, in May. That vote suspended Paxton from his seat without pay.

This is the trial Texans must pay attention to, as the verdict will sway the fragile future of our state. In May, a hung jury of Dade Phelan’s RINOs and Democrats voted to suspend Gen. Paxton and try him for impeachment, with charges including “bribery and abuse of public trust.”

This strangely happened just days after Dade Phelan appeared drunk on the House floor, and Paxton called for his immediate resignation.

Now, his impeachment trial is set to begin Sept. 5 in the Senate chamber, where Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick will serve as the presiding officer. Paxton’s prosecution includes twelve House impeachment managers, working with their henchmen Texas attorneys.

Paxton’s defense team includes famous Texas lawyers. All senators are required to serve as jurors, although as Katy Christian Magazine recently reported, Paxton’s wife, Sen. Angela Paxton, is forbidden from participating in any conversation or vote.

One of two lawsuits, recently filed against defendants Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, the Texas Senate and Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Austin Osborn, reveal the calculated corruption behind Sen. Angela Paxton’s removal from the impeachment trial.

“Furthermore, Senate Rule 31 also violates the Fourteenth Amendment, the lawsuit alleges, because it bars Sen. Angela Paxton (R-McKiney, wife of Paxton) from voting in Gen. Paxton’s trial. Other senators with ‘personal or private interests’ are free to vote, it continues, citing Article 15, Section 2 and Article 3, Section 22 of the Texas Constitution,” Katy Christian Magazine reported.

“The Texas Supreme Court has made it clear that Article 3, Section 22 ‘does not apply in an Article 15 proceeding,’ both lawsuits argue. Article 3, Section 22 states that a member who has a personal or private interest in any measure pending before the Legislature cannot vote. Article 15 relates to impeachment.”

“Essentially, Sen. Angela Paxton must be able to vote regardless of her marriage to Gen. Paxton, because the ‘measure’ on the table is related to the impeachment of the Attorney General, the lawsuit argues.”

Katy Christian Magazine reported that the lawsuit argued that every senator “presiding over General Paxton’s impeachment trial” already has bias or partiality for or against him by party affiliation alone.

Furthermore, the lawsuit articulates that “The Senate rules directly violate this fundamental constitutional principle,” of “one person, one vote,” by “fully disenfranchising all of the voters in the district of Sen. Angela Paxton.”

Last week, the prosecution and the defense team each filed witness lists, which have been kept private. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has ordered some of these witnesses to appear on the first day of the trial. Those who may be called to testify under oath, according to The Texas Tribune, include the following;

Lt. Gov Dan Patrick, who is president of the Senate and the judge in the impeachment trial. Patrick may rule on pretrial motions or call senators to vote on pretrial matters, but “any motion to dismiss an article of impeachment must be approved by a majority of senators.”

State Att. Gen. Ken Paxton, the accused three-term Republican seatholder who was impeached in May following “accusations of misconduct that include bribery, dereliction of duty and obstruction of justice. Most articles of impeachment focus on alleged allegations, made by former top lieutenants, that Paxton used the attorney general’s office to benefit Paul, a friend and political donor.”

12 House representatives, who will oversee the prosecution. Led by RINO Rep. Andrew Murr and Democratic Rep. Ann Johnson, the team also includes eleven other people, including Reps. Briscoe Cain, Charlie Geren, Cody Thane Vasult, David Spiller, Jeff Leach, Morgan Meyer, Erin Elizabeth Gámez, Joe Moody, Oscar Longoria and Terry Canales. 

House impeachment managers, including famous prosecutors Dick DeGuerin, Harriet O’Neill and Rusty Hardin.

Paxton’s defense team, including defense lawyers Tony Buzbee and Dan Cogdell and legal counsel Lana Myers. 

Possible witnesses, including Nate Paul, an Austin real estate investor “central to Paxton’s corruption allegations;” David Maxwell, a former director of law enforcement who was involved in the initial November 2020 lawsuit against Paxton and Blake Brickman, a former deputy attorney general for policy and strategy initiatives, who was also involved in this lawsuit. 

Other potential witnesses include Mark Penley, Ryan Vassar, Drew Wicker, Margaret Moore, Brandon Cammack, the Mitte Foundation, Jeff Mateer, Michael Wynne and Mindy Montford.

Yet the media’s leftist deceptive spins and our state government’s disgusting, agenda-driven handling of Gen. Paxton do not reflect the views of our population. According to a new poll by The Texas Tribune, only 28% of Texan Republicans agreed that the charges against Texas’ attorney general were warranted.

Despite public bombardment with propaganda against Gen. Paxton, his approval rating remains at 46% among Republicans. Few R-voters believe that the Texas House was justified in impeaching him, according to this poll.

Gen. Paxton’s defense team argued once that Republican senators risked their political careers by voting to convict him. Yet a majority of Republicans in the House did vote in favor of his impeachment in May. As Katy Christian Magazine continuously points out, the majority of our House Republicans are notorious RINOs, betraying their own party, values and constituents for power, money and political gain.

Paxton, who has been suspended from office for the last several months, and his lawyers have argued that he should remain in office; voters, they pointed out, are already aware of the “questions surrounding his ethics,” yet have re-elected him twice, including last year, in 2022.

However, the U.S. is no longer a representative democracy. The interests and judgments of our population haven’t been relevant, or remotely interesting, to our government in a very long time. Too many politicians and legal figureheads serve as Gods, commanding their personal interests and their wicked ideals to steer the nation and overwrite the voices of the public.

The media detrimentally compounds this issue; it convinces people that they have been heard; their votes are counted; they are simply the minority, and nobody agrees with them. How can you be angered by a national trend, when you are in the minority? But the right is not the minority; it is effectively silenced, discommunicated and placed in a dark room. We are now blinded to the great numbers standing merely inches away.

The true power of the media, and governing bodies, isn’t swaying opinions; it’s telling people what to think about; telling people what other people think. When someone feels this unbearably outcasted, they no longer need the world to silence them; they willingly perpetuate their own silence.

This dark phenomenon is illuminated by The Texas Tribune’s polling. If the world is truly against Gen. Paxton, why do Republican voters still support him? Why was he reelected last year?

We, as multitudes of God-fearing, voting citizens with a stake in this great state, are strong; we are tremendously stronger than we think. And we must break our own silences by paying attention to and speaking about this trial.

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