A Malaysian Chinaman Watching How the Democrats Manage the Pandemic and the 2022 Elections

I get to call myself a Chinaman. I can’t possibly be racist unto myself, and I see it as a good name. I’m Chinese, verily a Chinaman – and my newest experiences with Republicans this year have taught me that the truest keepers of the Republican ethos do not hate me for my racial origin.

I saw how Democrats ran a rhetorically biased campaign against Republicans these midterms, and how seasoned reporters and editors at the Texas Tribune and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency chose to bully and mudsling Republican Americans into a frightful and lonely corner.

My American friends suffered so much emotional and psychological abuse – none of which was useful or constructive for them at all. Bullies do not build character, folks. Instead, it is the responsibility of civic humanity to collectively condemn such dastardly and reprehensible acts.

In the lead-up to the midterms, Republicans were the best people I got my chance to meet. Their spirituality is unmistakable and their logic sound. So even while I did spend 2020 and 2021 beating myself up for why there was a virus and variants, my American friends were less judgmental. Instead of lashing out at me, or my race, or my motherland China, they did the opposite – and received me as their friend and Christian ally.

Republicans stalwartly refused to see my people as bioterrorists. Instead, the bulk of the rightist-conservative movement were folks who were more alarmed with the vaccines, lockdowns, and business and travel restrictions.

They hated how local economies crumbled into ruin because of protracted prohibitions on movement, trade, and commercial activity. The Republican Governor of Florida possibly had divine counsel when he decided not to follow through with scares, doomsday modalities, and lockdowns. Instead, he kept his State open for business – and Florida soared.

I had fully expected to be boycotted, hated, spat on, and thrown out of shops for the fact I was Chinese. Instead, I was pulled in by strong, firm, and sincere handshakes by a whole gamut of Caucasian folks in Republican-heavy districts, or places with entrenched Republican upbringing. I was hugged, I was handled at the elbow and shoulder, and I was spoken to, their eyes on mine – and they spoke to me without their masks on.

My 2022 Experiences with Democratic Apartheid

It was in Democrat-heavy districts up north that I beheld folks who behaved differently: they changed to the other side of the street just to avoid walking past me. Some formed a vector away from me, veering to a different part of the street, platform, or store, and called out in audible nicknames, “That’s a China. That’s a China.” On buses and stagecoaches, passengers got up from their seats and picked new ones five or six rows forward or back.

Down south, Republicans often told me to remove my mask and quit worrying. Due to my newfound habit, I sometimes forgot to don my mask again in Democrat districts. It was in these districts that I got commands from complete strangers to “keep (my) mask on” or questions like “where’s your mask?” and “don’t you have a mask?” In New Jersey, a Democrat cab driver with a marijuana keyring dangling from his rearview mirror literally said, “You’re Asian; you’ve got to wear a mask.” I smiled timidly and reached into my coat pocket for the blue surgical mask I always carried.

People sat behind acrylic plate glass and snarled at me from the perch of their antiviral safety, ordering me to behave in this or that way when I tried to make a purchase or pay for something. They pretended not to understand my English (even though I was credentialed at Harvard and possessed a lovely Australian MBA); an Amtrak deputy even went from happily serving American customers, to barking at me when she saw me. It took her all of two seconds to decide my worth.

My despicable worth apparently did not extend to my wallet, however. I was ordered to buy Business instead of coach, with explicit instructions such as “you can afford it.” She seemed to believe that China somehow got rich from the pandemic; when in actuality, we collapsed under some of the most stringent lockdown policies in the world but didn’t say anything for fear of bringing embarrassment to the Chinese nation.

Regardless of what Democrats say about Obama’s inclusivity or Pelosi’s love for people, their actions speak a whole different story. Whether it was Union Station in DC, McPherson Square offices, New York’s civic district, or regional towns in New Jersey, I felt like a pariah. Ask me why I never felt like this in Texas.

The Relative Ease Democrats Have in Their Curtailment of Republicans

This year, my experiences with apartheid and segregation were Democratic from start to finish. But these weren’t the only “old” things that hit me between the eyes. A conservative community figure of European American parentage mused recently that his country seemed to have slipped back to the eighteenth century: votes took an eternity to count.

He echoed my concerns with his discovery that only 73% of votes had been counted by 1:30 a.m. Saturday, November 12. Votes from Tuesday’s election (November 8) were taking forever to read. How!? Were the Amazon or Borneo jungles blocking the speedy passage of ballots from one place to another? Besides, ballots are supposed to be counted close to where they were cast.

No hell or high water could possibly block a successful count. What was happening to my Republican friends in the 2022 midterms? Were they being sabotaged, segregated from general society, and blocked from rightful participation in American governance?

This is the new apartheid. Americans who want to go to work instead of waiting for a handout, and who believe that it would be evil to kill babies in the womb – these Americans are squeezed out of electoral races by a variety of crooked means and measures; and then maligned by the media as fascists when they dare to challenge the immorality of such maltreatment.

If folks schooled in the self-righteous mentalities of Democrat cultures could maltreat me, when I was only a postgraduate researcher from the Eastern lands of the Orient on a survey of America, then Democrats in general have a home-turf advantage when it comes to bullying their fellow Americans.

Republicans live next door, or on the next street, or in the upstairs apartment. They are neighbors to Democrats, and these are two political cultures that happen to drink the same morning coffee, cheer the same football teams, or attend the same universities.

Democrats therefore know enough about Republicans to deal death blows each and every time. If a well-prepared leftist wants to cause distress to a fellow American – crush her/his soul, deplatform her/him, spread rumors or distortions to bring about ostracization, et cetera – it is nothing more than a piece of cake. It is easy work because Americans know Americans.

An Open Secret: You Can Distribute 222 House Seats in Ten Hours (Not Ten Days)

2:30 a.m. Sunday, Nov 13, “Democrats (have been closing in) on all the races,” the Republican gentleman remarked, “It’s always Democrats that are closing the gap, never Republicans. What are the mathematical odds of that happening?”

Ballots in the United States were taking five, six, or seven days to count. Ballots were being accepted after election day. Ballots were being edited. Ballots were being carted around, moved in opaque boxes, or left uncounted – as if government workers in general were suffering from a malady that prevented sitting down in groups to count.

Maybe it was a bid to prevent the spread of a killer virus variant. Kudos to Democrat wisdom.

Meanwhile, November 19 dawned in Malaysia and voting commenced to commit candidates to the House of Representatives in this mountainous, wet, humid, and at times flood-prone nation. 31 million citizens. Of these, 21 million registered voters. As the day progressed, 15.5 million souls turned up to vote. The evening sun went down, and the nation waited. 10 hours (not ten days) later, all 222 seats in the House were properly awarded to their respective winners.

The rightist-conservative party (catch a glimpse of the scales of justice there on the right, in the info pic) created the Electoral System in Malaysia back in the 1950s when the nation was still known as Malaya. Paper was used then, and paper was used on Nov 19, 2022. Voters marked off what they wanted, and walked up to a transparent box to drop their folded page in.

The right-wing party, known by its acronym BN and mentioned in English as the National Front instituted indelible ink on voters’ fingers ten years ago, and led the Malaysian nation in the executive between 1963 and 2018, and again since September of 2021. Despite the efficiencies of the system and its anti-fraud procedures, no Asiatic person is wowed by it. Citizens generally expect the system to work this way. News anchors announced results for the 222-seat distribution matter-of-factly, and some even complained it took till 4:15 a.m. the next day for all 222 seats to come through. (The news people were hoping to go to bed by 2a.m.)

The right-wing BN* has emerged a definite loser in this year’s elections – ousted by an electoral system it had created, chaired, nurtured, and safeguarded for over six decades. Power has shifted to a collection of left-wing parties. This has happened in the space of less than 24 hours. This did not take days.

Democrats Take Malaysia in Under Twenty-Four Hours

In a voting system designed by the Right – where ballots do not take days to be counted up, Malaysia’s left-wing parties have instead won, riding on a wave of populist sloganeering of their own make such as “fairness,” “progressive politics,” and “good, clean governance.”**

What has taken the Democrats in America a disproportionate and illogical length of time to count up votes, when Democrats in Malaysia sit by and get their results in 10 hours? What works for left-wing parties in Malaysia magically fails when it comes to elections for U.S. Congress. That makes absolutely no sense. The only conclusion we can draw from this is that leftist power counts slowly in America – and deliberately.

Malaysia-Malaya imitated the United States starting in the Eisenhower days, implementing for its citizenry a Senate and House of Representatives, and reworking the American flag into a Malaysian one. The six decades since have given the world a nation that is deeply enamored with the best parts of Western culture, and all Malays, Chinese, and Indians in this tropical nation expect elections every 4.5 years – no matter what. We see it as a right, an enjoyment, and a privilege.

The Democratic Party must back off of elections, and allow this sacred American institution to be restored to its former glory. Must we remind Democrats that a shining extension of America’s electoral past subsists in Malaysia, and that even if Democrats succeed in destroying American elections, Malaysia still survives to tell the world what an American election should look like.

* The rightist-conservative BN suffers a damaged reputation among Malaysian masses due to former Prime Minister Najib Razak’s overly confident investments in foreign financial entities between 2010 and 2016, which resulted in irrevocably huge losses for the Malaysian treasuries. He has remained silent on how precisely he lost the monies, which has fueled speculations among political opponents that he siphoned some or most of the assets for himself.

 ** Despite the clever marketing that attires the Malaysian left, their international allies are affiliated with Planned Parenthood and the recreational abortion movement, which the Hamas-linked Perikatan party refers to as “abortions in good faith,” i.e. by “expert advice” of a doctor or healthcare professional. Harapan is the parent organization of the Perikatan, and focuses on climate change action, formulating restrictions on Western businesses in Malaysia, and the advancement of social projects such as plastic bag bans, plastic straw bans, et cetera – all with great pomp and pageantry. Organized as a Malaysian link to the Oslo accords, Harapan is both pro-Palestine and pro-Israel, and is Malaysia’s version of the U.S. Democratic Party.

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Victor Yong Jen Ong

Victor Yong Jen Ong chairs a community roundtable for classical Chinese values, and is critical of communist 'democratic' philosophies. Credentialed in global affairs at Harvard University and in corporate ethics at the Federation University in Australia, Jen is author of Daughter of Palestine, a pro-Israel book, and appears on Israel365 and Oriental Daily News.