Katy ISD Using Leftist Propaganda Videos to Turnout the Vote

Last week, greater Houston saw yet another case of regional school districts flirting with legal and moral lines to steer people toward voting for teacher pay raises in a disturbing video on X.

On Feb. 1, Katy ISD posted on X (formerly Twitter) a minute-long video prompting the parents of students to vote.

The video would appear non-partisan if it weren’t for the multiple graphics and voiceovers suggesting to the audience that it should vote in favor of teacher raises, an agenda item heavily rooted in political leanings.

While the video didn’t directly ask the public to vote Democrat in the upcoming primary election, it covertly encouraged people to do so.

“How much money should we invest in classrooms?”

“Do teachers need a pay raise?”

“In other words, if you care about public schools, your assignment this March is to vote,” the video said.

Recently, Current Revolt reported that the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) is using self-serving propaganda to “provide talking points for members to lobby Texas lawmakers, testing the limits around potential violations of Texas election law.”

This TASA propaganda has apparently trickled into Katy ISD. The school district also posted this video on their Instagram page.

“The video encourages people to vote in the primary election where their vote will have the most impact, even if that means voting in the primary of a party that does not align with their values. This appears to be a very common talking point with Democrats trying to influence politics in Republican states,” Current Revolt said.

“This quasi-electioneering is being funded by taxpayer dollars to work against the Republican majority’s interests by involving Democrats in making decisions in the Republican party—a crazy concept you’d think the Texas Legislature would have addressed by now.”

“TASA is a lobbying group advancing the self-serving agenda of big government by teaching Democrats to vote for various big government schemes in the Republican primary. How are we going to secure our border if we can’t even secure our primaries?”

In October, Houstonians witnessed a similar (while more blatant) leftist tactic when Fort Bend ISD incentivized voter turnout for the November 2023 elections.

“At the start of early voting, FBISD offered ‘jeans passes,’ which some campuses charged employees money to purchase, as a reward for staff individual or collective voting actions or outcomes,” Katy Christian Magazine reported.

“Furthermore, FBISD incentivized students to urge their parents to vote with ‘prizes.’ When kids encouraged their family members to vote and returned to campus with an ‘I voted’ sticker, they were allowed to grab prizes (pencils, gum and so on).”

“The bill that has motivated FBISD to stomp over ethical conduct is Fort Bend County’s Proposition A, a Voter Approval Tax Rate Election, commonly known as VATRE. This bill, the first of its kind on a ballot in Fort Bend, must be voted on by Fort Bend ISD residents.

The school district urgently desires more money, both through new revenue and reductions. Their plan for new revenue is the VATRE.”

Now, as we approach the primary election cycle, it seems that an unethical steering of votes has become a common practice in Houston school districts.

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