Cornerstone Christian Academy Will Host 2024’s Most Unique, Educational, Exciting and Affordable Summer Camps in the Houston Area

What are your plans for your kids this summer? If you’re like the majority of us, your career won’t stop, but school will. During the upcoming scalding months at home, many children will spend their days motionless, dividing their attention between two screens: the television and a video game.

As a parent, you have the opportunity to choose something different for your child this summer. In a few short months, your K-8th grader could be learning how to build robots, playing volleyball, attending VBS, taking cooking classes with a former Executive Chef, or learning financial literacy through fun, real-life simulations!

Katy and Fort Bend Christian Magazines have tracked down the most interesting, stimulating and affordable summer camp programs for Houston-area children this summer. We’ve found them at Cornerstone Christian Academy (CCA).

CCA understands that no two children are similar. That’s why, this June, CCA will offer a wide array of summer camps, carefully crafted to fit the interests of your unique child. Does your little one want to be a farmer? Travel the world? Build a food truck? Learn to golf, or to fence? Or, perhaps you want to prepare your child for real-life issues like learning financial literacy and avoiding the pitfall of debt. CCA has you and your child’s interests covered.

Registration is now open, so act quickly! These affordable summer camps, historically, fill up rapidly. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite CCA Summer Camp picks for June 2024. This list by no means encompasses all of the summer camps CCA provides. For a full list of activities, visit this link

My First Lemonade Stand

Ages Kindergarten – 2nd Grade.

Learn how to make sweet and tangy lemonade – and make money by selling it! Experiment with recipes, design flyers, learn how to count money, make change, and tally your profits. Then, in a showcase finale event, launch your lemonade stand, and sell, sell, sell, and raise funds for a charity student selects.

Cooking with Corey

Ages Kindergarten – 4th Grade.

Cooking with Corey is designed to give students a love for cooking and the confidence to share that love with others. Corey Waters, CCA’s Middle School Principal and former Executive Chef will creatively instruct his students in the culinary arts! Learn to create culinary masterpieces from scratch! Students, this will be a very hands-on class and you get to eat what you create!

My First Food Truck

Ages 3rd – 5th Grade.

Students select a food truck theme, design menus, estimate expenses, determine prices, and develop financial projections. Develop a business plan with a marketing strategy, capital-raising needs and more. This unique program offers a tasty way to develop business savvy.

Football Camp: Skills, Drills & Fundamentals

Ages 4th – 8th Grade.

Football Camp will consist of stretching, cone drills for offenses, hand and feet drills, defense drills, route running, break things down by position, do punt, pass, and kick competition, and a set of different drills each day.

Personal Finance

Ages 6th – 8th Grade.

Learn how to manage your money in this program promoting essential life skills! Set your financial goals, develop a budget from scratch, shop for a credit card and calculate the monthly cost of your dream car. Students also learn about mortgages, FICO scores, taxes, and the dangers of piling up debt. Through simulations and hands-on activities, students explore financial decisions they will have to make in the future.

LEGO Robotics

Ages 1st – 3rd Grade.

Build, code, play and learn. This STEAM camp will take you on a 100% hands-on learning adventure. Learn how simple machines work together using gears, sensors, and motors. Our students build a LEGO robot to solve unique problems. They will program it to bring it to life and upgrade their creation to complete a LEGO challenge. We build 8+ projects each week. The best part is we closed our week with a LEGO theme party! Join us to play games, have snacks and the chance to customize your own LEGO mini figure to take home. Don’t miss this chance and become an Engineer this summer.

Vacation Bible School

Ages Kindergarten – 8th Grade.

Come and be a part of Setrus Ollow, an exciting VBS created and organized by First Colony Church of Christ. We invite all kids to join us for a week of fun-filled activities, where they will learn to SEE God in everything, learn to TRUST in Him, and FOLLOW wherever He may lead. Please register through First Colony Church of Christ.

My First Passport

Ages Kindergarten – 2nd Grade.

This fun program helps students develop a global mindset and build international awareness early in life! Explore cultural differences across countries, geography games, famous landmarks, world currencies, current global events, the role of international institutions like the UN, and more. Students role-play as diplomats and come up with solutions to key global problems like hunger, poverty, and pollution.

Theater Biz

Ages 1st – 4th Grade.

Are you a theater fanatic? Do you love acting, props, and skits and want to learn the business of theater? Join this hands-on theatrical camp where you’ll learn about skits, financing a production, the production planning process, and more! This is a great opportunity to showcase your acting and theater skills while developing business skills for production.

My First Farm Stand

Ages Kindergarten – 2nd Grade.

Fun on the farm earns money at the market! Students learn how farm stand favorites are grown and raised and brought to local farm stands at their peak of freshness and flavor. Develop healthy eating habits while learning where our food comes from, how it is grown, and the people and jobs involved in the process. Students grow tomato seedlings and sell them at their very own farm stand – raising money for a charity of their choice.

Little Inventors

Ages 3rd – 5th Grade.

In this “inventive” program, students design and create solutions to problems, teaming up to identify the need for a new invention, and producing real structures and solutions. In one STEM challenge, students build bridges using a variety of materials and experiment with how much weight they can hold. Students will also learn about famous inventors and discuss how inventions improve our lives.

Beginner Fencing

Ages 1st – 8th Grade.

EN GARDE! The Bayou City Fencing Academy is pleased to offer children ages 7-15 the opportunity to experience the Olympic sport of fencing. Fencing is a fast-paced sport that develops physical fitness and one’s ability to think quickly and act decisively. It is an international sport practiced by people of all ages and abilities. Campers will learn the tactical and technical skills of the sport in a fun, safe and exciting way. They will learn the footwork, blade work and exciting history of Fencing. Most of all there will be plenty of time to practice the art and skill of the sport. All equipment will be provided for the camp.

Code Roblox Games

Ages 4th – 8th Grade.

Dive into the world of game design with Roblox! Learn how to create your own immersive games using Roblox Studio. This course covers everything from terrain building to scripting, enabling students to bring their unique game ideas to life.

Soccer Shots

Ages PK4 – 2nd Grade.

Our camps feature a professionally developed curriculum designed to provide your child with a fun-filled week centered around the world’s greatest game. Each day will provide the perfect mix of skill development, challenging games, team-building activities, leadership training, and fun. Soccer Shots provides all the equipment needed for each session.

Volleyball Skills Camp

Ages 4th – 5th Grade.

This camp is designed to build and develop the fundamental skills needed for volleyball: passing, setting, hitting, serving, and court sense. Campers will work through drills to develop their skills, play in game situations, and have lots of fun! The camp is led by CCA volleyball coach, Emily Fenstemaker. All skill levels welcome!

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