Houston City Council Candidate Martina Lemon Dixon: Conservative, or Just Another RINO? 

HARRIS COUNTY, TX — A seasoned Houstonian, Houston City Council candidate Martina Lemon Dixon has been involved in the political sector for a while. She paved a city-wide name for herself last year, when she ran in the GOP primaries against candidate Vidal Martinez for what remains County Judge Lina Hidalgo’s seat.

Although she lost this race, Humble ISD School Board President Dixon is throwing her name in the bucket again in her candidacy for Houston City Council District E. Her opponent in the primaries will be business leader Fred Flickinger, against whom she will battle for Councilman Dave Martin’s seat.

However, a recent investigation by Katy Christian Magazine has uncovered that Dixon might not be the conservative leader she paints herself to seem. Don’t get us wrong; Dixon spews fantastic lip-service, spouting vocal support for conservative causes such as police funding, crime reduction and fiscal responsibility and transparency.

Yet Dixon, on the ballot yet again as a Republican, has donated substantial amounts of money to the Obama reelection campaign and Kingwood Democrats. Some argue that she’s essentially a Democrat running as the opposing party to get elected in a blatant election fraud or manipulation tactic. Others fear that she’s just another RINO (Republican in Name Only).

Don’t believe us? Her transaction records, easily accessible to the public, speak for themselves.

A candidate, or active politician, cloaking themselves as a conservative Republican on the ballot while secretly spearheading DNC causes, isn’t a particularly new, far-fetched or shocking idea. We’ve seen this countless times before, from the likes of officeholders such Dade Phelan.

She also won the GOP endorsement of the leftist media-spinners Houston Chronicle.

Of course, if Dixon were another RINO, she herself would never admit to this. Her campaign website claims she’s a strong supporter of conservative causes, boasting about her anti-mask approach to the COVID scamdemic.

Her Twitter page is also carefully cultivated to appeal to true, red-blooded conservatives she’s hoping will be her voter base. Interestingly, Dixon used to have an old Twitter page, @martina_dixon17. The internet has since been wiped of most traces of this page, although you can still find tweets from a few years back, “mentioning” this account. We wonder what used to be on it.

Humble ISD, of which Dixon sits at the top as the School Board President, has recently adopted the Marxist American Library Association (ALA)’s anti-parent policies. The ALA is infamous for introducing disgusting books into children’s schools in an elaborate, longitudinal scheme to groom the malleable, innocent minds of our nation’s youth. The “disgusting” literature aforementioned includes Marxist, socialist and pornographic reading materials, all under the guise of “diversity.”

Additionally, Dixon is a huge proponent of a similar left-wing cause: increased “diversity and inclusion” training for teachers and faculty, and curriculum changes for students to match these causes. In a 2020 interview with Community Impact, Dixon pushes for this cause following nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd. In this article, she cites a run-in she had with the police.

“…Lemond Dixon asked that the district be proactive and push to understand the sensitivities and experiences of all students. She also asked for the district to develop a formal diversity statement to include in the board’s vision and mission statement,” Community Impact reported.

“‘As we all know, actions speak louder than words, so it’s important that we demonstrate our values in actionable and meaningful ways,’ she said. ‘As an example of this, I propose that we incorporate diversity and inclusion training as part of our professional development for all of our employees.’”

“Lemond Dixon, who is a black woman, shared an experience she had years ago with a police officer while traveling with her husband. She said she was pulled over by officers, asked to provide license and insurance, and then was asked to step out of her vehicle.”

If Christian conservatives have any interest whatsoever in winning back our state, before Texas permanently turns blue, we absolutely cannot afford to continue electing Democrats posing as Republicans into office. Open up your eyes and read between the lines.

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