PRODUCT REVIEW: Robert Irvine’s FitCrunch Bars

Chef Irvine got his start as a cook with the British Royal Navy. Today he is probably best known as the host of Restaurant Impossible and his other shows for Food Network. He is also the owner of several restaurants and a distillery. His Robert Irvine Foundation is very active in supporting America’s First Responders and Military.

The minute you bite into one of Robert Irvine’s FitCrunch bars you experience their quality for at least two reasons. First, you don’t taste a random group of ingredients, but instead a composed dish of expertly orchestrated flavors. Second, they have a very clean taste, completely lacking the sticky pasty after taste. of some other bars.

They bill themselves as the world’s only 6 layer baked bar. From the cookie bar in the middle to the drizzle on the outside, every layer has a job and does it well.  The mint chocolate chip seems to be a favorite among FitCrunch fans and I can see why. As soon as you open the wrapper the mint aroma embraces your nose. Yet when you take that all-important first bite the mint flavor doesn’t overwhelm the others. When it comes to flavor these are incredibly balanced bars.

The mint chocolate chip bar as an example has 190 calories, 3% of a day’s cholesterol, and 5% of a day’s carbohydrates. Many people eat them as a healthy snacking alternative. Others use them as a boost when they hit “the wall” during a long tough day of work or exercise. FitCrunch bars come in a variety of flavors with more in the pipeline all the time. They are also widely available. You can find them at Amazon, Walmart, Valero, and Kroger. Remember some stores carry snack bars, protein bars, etc, in multiple places in the store. If you don’ see them be sure to ask for them !

You should definitely try a box of FitCrunch Bars very soon. Your health and your tastebuds will be very happy you did.

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Robert Crutchfield

Robert A. Crutchfield is Creator and Editor of He is an active member of the Connections Ministry at Parkway Fellowship here in Katy. Previously he conducted Sunday services at Spanish Meadows Nursing Home for approximately five years.