The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of our Children

I shared with you last week about the Dirt Roads of my home county. I shared with you that when I was growing up, most county roads were gravel and that you could tell someone was driving down the road long before you saw their vehicle. You could see the cloud of dust rising from a mile away. 

There is a cloud of dust from a great battle that is coming. I am not talking about Russia and Ukraine though that is clear. I am not talking about China and Taiwan, though that seems imminent. The battle is here, and an enemy has already invaded. 

We have one of the most amazing school districts here in Houston, called Alief ISD. I love this school system, its teachers, and its administration. The majority love the Lord, love the kids, and do what is best to educate them per the parent’s values. What is alarming to a degree is that more and more school buildings are being built in our area and for younger and younger students. Now we are looking at pre-K and early child development for kids 4 years old and older. The statistics have shown that the earlier we can teach kids, the more advanced they will be, better students and perhaps more accomplished adults. All of that is good. And, as long as the current administration is there, I believe all of our kids will be taken care of. 

Here is my concern. It is not institutional learning that holds the key to a child’s success. It is learning. That learning should be ongoing in the home. Parents, God gave you those kids. Yes, we are blessed with public education, private education, homeschooling, Christian education. These are good. But I believe if the statistics were broken down and studied, we would find the kids who accomplish the most are those whose parents were greatly involved in their own children’s education and, let me put one more word in here, “discipline.”

If you are not disciplining your kids (reward for good behavior, punish for bad behavior), all of society should resent you. We are to train up the children in the way they should go, and when they get older, they will follow it. The reason so many teachers leave their jobs is not because of pay. Read that again!  The reason teachers leave the teaching profession is not because of pay, or benefits, or too much work, or not being appreciated. The number one reason they leave is because of the kids and the kids’ behavior. Parents, quit trying to be popular with your child, do what is right – discipline them.

My second concern is that if we are relying on institutional education to teach our kids, then what are those institutions teaching our kids? Are they contradicting your morals, your faith at school? Are they belittling the United States and our history at that school? Are they saying that all people are racists inherently? Are they teaching that sex and gender are fluid? Are they teaching your child about the “merits” of masturbating early in life? Are they teaching your kids to explore a wide array of sex partners to find the ones they like the best? Are they taking your child down to a clinic to delay puberty, or to block hormones so that your child can be the gender they want to be, or the gender the school says they should try – all against the gender that they were blessed to be born with?  And all of this without your knowledge as a parent? Are they taking your daughter to a Planned Parenthood clinic for birth control and abortions in secret for fear of your reprisal as the parent?   

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a battle for our kids. Satan wants your kids, and he often uses educational institutions to do it. Give birth to the child, now let big government raise and program them. Let the schools say there is no God to your kids, that all people of a certain race are evil and other races are always victims. Let the schools teach your kids there is no right or wrong, but just individual truth – my truth versus your truth. 

I know we don’t want to hear it, and it is unmentionable, but this is how Nazi Germany got its teeth into their youth beginning with the Hitler Youth program. But they started that for 14-year-olds. Our nation is starting with 4-year-olds. Disney is joining in to teach our kids perversion. Even China, Russia, and the Middle East forbid such things, so Disney modifies to please them to make money. We need to cut Disney off from our dollar too. This will modify their actions.

We also need to be able to move our kids out of any school that teaches contrary to our values for our kids. They are OUR kids. Our tax dollar should go where our kids go. If we start cutting into the money of public schools, then they will have to modify their content and submit to the authority of the parent or go bankrupt. Competition makes all respond. Let me go back to one more statement I made at the beginning, the administration at Alief is righteous and amazing. I believe we can trust them, but can we trust who follows them?  Based on what’s going on in America right now, I doubt it. There is a battle raging. Please get involved. 

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Pastor Johnny Teague


DR. JOHNNY TEAGUE IS SENIOR PASTOR OF CHURCH AT THE CROSS IN WEST HOUSTON. Dr. Johnny Teague is also a rancher, historian, published author, patent holder, and candidate for Congress in the 7th Congressional District.