Harris County Grand Jury Exposed for Abuse of Power Against Pro-Life Church 

Harris County Grand Jury Exposed for Abuse of Power Against Pro-Life Church 

Houston’s Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast tried to stop a tiny church from worshiping using a grand jury felony indictment. Its dismissal might also wrap up a 3-year-old civil case also brought against the church and its pastor. 

HOUSTON, TX—March 8th marked a monumental win for the pro-life movement in Houston when The Memorials Church, a tiny, local church, saw a Harris County District Attorney grand jury felony indictment dismissed – along with an onerous list of pre-trial conditions that included a 200 ft. exclusion zone. It had been filed on behalf of the “Goliath,” Planned Parenthood, against a pastor, “David”. 

“That was an absolute miracle, if you understand the history of how grand juries have been used against pro-lifers and to exonerate horrible abortionists,” said David Allen, interim pastor of The Memorials Church. “This is the first time, in my knowledge, that a Harris County grand jury, which have for decades been used to prosecute the innocent and exonerate the guilty, has had to dismiss such a case.” 

The criminal case was just one battle in a years-long war that PPGC has waged against this church, and in particular, its pastor. After worship began in 2020, near PPGC, and after PPGC had failed to get an injunction, this felony charge was used to ban Allen and the church from worshiping at PPGC. Their outdoor services had to move one block away for over a year – but they never stopped.  

The Memorials Church weekly, 10 a.m. Saturday worship services resumed at PPGC as soon as the case was dismissed. That service can be seen on the church website thememorials.org/. 

The church believes the battle will end soon with the civil case and trial PPGC demanded three years ago. This grand jury indictment was “Abuse of Process No. 7” in the church’s civil countersuit – and the church has now updated its evidence to include the dismissal. The church believes this dismissal will seal the civil case and grant the church significant damages – including PPGC’s land and building. 

Last month, Civil District Court 152 unexpectedly pulled Allen and The Memorials Church’s countersuit out from under them, which included the damages. On Thursday, March 28th, a hearing will be held on the church’s Motion for Reconsideration.  

“This is a very critical hearing,” Allen said. “We’re demanding Planned Parenthood’s property… [which is the] largest altar to Molech in the world.” 

It will be replaced by a world-class attraction known as “The Memorials Re-Birth Center” with the vision for ministry to the two billion parents of babies who died in abortions and other causes worldwide – in a botanical garden setting where the Holy Spirit will heal and restore lost parent-child relationships. 

Architectural Concept Drawing of “The Memorials Re-Birth Center,” to be built on  what’s now Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast in Houston, TX.

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