Another Manic Meltdown from County Judge Lina Hidalgo, who drops F-bomb on Colleagues at Commissioners Court Meeting

BREAKING, HARRIS COUNTY — At a Commissioners Court meeting yesterday, Democratic County Judge Lina Hidalgo explodes at her colleagues, accusing them of being “wrapped around the little finger of a woman who I don’t know what the f**k she’s threatened you with.”

Hidalgo’s outburst ended a discussion about a program designed to reduce violence by partnering mentors with at-risk youth. Commissioner Adrian Garcia (D- Pct. 2) suggested the court contact the Sheriff’s office and District Attorney’s office.

“No, we are not going to explore moving this program to the DA. You’re putting these interrupters at risk. So if we’re going to do that, we need to take a vote on it, because I don’t want the interrupters to be watching this, and fearing that they can’t do their jobs, because then they’re going to be the ones who get shot,” Hidalgo fired at the court.

“If my colleagues want to put this in the District Attorney’s office, and the Sheriff’s office, let’s take a vote, and let’s be on the record, who wants it to go where. So I can then go and explain to my community, what else we’re doing, because some of us are wrapped around the little finger of a woman who I don’t know what the f**k she’s threatened you with.”

Footage of this public, on-record temper tantrum can be viewed here. The woman Hidalgo referenced is fellow Democrat Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg, with whom Hidalgo has historically clashed.

Hidalgo’s colleagues and constituents alike are shocked by her behavior. In her massive public blow up, she utterly disrespected and embarrassed the Commissioner’s Court, the District Attorney’s office and Harris County voters alike. Moreover, she made a mockery of her position and its prestige.

Following Hidalgo’s frenzy, Commissioner Rodney Ellis (D- Pct. 1) halted all discussions for a ten minute recess. When the court resumed, Commissioner Tom Ramsey (R- Pct. 3), the sole republican on the court, requested an apology from Hidalgo.

Instead, the Commissioner’s Court turned its focus to other discussions. Hidalgo has yet to issue an apology.

Now more than ever, it has proved critical that we elect new, conservative faces into office in the 2024 election cycle. We are obligated to our children and grandchildren alike to rebuild the America we once knew: with ethics, decency and righteousness as the pillars of our nation.

Democrats are making a mockery of our institutions. We must unite and throw the bums out!

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