Christians…The Time to Stand is NOW!

America is in deep trouble. The COVID-19 Pandemic was real, but whether or not our Government reacted appropriately will be for the historians to decide. One thing is certain, allowing the government to do determine that gathering for worship was not essential while going to liquor stores and Walmart was, has had a devasting impact on our country. 

The 2020 Elections, conducted during the pandemic, left those who were watching, with legitimate concerns about the integrity of the results. There is growing consensus that voting irregularities occurred, raising much concern about future elections. Gratefully, many citizens are investing time and talent to make sure that such irregularities cease.   

This fall, on November 2, 2021, elections will be held across the state. Many school districts will elect Trustees to oversee their schools for the following two to four years. Tragically, few Christians will even bother to show up. There are a majority of Houston ISD Trustees (5) up for election in November. Even in places like Katy where there are no School Board elections until May 2022, there are important Amendments to our State Constitution that merit Christian involvement. It is time for Christians to wake up and start voting if we want to see revival in America.

I received my wake-up call in March of 1992. While serving as Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church, Pearland, I was made aware of a questionable high school assembly being planned for our students. Upon further investigation, I decided to attend and see for myself what our students were being exposed to in an effort to make them safe from sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, which was the focus of the assembly. Half-way into the remarks of the speaker, I raised my hand and challenged the speaker’s “facts” regarding the effectiveness of condoms. After a heated exchange that included a teacher who came to the Speaker’s defense, I decided to go public with what had transpired at our local high school. Many in our congregation, including my wife and me, had children who were students there who were exposed to this godless and amoral assembly.

The outcome was our people got enraged and engaged, resulting in members running for and winning positions on the School Board and the City Council, and three went on to win seats in the State Legislature. Ultimately, one, Randy Weber, went on to serve in Congress and hosted Bible Studies that I taught to fellow members. Christians can make a difference IF they show up and vote, not as Republicans or Democrats, but as followers of Jesus. 

We are a nation that is drifting primarily because Christians refuse to engage in the political arena. We must have men and women who have the moral underpinnings that a genuine commitment to Jesus Christ provides, leading us. It starts at the ballot box where every Christian citizen has a moral obligation to get informed, voting for the best candidate. And if there is no qualified candidate, then perhaps YOU should consider becoming a candidate. Public office is a trust and government is a calling. Romans 13:4 refers to our leaders as God’s Servants. Those who are advancing unrighteousness, whether it is sexual perversion or socialism, are clearly NOT serving God.

Wake up, Church! Get involved and start on November 2. You can learn more about the upcoming elections by going to our website at or you can check out the following public sites:

Sample Ballots and Other Candidate Information

·       Sample ballots for Greater Houston (all areas):

·       iVoter Guide:

·       Cypress Fairbanks ISD:

Pictures and ballot order for Cy-Fair ISD candidates

·       Aldine ISD:

Ballot order and candidate campaign forms for Aldine ISD candidates

·       Klein ISD:

Ballot order for Klein ISD candidates (bottom of link)


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Dr. Rick Scarborough

Rick Scarborough is a nationally recognized Christian political advocate and former Southern Baptist pastor from Pearland, Texas, who leads the Recover America Now organization focused on bringing God and morality back into our public square. Rick Scarborough received a B.A. from Houston Baptist University, a M.Div. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a D.Min. from Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary. From 1990 to June 2002, he served as the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Pearland in Houston, Texas. In 2016 Dr. Scarborough took a position in Washington DC as the Skyline DC Executive Director, with the assignment to lead Bible studies with governmental officials. He conducted studies with members of Congress, the State Department, and the Pentagon, as well as personally discipling members of the World Bank.