How to Have The Fall of a Lifetime

It’s so easy to be busier at living life, but are we getting better? We all know there’s no substitute for relationships with others. So why aren’t we doing more of what brings us joy and fulfillment? When we do make time for one another, we often either fill it with distractions or we spend more time trying to figure out what to do than actually doing it.

At Parkway Fellowship we decided to create a list of ideas, each with three different levels of awesome for you do with those you care about.

These were inspired by several of our Pastors on staff. Now you can look back and say “Wow, this really was the Fall of a Lifetime.” We’ve also included some honorable mentions and quick go-to activities.

Be Crafty & Be Bold

• Level 1: Decorate your own shirts and take funny pics.

• Level 2: Decorate a shirt for someone else and you all have to wear it out somewhere in public.

• Level 3: Make a Goodwill/second hand store trip and see who can come out looking the craziest. Then go shopping and out to eat wearing your outfits.

Go Crazy Indoors

• Level 1: Dinner Roulette. Someone chooses the appetizer, someone chooses the drinks, someone chooses the dessert. Someone has to clean up.

• Level 2: Do a Nacho bar. Play Spanish music and wear mustaches. Everyone can only speak with Spanish accents the entire time. Then close with your own interpretive dancing to the music.

• Level 3: Get four families together to do a progressive dinner. Do a salad at one house, appetizers at the second house, the main course at another, and end up with dessert at the fourth house.

Walk In the Park & Picnic

Pack some snacks, waters and a nice picnic lunch and visit the following places.

• Level 1: Seaborne Creek Park – One of the largest nature areas in Fort Bend County. Has a large walking trail, fishing pond, nature trails, and more. This is also the place where the city of Rosenberg hosts its annual Fourth of July fireworks show.

• Level 2: Sugar Land Memorial Park Trail – In addition to a couple of large dog parks, pavilions, a  great walking trail, memorial monument and more, there is a nature biking/walking trail hidden at one end. Just past the dog park, follow the trail all the way down to the tree line. There’s even a spot you can climb down right on the bank of the Brazos.

• Level 3: Brazos Bend State Park – This place is filled with multiple hiking trails and a myriad of nature to take in. The George Observatory, a popular star gazing spot with high powered telescopes, is also located on site. You can definitely spend an entire day here.

Look and See

• Level 1: Do a scavenger Hunt in your house.

• Level 2: Make a list of several random things and give yourself a timer and see how many you can cross off of your list.

• Level 3: Try Letterboxing/Geocaching. There are several free apps that you can use for this. Pick one and get started.

Hide and Seek

• Level 1: At home

• Level 2: In the park

• Level 3: Go to a big store like At Home or Home Depot. These places are awesome to play hide and seek, especially with kids.

• Give it a Twist: Play Hide and Seek, but do it in reverse (one person hides and everyone else tries to find them.) The last person to find the people are it.

Bite by Flight

• Level 1: Black Walnut Cafe in Conroe (It’s right next to an airport. Sit out on the patio and watch planes come in and out of the hanger).

• Level 2: DQ Blizzards and Sugar Land Airport. – (Go through drive thru at the Dairy Queen at Hwy 90 and Hwy 6. Get on Highway 90 and take a left on Hwy 6 North. Turn left onto the road at the North edge of the airport. You can drive almost to the edge of the run way and park in the easement against the fence. You’ll be super close to the action.  Hint: Depending on wind direction will determine which side they take off and which side they land that day.

• Level 3: Have a picnic and fly kites on the beach.  There are a couple of places that would be good for this. Several spots in Galveston are great, and even Rockport Beach as well. Don’t forget to build a sandcastle while you’re there.

Be a Good Sport

• Level 1: Invite some friends and play a game of basketball or flag football.

• Level 2: Go to Sugar Land Skeeters game. This is a much more affordable event compared to other big sporting events in the area. The stadium is very family friendly, full of kid-friendly activities, not to mention great baseball entertainment.

• Level 3: Pick a random small town in Texas and go to one of their high school football games. The good thing is you can relive the Friday Night Lights feeling, and you won’t feel the pressure of defending your alma mater. While you’re there, try to visit some historical landmarks and try a new local dive for a pre-game dinner.

Dollar Store Delights

• Level 1: Give $5 to each person and have them buy things for each other. You can theme it up to make it more interesting.

Level 2: Create a night event on a $20 budget. You can only spend $20 and the only things you can do that evening are what you buy with the $20.

• Level 3: $4 Pizza challenge – Each person must pick out 2 things they would think would be gross and 2 things that would be good on a pizza. Write each item down on piece of paper and each person must draw four slips of paper to determine which ingredients they will cook with their cheese pizzas. Each person must take at least one bite of their pizza. Trust us when we say “You’ll want to get this on film.”


• Level 1: Daycation – Drive somewhere you can get to in a day, eat and come home. Stop and visit at least one landmark along the way. Be sure to document this with pictures.

• Level 2: Staycation – Use Hotwire and book a local hotel in a different part of Houston, and pick a new restaurant to try.

• Level 3: Awaycation – Plan a one or two-night getaway to a new place. Hotwire is a cheap way to book this as well, as long as you aren’t too picky about the specific hotel you stay in. There are so many places in Texas that would be perfect for something like this.

New Appétit

• Level 1: Try a new restaurant/food you’ve never tried.

• Level 2: Go to a new restaurant and order in a different accent besides your own. You must keep that accent anytime you talk to an employee there.

• Level 3: Go to a new restaurant but someone else must choose what you try.

Do Unto Others

• Level 1: Pay for the person behind you in line or the drive thru.

• Level 2: Go to a sit down restaurant and pay for another table.

• Level 3: Invite a homeless person to eat with you.

Sweet Treats

• Level 1: Go to La Kings Confectionary in Galveston. It’s AMAZING.

• Level 2: Everyone make their own pan-sized giant homemade cookie.

• Level 3: Throw a neighborhood ice cream social.

Camp In/Camp Out

• Level 1: Campout in your living room.

• Level 2: Campout in your back yard.

• Level 3: Campout at a park (Try Brazos Bend State Park).

Movie Time

• Level 1: Watch a movie at home on Netflix, Hulu, or Redbox.

• Level 2: Catch dinner and a movie at Studio Movie Grill in La Centerra.

• Level 3: Make your own movie and do throw a premier party with the family.

Honorable Mentions

• Make your own gourmet popcorn

• Make popsicles

• Build a fort and watch a movie

• Make your own pizza, wearing decorated paper towel chef hats.

Quick Go-to Games

• Uno

• Twister

• Yahtzee

• Jenga

• I declare war

• Why/because – pass out a folded piece of paper to each participant. Have each person write a random question that starts with “Why…” Collect the papers, scramble them up, turn them over, and repass them out. Have everyone write a random sentence that starts with “Because…” Collect the papers and read each question and the random answers on the other side.

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