Open Letter from David Feigleson to Katy ISD

First Row: Greg Schulte, President; Lance Redmon, Vice President; Dawn Champagne, Secretary.

Second Row:  Ashley Vann, Member; Rebecca Fox, Member; Donald T. Duke Keller, Member; Leah Wilson, Member.

David Feigleson, a concerned grandfather of grandchildren in Katy ISD, reached out to me and asked us to share his Open Letter he wrote to Katy ISD. We will link the school board meeting video at the end of this article. You must be forewarned, however. The content and language are sickening and quite disturbing. No one under 21 years of age should listen to this. It was very tough for even I to listen to, and it’s my job to do so.

We cannot allow Katy ISD to have books like this in our children’s schools. This board needs to take urgent action to ban them and others like them immediately. You can help by making your voices heard.

Katy Independent School District

6301 S. Stadium Lane – Katy TX 77494 

Dear School Board Members (all names have been linked to their Katy ISD email accounts)

Greg Schulte, President; ​ Lance Redmon, Vice President; Dawn Champagne, Secretary; Rebecca Fox, member; Donald Keller, member; Ashley Vann, member; Leah Wilson, member.

It has come to my attention the schools within the Katy Independent School District are purchasing and making available explicit sexual fiction books with explicit content and books which encourage gender questioning and alternative lifestyles

Out of concern for the students, especially the young, I implore you to remove and not allow these books which are meant to remove their self-worth. These books do not educate about the true meaning of our sexuality given by God, which is love through our bodies through a committed relationship in marriage between a man and woman. Instead, these books treat the body as an object to be exploited casually and deprive its true meaning. This type of thinking has led to many horrible consequences such as disease, unwanted pregnancies, depression from the realization of being used (especially young girls), trauma inflicted on loved ones, sexual addiction, premarital sex could be a thorn in marriage and even the taking of innocent life.

The District should be neutral and not have books that portray the marital act, something so dignified and beautiful as being profane and meaningless and only about pleasure. Many cultures, not just Christian or Jewish, would find these books deplorable. Please do not teach values contrary to the majority of human tradition for eons. This includes not having books which encourage children to question their gender at an age when they are insecure as it is. This could contribute to late onset gender dysphoria which is not based on feelings from early childhood but mostly from peer pressure, their own insecurity, and the influence of things they read in books like this or see on the internet.

Please use your authority to urgently and permanently remove these books and put in place a policy to not allow books containing this type of misleading, harmful and immoral content

Thank you for your consideration


David Feigleson

Dear Katy Resident

Please consider attending the next school board meeting respectfully and peaceably on Monday, December 13, 2021, and support the permanent removal of these types of books. The address for the meeting is: The Board Room of the Katy ISD Education Support Complex, 6301 South Stadium Lane, Katy, Texas 77494.

Details are on this link-

The exact agenda of the meeting will not be available until the day of the event, but that information can be found here-

This is the link to listen to the graphic and disturbing language contained in six books in Katy ISD this letter addresses. Remember, the language is explicit and should not be listened to by anyone under the age of 21.

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