All Hope is Not Lost for America – Perspective from a Gen Zer!

For decades, the Christian Conservative movement of preserving tradition has championed the values of self-responsibility, law and order and a do-it-yourself attitude. These values laid the foundation of a strong society.

But thanks to those strong men and the strong families who built a strong Christian society, America reached a state of untouched strength, wild prosperity and holds the title of the culture, money, and influence capitol of the world. 

Then… there is Generation Z or the Zoomers. Generation Z is anyone born between 1997 and 2012.

Generation Z gets a bad rap, but here is a hard truth: we are the last Generation between freedom and tyranny. We are the last generation that can save America’s spirit. We are the last generation that can keep America what she was at her founding. 

I, as a Gen Zer myself, believe that downward spiral our country is going in can be reversed, with effort from our parents and the people who came before us! I will give you below five solid ways to turn the spiral downward back up!

But first, what does it mean to be a Gen Zer?

We are an emotional, intuitive, and expressive generation. We crave the feelings of inclusion and have an acute awareness of our status in the world. That is why we are so keen to accept what the government says to do. We believe in intimate community and doing what is right, and we have a deep-seated fear of appearing corrupt or evil. We are afraid of doing the wrong thing.

We communicate in a soft, empathetic, and compassionate manner. You could describe us as constantly walking on eggshells. We are generally understanding, and we crave, most of all, to belong.

So, while it is understood that the characteristics of Gen Z are softer virtues, we should also ask:  What is a better foundation for Christianity and strong conservatism than a group of people who want to do the right thing in their community? And with that background, here are my top tips for helping Gen Z save America:

  1. Encourage Us: Encouragement goes a long way!  This is true for any generation, in virtually any situation, but for Generation Z it is far more personal. Encouragement is not only something that motivates Generation Z to work harder but also a confidence booster and a reassurance of value. We crave to know that we are valuable and useful: so, let us know that we are doing good when we are!   Civilization cannot afford your silence!  Let us know you see improvement and help us to feel seen and recognized when we are worthy of praise.
  2. Invite us: We are constantly told to “shut up and sit down, because I said so.” This makes us feel silenced and hated, so we retreat to our comfortable screen addiction. Generation Z spends up to eight hours a day looking at our phone or computer screens. We are starved of real and meaningful social interaction, and we are wanting a real-life community!  So, invite us to events, invite us to neighborhood picnics, to the movies, to local political events, to local concerts and to church. Invite us and make us feel that our presence is adding value.
  3. Give us something worth fighting for: Everyone needs something bigger than themselves to pursue and to fight for. Generation Z is no different.  In fact, Gen Z probably needs a social cause to rally around even more than previous Generations.  Because politics is such a divided and polarized realm in our culture, the smart thing to do would be to start with a unifying issue (i.e., not abortion, illegal immigration, or a Trump rally). A unifying issue would be anti-human trafficking. Every morally sane person hates human trafficking! Who doesn’t want to liberate women and children from modern-day slavery?  So, if you want to do something alongside your Gen Zer that you can both be passionate about, I will find a local organization to volunteer at such as Against Human Trafficking 
  4. Make us excited for marriage: Efforts from outside sources to downgrade marriage if not eradicate it are stronger than ever before. Most Gen Zers fantasize about a perfect relationship but never find a relationship that fits that perfect vision and requires no work.  So, we break it off without trying to save it. Generation Z has almost zero idea that marriage is a fundamental part of the Christian life. PragerU has some great information about some of the factors that lead to Gen Z’s depression rates and one of them is the lack of marriage or the pursuit of marriage. Watch more about that HERE. Their poll shows, not surprisingly, that hook-up culture and the shallow expectations of modern relationships decrease the desire for a lasting marriage.  But if we could turn this around and the idea of marriage could be instilled into Gen Z, our society and our nation would become much stronger.
  5. Instill Patriotism: Please talk more about how great America is! Again, Gen Z needs something bigger than themselves to fight for. Unfortunately, Gen Z has been told repeatedly that America is a horrible, racist, and sexist nation built through the systemic oppression of groups of people. True conservatives and people who know the rich history of the United States know that the notion the left is shouting about is preposterous and historically shallow. So just talk about America fondly and help Gen Z understand the history of this amazing country and together let’s break the cycle of victimhood mentality.  Let’s have some patriotism shine through! We need a generation who loves America to save it!

It is easy to get ticked off at Generation Z.  Statistically, we are the dumbest generation. But I implore you, have patience with us.  We have so much information coming at us from all angles. We are constantly being told five differing opinions at the same time. This is the age we live in! In that context, the burden is on you to help us become more aware of truth, and more comfortable with truths, no matter how hard they are.  Truth makes sense when presented properly and thus heard.  But truth doesn’t have to hurt! Truth hurts when someone relays it harshly and carelessly or aggressively. But, when true truth is relayed thoughtfully and winsomely, and with careful wording and sound reasoning, every audience – including Gen Z – will be exceedingly welcoming and less likely to reject it. 

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Lily Kate

Lily Kate, 19, grew up homeschooled, Christian, and classically educated in a family of 8 in The Woodlands, Texas. After competing in speech and debate and winning an all-around national title. She then headed off to Los Angeles in pursuit of a social media influencing career. Lily gained more than 600,000 followers on YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok, and was connected all over Hollywood. During Covid, she realized how dangerous the Hollywood world actually is with its heavy influence on social issues. Issues such as young transitioning, homosexual movements, the destruction of the nuclear family and cancel culture are the main reason for the moral degradation of society. Now Lily's mission is to be one of the leading female voice of Generation Z conservatism and Christianity.  After leaving LA and Hollywood for good, Lily started her own ministry (, is writing a book titled “Live Freely: the Ticket” which will be published soon, and started a conservative political podcast called The Lily Kate Show - found on Spotify and Apple music.