A Workout Routine to Help You Find Your Inner Kid

I grew up in a home where my parents always stayed active.  I appreciate it so much more now than I did back then, because as we all know, we tend to follow in our parents’ footsteps whether we want to or not.  I think I took for granted how active my dad really was.  He has always stayed in great shape, and I have countless memories of him wrestling with me, swimming, hiking, playing ball, and doing triathlons and road races together.  He was always up for anything I wanted to do and because he stayed in shape, he could always hang with me even when I got into my teenage and college years.  I loved it.  So, in an effort to follow in his footsteps with my own kids, I do my best to stay in shape as well.

I recommend you also get out there and stay active. I promise you won’t regret being ready for anything life or your kids throw atcha! Here’s a one-week exercise regimen you can follow that will challenge you and help you get fit. If this is too much, just modify by changing weights, running or walking fewer miles, or doing fewer reps. 


4×5 Bench Press (1 min rest between sets)
Then Superset (Rest 1 minute between supersets)
3×8 Box Squats
3×8 Deadlift


Run 4 miles


3 Rounds for Time
21 Push-ups
15 Deadlifts
9 Pull-ups
Run 600 Meters


Run 2 Miles (Mile 1 warm up, Mile 2 Go for It!)


21-15-9 of: (complete 21 reps of each exercise then Run 400M then repeat with 15 reps then 9)


Weighted Lunges (Hold a 25 pounds over your head)
Hollow Rocks (See an easy tutorial here www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7j02V1fIzU)

Run 400 Meters

My dad always said, “The best workout is the one you will do!”  You can do it! Get out there and get moving!

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Pastor Will Tucker

Will Tucker is a Pastor at Parkway Fellowship in Richmond TX. He and his wife, Shawna, have four kids. Will and his family were recently missionaries in Uganda for several years. Will, a workout trainer and fitness enthusiast, loves staying in shape and eating really well. You can visit Parkway Fellowship at https://parkwayfellowship.com/