Roland Lopez

Roland Lopez is an America First candidate, pro-family, Secure the Border, protect Voter Integrity, Combat Crime & Human Trafficking, pro-2nd Amendment and Constitutional Conservative Patriot. Roland is a 4th generation Texan with deep roots in this Great State of Texas. The son of two migrant workers from the Rio Grande Valley, he knows well what it means to work your way up and fight to earn everything you achieve in life. Personally, paying his way through college, learning things the old-fashioned way – through doing and earning – recruited to play collegiate baseball and leading are all part of Roland’s genetic makeup and who he stands as today. A graduate from Southwestern University in Business and Economics. This small-town Texas boy has grown into a driven and well-respected leader in the US’s 4th largest population center. Such triumphs are only earned through seasoned leadership. Roland is the father of three absolute blessings God has bestowed upon him and is beyond proud to be called “Dad”. He has been involved with Big Brother and Big Sisters, Grace Bible Church Sunday School, and community groups, a Lifetime Endowment Member of the NRA), helps coach little league baseball, has served as an election judge in Harris County, and has been very active in various political circles throughout the greater Houston region.