RINO Hunting Season: With RINOS like State Rep. Stan Kitzman, Who Needs Democrats?

Good morning, Texans! Reporting live from the Austin Swamp, we’re hunkered down between a bush and the floor-sitting windows of the Capitol building. Our binoculars are trained on a commonplace, massive and unseemly creature within the Austin Swamp: another Texas RINO.

The creature’s name is State Rep. Stan “San Fran Stan” Kitzman, the incumbent state representative for TX HD-85, and his district spans over five counties: Waller, Austin, Colorado, Wharton, Fayette, and part of Fort Bend County.

Our worn-down team of reporters and zoologists have been burning holes in their sneakers, relentlessly trailing Kitzman and his companions throughout the past year. During our investigation, we’ve uncovered a few paramount and staggering discoveries.

During the past legislative session, Stan Kitzman voted against Republicans and alongside Democrats 180 times.

In a contested, partisan vote where thirty or more Democrats joined together against twenty-eight or more Republicans, Kitzman voted with Democrats 180 times out of 727 votes. This was nearly 25% of the time.

For a full catalog of the partisan votes which Kitzman betrayed his constituents and conservative colleagues on, visit this link. We’ve taken the liberty of identifying a few of these key House Bills to ease the workload of our RINO hunters in camaraderie.

Kitzman was a “YES” in the treasonous House vote to impeach Att. Gen. Ken Paxton.

“‘An absolute disgrace and embarrassment’ may be the perfect descriptor for the sixty crooked House Republicans who voted to waste our and their own time and our money to impeach Paxton without a single shred of evidence,” Katy Christian Magazine reported last month, following Paxton’s acquittal.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton after his acquittal

“These dirty RINOs relied on ‘triple hearsay’ and desperate prayers, cast aimlessly into the ethers, for evidence to simply materialize and help them out.”

Kitzman was one of these sixty disgraces and embarrassments who stole countless taxpayer dollars from the public, violated the sanctity of his seat within the House, made a mockery of the process of impeachment, stomped all over the opinions of his constituents and committed a blasphemous betrayal against his own party.

This is the number one issue among conservative voters, who are increasingly alarmed by their inability to trust any “Republican” within the House. We affirm this: you can’t trust Konman Kitzman as far as you can throw him.

Kitzman voted for Dade Phelan for Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives.

And this is no surprise; the two probably have a lot in common. RINO State Rep. Dade Phelan, the Speaker of the Texas House, also notoriously voted “yes” to impeaching Paxton in their highly illegal and nationally humiliating House “trial.” In fact, Phelan is largely responsible for the whole sham even taking place.

Drunken Dade is the RINO ringleader and the proud owner of the “Dirty Dozen,” a cohort of political figureheads bought and paid for by Phelan in servitude of his mission to covertly flip the Texas House blue.

Doubling down on his vote for Drunken Dade as Speaker, our wildlife experts recently heard Konman Kitzman telling other RINOs that he’s going to vote for Phelan once again to be Texas Speaker of the House.

Kitzman voted “NO” to the Tinderholt amendment, which would have blocked funding from going to hospitals which were socially transitioning children.

“In April, notorious RINO and State Rep. Jacey Jetton introduced House Bill 1898, which would distribute taxpayer funded grants to children’s hospitals across the state, including dollars toward programs for the hospital-facilitated transgender ‘social transitioning’ of minors,” Katy Christian Magazine reported two months ago.

“Transgender ‘social transitioning,’ in this context, refers to the elaborate, long-winded grooming process of psychologically manipulating vulnerable children into believing that they identify as the opposite sex. The final result is full-fledged, medical transitioning, including puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and genital reassignment surgeries.”

Upon the reading of this House Bill, conservative State Rep. Tony Tinderholt (R-Arlington) proposed an amendment, arguing that children’s hospitals that are transitioning children shouldn’t receive taxpayer dollars to expand their services. House Republicans were offered a chance to restrict grant funding to only children’s hospitals without these transgender “social transitioning” programs.

Of course, Konman Kitzman was eager to throw his hand into the air and join the ranks of RINOs, Democrats and other pedophilia child-groomers when he cast his “no” vote to this crucial amendment proposal.

Furthermore, Katy Christian Magazine has it on good report that Kitzman has since “bragged about joining the Democrats” with this bill and with other leftist agenda-driven House Bills alike.

Sort of an embarrassing thing to brag about, considering Democrats never compromise on or stray from their values. Voting alongside the left is essentially a political code for caving to their demands. Kitzman either lacks a backbone, or he’s a leftist infiltrator; use your own discretion.

Kitzman voted “YES” for a mileage tax bill in Austin. This vote would have financially obliterated his voters, many of whom are middle-class workers, farmers and ranchers.

The RINO representative voted “yes” to HB-3418, which would have replaced the current gas tax with a mileage tax. The proposed bill would have charged drivers for every mile they drive, in line with the Biden administration’s ecological dictatorship directive.

The introduction of this bill startled citizens across Texas, who were concerned for a number of reasons, including the cost of the mileage tax, which would likely be much higher than the current gas tax. The bill was developed so that the poorer the driver, the more money they would be charged, a detriment to the middle class and workers in occupations like ranching and farming, who spend countless hours behind the wheel driving.

Another blatant red flag pertaining to the bill was its coded-in governmental overreach and infringement upon individual privacy rights. Drivers in the proposed dystopian future would have their mileage tracked using strategies like odometer readings and GPS tracking, a complete and utter disregard of our God-given privacies and liberties.

Anyway, Konman Kitzman voted “yes” to this, because stands united with the left in his belief that citizens do not possess inherent rights and freedoms solely for existing as free willed beings. Liberty, according to Kitzman, is a privilege which the government allots to the selected few lucky; a privilege for which we should express unwavering gratitude.

Now For a Bit of Compare and Contrast.

So, one in four times, Kitzman votes “yes” to stabbing his colleagues, party and constituents in the back. This behavior is particularly exemplified by nearly every important measure. I’m no gambler, but I’d gather that those are pretty terrible odds.

Texas State Representative Steve Toth-R- The Woodlands

To illuminate this point, I’d like to offer a bit of compare-and-contrast with a true Texas conservative, State Rep. Steve Toth of The Woodlands. Toth, arguably the most conservative Republican in the Texas House, votes to honor God, his state, his constituents and his seat by maintaining the same stances he promised us when we voted him in office.

Toth is a man of loyalty, bravery and uncompromising values. We pray for more seat holders of his caliber in the Texas House following our RINO hunt.

He is also one of the three Republicans, stratified by under a percentile, with whom Kitzman disagrees the most.

In fact, Kitzman disagrees with Toth more than he disagrees with most Democrats.

Isn’t it time to show Stan “San Fran” Kitzman the proverbial door? Afterall, with RINOS like him, who needs Democrats?

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