The Pain of Transition

Transitions come in many forms…

and require mental, emotional, relational, financial, 

and even spiritual adjustments.

Transition is defined as the process or a period of changing

from one state or condition to another. And to undergo or cause

to undergo a process or period of transition.

We can’t escape transition because it is an inevitable part of life that will happen…

And often without warning. 

The pain of transition is experienced in marriage,

when a woman announces to her husband that she no longer loves him, has a new boyfriend, and wants a divorce. 

Transition is felt when a mother goes from pregnancy,

And being carefully taken care of by the people around her,

to having her baby with the reality of motherhood,

which sets as she stays up all night because her child is sick. 

Transition is sensed again,

when that same baby goes off to his first day of kindergarten

and Momma realizes that her baby is growing up. 

Then time speeds forward, and it’s high school graduation

and she gazes at the stage with happy tears and realizes,

that her baby is now a young man. 

Then five years later, she’s sitting on the front row of a church

Watching as her son become someone’s husband and 

then realizing that she is no longer his number one girl. 

Oh yes, transition hits hard as the body begins to change

and the fast sprint becomes a slow jog; lifting 250 lb. barbells was once lightweight, 

But now it’s almost a miracle to lift 100lbs with a spotter.

Transition is a reminder of the gray streak

That isn’t a highlight but an indicator. 

It has a way of reminding you of your age 

and the need to adjust to a new way of life. 

Transition happens when you get to the office, are given a slice of cake, a pen, and a forced “early retirement ” pink slip along with the rest of the archaic department that was phased out. 

You see, life is filled with swift transitions and change.

But the only sure thing is our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. 

We will experience the trying of our faith,

We will suffer the death of a loved one,

The pain of losing a job, house, car, business, and 

Even a relationship that we thought would last forever.

So WHEN CRISIS STRIKES, we must remember to run to 

The ONE who controls the storm.

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*Excerpts from the book When Crisis Strikes, R. Charles (2021)

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Ruth Charles

Ruth Charles is a growth and identity coach that helps business and Christian ministry leaders to recover, discover, and uncover their true God-given identity and purpose for living. She’s like the best friend to the forgotten about lonely leader.