Dr. Ed Young of Houston’s Second Baptist Church Exposes “Gaslighting Fools” Ruining our Country During Sunday Sermon

BREAKING: HOUSTON, TX– On Sunday, Second Baptist’s outspoken head pastor, Dr. Ed Young, delivered another fearless sermon during which he called out the U.S. government for the open border, our crumbling military and law enforcement and the fallen state of major cities.

A year and a half ago, Dr. Young gained massive national attention for his hot topic sermon series, “The Church Awake,” when he blamed progressive leaders for the rise of homicides and violent offenders in Harris County.

Yesterday, Dr. Young delivered another passionate and highly political sermon that has gone viral on X  (formerly Twitter). An excerpt from the sermon is below.

“Jesus was a good shepherd. I don’t think there’s any title that was given to Jesus that’s more prominent than the idea of being a good shepherd, because a good shepherd had to defend those sheep; had to be willing to die to keep those sheep from being consumed by wolves and lions and bears, who were all over Israel in that day. Lost through foolishness,” Dr. Young began.

“Some people right here hearing my voice are lost right now through foolishness. Let me expand this a little bit.”

“The United States of America, right now, is lost through foolishness. I could give you a dozen profound illustrations, but I will give you one. Go to the New York Harbor, get in a boat, and approach outside on that boat and look at the Statue of Liberty, and it says ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses that are longing to breathe free.’ That’s been the genius of America, has it not?”

“But what has happened to us? What have we been given? Do you understand it?” Dr. Young posed, facing the crowd of tens of thousands of people in the audience.

“It’s absolutely factual that Central America, South America, [and] now countries in Asia, China, India, Russia, Iran, Iraq, just pick a number; they have sent not those who were huddled masses longing to be free. They have emptied their jails and their prisons, they’ve taken their gangs, and they have gone across this open border, and now we have eight to ten million of them scattered across the United States of America.”

“What happened? Fools were foolish, and now we really do not have a country. Unless there is a border, you do not have a country. That is where we are, and we have been led by fools that have got us here.”

“Why? ‘We’ve got to change the demographics of America and get all of these to vote, or we’ll never be able to establish socialism, [which] leads to communism, which always leads to a dictatorship. Check history, that is always the pattern, and it has never worked in the history of humanity,” Dr. Young bellowed.

“People ask governors, mayors, law enforcement people, ‘What in the world can we do with all of these [people] coming over, undocumented? We ran… three or four thousand or more out of the military because they wouldn’t take their COVID shot, and now, these people are coming in. We don’t know who they are, where they’re from, from every nation in the world.’”

“What hypocrisy. What phoniness, led by fools who said ‘We’ll make all these [migrants] citizens and we’ll vote and we’ll always be in power with a progressive, Godless form of leadership.

 That’s what we have today. That’s the motivation behind it. Don’t believe anything else.”

“Therefore, we have that nursing student in Georgia killed by an illegal with a long record from Venezuela. The Venezuelan gangs are here. MS13 is here, and you have to kill someone to be a member. The Bloods and the Crips are here. What these countries have done, they have emptied their jails, their prisons, they have captured these gangs and cooperation with the cartels, they have given money… and they have traveled by plane [or] any way they can, all across the world and they have come in through the open border of Mexico, and some from the north, from Canada, and they have swirled through all of our society.”

“And the fools have set up a massive welfare state that no nation in the world could feed. That’s where we are, folks, awaken!”

“Fools have led us into foolishness… and I say this with a tear in my eye, I don’t know if there’s any way to recover outside of going and taking these people back home, and I can tell you, the homeland will not want to take these people back, because they have eliminated all the undesirables.”

“What might happen? Just think, for America, what if we could take all of our local prisons, our federal prisons, and all those who have addictions, and we could take and move all of them to say, Spain, and Spain was like, ‘Bring them all over here.’”

“How much would that cut down on our debt? In our expenditure? Trillions of dollars. That’s what countries are doing all around the world today by millions and we’re led by fools who are foolish.”

“A hundred thousand kids each year [are] killed by fentanyl that comes in by China via their leaders. What about sex trafficking? ‘Oh no, that doesn’t affect me,’ unless they take your daughter or your granddaughter or your grandson, and they disappear into a dark, black hole.”

“At the same time, the same group of fools who lead us will say, ‘Don’t listen to the police, they’re corrupt,’ and what’s happening is they’re fighting against law and order.

“And thanks to [George] Soros, he is… electing people to high office, and they refuse to prosecute.

“And then, we have, in New York City, those gangs who attacked those policemen, and they all had long, long records. They went to jail, and in less than 24 hours, they shot them right back out into the streets… And here, the leadership says, ‘Well, the House and the Senate have to act. It’s their fault.’”

“Let me tell you something, ladies and gentlemen, we have laws on our books that the executive branch of government is supposed to support, and if they would simply [use] the power that they have, we would not be in this dilemma.”

“Finally, some of our elected leaders who have sense are awakening and beginning to do something, but it may be too late.”

“Lost. You can be lost. I can be lost. Our nation is lost. Right now, in this moment in our history, [we are] lost by foolishness, led by fools who are incompetent. Man, I would love to see some of the law schools that turned out these lawyers. I’d love to look at how much these people know. What bar exams did they pass? I don’t know. It’s unbelievable,” Dr. Young emphasized.

The topic of the sermon was foolishness, as described by lost sheep in Luke 15:4-7.

“Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? 5 And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders 6 and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ 7 I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.”

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