Introducing Tim Greeson: Conservative Candidate Running to Unseat Stan Kitzman in Texas HD-85 who Voted to Impeach Texas AG Ken Paxton

Introducing Tim Greeson: Conservative Candidate Running to Unseat Stan Kitzman in Texas HD-85 who Voted to Impeach Texas AG Ken Paxton

Over the coming months, Katy Christian Magazine will be featuring true conservatives that are running locally to unseat unpopular Republicans who voted to impeach Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton without a single shred of evidence. This time we are focusing on Tim Greeson, who is running against incumbent Stan Kitman in the March 2024 primaries. This is so that our readers get to know the candidates better.

Q: Discuss your educational, personal and professional backgrounds, and how these will aid you in your prospective seat as State Representative of Texas HD 85.

A: “I graduated from Lamar Consolidated High School in Rosenberg, and then graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in engineering. I became a professional engineer,” Greeson began. “I worked in the offshore oil and gas industry for about ten years and became the engineering manager of the last company I worked at for about six years.”

“In that time, I got to travel the world and spent a lot of time in Brazil and Malaysia. I started off as a structural engineer but moved into naval architecture as well. I have authored three different academic papers, including subjects chemical engineering, offshore construction, and in my most recent paper, restoring a damaged dry dock. I started my own company in 2016 designing boats, tugboats, barges and historical vessels.”

“I am the engineer of record for the Battleship Texas, redesigning the torpedo blisters myself. I also do pro-bono work for the Elissa. Other historical vessels I have worked on are the USS Orleck and the LST 325. I am currently working on two grants, funded mostly by the Navy for researching and developing one of my inventions: making dry docking of large ships safer,” the candidate revealed.

“As an engineer, I have the ability to dive deeply into bills and analyze them. I do not need someone else to tell me how to vote. With my analytical abilities and strong conservative convictions, I will represent our district the way we want to be represented in Austin,” Greeson vowed. 

Q: Tell us about your community involvements.

A: “I have been a volunteer firefighter and EMT for twelve years with the Sealy Fire Department. Besides normal duties, I have become our emergency operations coordinator during disasters,” Greeson professed.

“I have also been a structural specialist, or disaster engineer, with Texas A&M Task Force 1 for twelve years. My duties with them are responding to disaster zones. In these zones, I analyze collapsed and partially collapsed building(s) in the field in order to identify the most likely location for victims, as well as how to shore the damaged building to make it less dangerous for search and rescue operations to take place,” he explained.

“My first ever deployment was to the fertilizer plant explosion in West, TX. I have been to countless tornadoes and hurricanes in our state, including Hurricane Harvey. My most recent deployments have been to Perryton for the tornado and to Florida for Hurricane Idalia.”

For more info on Greeson’s task force, visit this link.

For more info on Greeson’s specific position, visit this link

Q: In light of the Paxton House trial, shady deals and political deception within the Texas House of Representatives, how will you differ from your rivals and the current members of the House?

A: “I have integrity and will not be selling our district’s vote. Furthermore, I have no agenda beyond representing our conservative values in Austin. This means, I will not vote for Dade Phelan to be speaker,” Greeson promised.

“Many people have pointed out to me that if I do not vote for him, and he wins, I will be punished. I respond by asking, ‘who cares?’ Our district is done with Dade, and so am I. If I am on the floor mopping committee, sobeit. I will make sure we have the cleanest floors you’ve ever seen.”

Q: Many House Republicans have been accused of selling their votes to the progressive Right. How do you fund your campaign?

A: “My campaign has been completely funded by myself, my family and individual donors. I will have a strict ‘no lobbyists’ policy in my office,” Greeson assured his constituents.

“Of course, we would love to receive more donations, as campaigns cost a lot of money.  However, those donations will need to come from individuals, since I am not willing to sell out our district to lobbyists just to get elected.”

Q: What is your relationship with your family like? What about with the Lord?

A: “I accepted Jessus as my Lord and Savior when I was nine years old. I have tried to walk in His ways ever since. Of course, I fail every day, but each day, I spend time reading my Bible and being with God,” Greeson contemplated.

“This year, I did the Bible recap reading plan, which guides you through the whole Bible in chronological order. I led worship at First Baptist Sealy for about ten years, taking different roles including playing guitar, banjo, mandolin, piano and harmonica, as well as running words, running sound, and helping install sound systems and system components. I have helped teach VBS for a number of years, even before I had kids. I have also taught Sunday school, both for adults and for children.”

“I have an amazing wife, Jessica, and two little girls Evelyn (7) and Olive (4). Jessica is truly my partner and best friend. She has been extremely supportive through my running for office and is sacrificing right there with me. My two kiddos have done amazingly well too. I spend a lot of time with my kids – kids spell love as ‘t-i-m-e.’ The thing I miss most about my time before declaring to run for office, is spending time with them,” Greeson admitted.

Q: PLATFORMS: Explain your stances on the following high-priority GOP issues:

Q: Secure the Border:

A: “It needs to be secured immediately. It is disgraceful that it is still wide open. We need to deploy the Texas military forces, with weapons and authority, to secure our border and stop the invasion,” Greeson declared.

“We need a state trooper border unit to assist local law enforcement to remove illegal aliens and transport them back to Mexico. We need to enforce the fact that it is already illegal to hire an illegal alien. We also need to make it illegal to sell or rent property or a car to illegal aliens. All illegal aliens currently in our state should be deported immediately.”

“Democrats are willing to sacrifice our way of life and our children for political power, and the Republicans are unwilling to do anything about it, or take weak, half-measures at best.  We must stop playing games. The lives of millions of Texans and our children are at stake.”

Q: Education: 

A: “What a farce our education system has become! Despite the endless amount of money we spend, kids in single room schoolhouses in the 1800s performed better in reading, writing and math than the average high school graduate today.”

“We should abolish the TEA completely, abolish STAAR testing, and let local school districts run themselves. There should be two laws regarding schools: Firstly, you must teach Texas history in 7th grade, and secondly, you must teach about the horrors and atrocities of communism for at least twelve weeks in high school.”

“I am for school vouchers, which should be 85-90% of what a school district takes in per student. There should be no strings attached to this money whatsoever. If you ever wonder what the priorities are in our education system, just look at the fact that teachers’ salaries are capped by law, but administrators’ salaries are not,” Greeson remarked.

“I am on the fence about whether this should be a third law, but I fully believe that firearm education should be part of our education system. Elementary age kids should be able to identify types of guns and demonstrate how to unload them. This would prevent many, many firearm deaths. High schools should be required to pass a marksmanship test with an AR-15 before graduating. This would further enhance our standing in the world as being completely unable to be invaded, as well as introduce a huge population to firearms. They would see how not scary they actually are. Many other serious countries around the world have very similar laws to very good effect, including countries in Europe with similar cultures to ours.”

Q: Protecting Our Families:

A: “The LGBTQ mob is led by demons and must be stopped.  It started with recognizing legal status for gay couples under civil unions, and now it has progressed to legitimizing the mental illness known as gender dysphoria.  The next step is that they will legitimize pedophiles, and make no mistake, this is happening right now.  The first step is controlling the language, which has already begun with the term ‘MAP,’ which stands for ‘minor attracted person.’”

“This is disgusting, and we must play offense to take background on this issue. Also, there is no depth of evil that a demon can descend to and be satisfied. If they get pedophiles, there will be more depravity coming after that.”

“When it comes to transgenderism, for some reason, Republican politicians make a distinction between adults and minors. For some reason, we are okay with adults chopping off their body parts in order to pretend to be something they are not. Let’s compare this with another common issue: anorexia.”

“Anorexia is where a person does not eat because their mental image of their body does not match with reality, just like transgenderism. If a person with anorexia shows up at a hospital, do we give that person lap band surgery? Taking surgery off the table, do we put them into dietary counseling in order to reduce their caloric intake? Of course not. We put them into mental health counseling to rectify their mind to the reality of their body.”

“Does the treatment change based on age? Not at all. Is it illegal to be anorexic? Of course not, but hospitals have a certain standard of care when dealing with anorexia. Transgenderism should be dealt with in the exact same way. Hospitals encouraging anyone to live as anything other than their birth sex should be prosecuted.”

Q: Protect & Strengthen the Economy:

A: “We must reestablish a gold standard. The Texas depository bill would have been a great start. Furthermore, we had record ‘budget surpluses’ this year. A budget surplus means that the citizens have been overtaxed,” Greeson explained.

“This money should have been returned to the people, instead of spending it on rural internet or any of the other pet projects to which the money was allocated.”

Q: Work to Eliminate Property Taxes:

A: “Absolutely. We have a right to life, liberty and property. Property is the only one of those that we tax. Along with eliminating the property tax, we should eliminate franchise taxes as well. I would be for replacing the property tax with a consumption or VAT tax of some sort.”

Q: Reduce Crime:

A: “Our law enforcement community needs support, now more than ever before. Besides being overrun with illegal aliens, our jails and LEOs are overrun with mental health patients. These patients are too dangerous to be let out onto the street, but they are either found incompetent to stand trial or have not committed a crime to be held in confinement for long durations of time.  We must resurrect our mental health system in our state. We need a few larger facilities for long term care, as well as smaller short duration facilities throughout the state.”

Q: Keep the Federal Government Out of Texas:

A: “The federal government is completely out of control and is the source or a major contributing factor to many of our top issues. For example, rather than securing the border, they order border patrol agents to cut the razor wire erected with our taxpayer dollars. The IRS has two SWAT teams, tens of thousands of armed agents, and millions of rounds of ammunition. They actively target conservatives,” Greeson listed.

“The ATFE changes rules on a whim, without passing a new law, making millions of Americans felons overnight. The FBI has completely shredded the constitution, spying on Americans without a warrant and planting informants in churches who preach against the LGBTQ demon mob. The FBI should not be given a new headquarters. Instead, the FBI should be completely dismantled, and the existing building imploded and turned into a public urinal. Pieces of the building should be sent to all state capitals as a reminder of what happens when secret state police agencies decide to stop abiding by the constitution.”

“I am for Texit, convention of states, and passing legislation limiting or kicking out the federal government. Texit is my preferred of the three, but I am for whichever of these happens first, and I support them all. As a legislator, I will introduce and support laws banning the IRS and EPA from our state, as well as laws requiring federal law enforcement to have express, written permission from the county sheriff before conducting an operation in any county.”

“I will introduce and support legislation to make it illegal to sell power, water, internet or trash services to federal agencies. Federal authority is not greater than the constitution. When the federal government acts outside of the constitution, the states are not obligated to yield to federalism, especially when our citizens are dying.”

“Furthermore, the constitution was created by the states, and the created is not greater than the creator,” Greeson emphasized. “Many Republican politicians hide behind the Constitution and say things, effectively, like, ‘Gee, I wish we could stop the cartel, the murders, the drugs, and the rape trees, but the federal government said no, so we can’t do anything about it.’”

“Screw that mentality. Our citizens are dying at the hands of the cartels and being persecuted by the IRS. As Pompey Magnus once said, ‘Do not quote laws to men with swords.’ Texas should secure its own border and protect its own citizens, regardless of what the federal agencies, Congress or Supreme Court says. We have the overwhelming will of the people to do so, and we have the law enforcement capabilities to do so.”

“I know many cops as a result of being a volunteer firefighter, and I do not know a single one of them who would not stop a rape or a murder in progress, even if told not to do so by the federal government. Why do we continue to care what the federal government does, says or thinks?” Greeson posed.

“When and if the Supreme Court declares any action by Texas to safeguard its citizens unconstitutional, the proper Texas response is to say, ‘so what’ or ‘come and make us.’  We should continue on with our business as though the federal government does not exist.”

Q: Pro-Freedom / Anti-Communism:

A: “Most of our problems, including the problems with the federal government, are directly related to the globalist and Marxist takeover of our nation. We must fight back, as I elaborated above. We can no longer sit on the sidelines and hope someone else stops this. We are that ‘someone.’ We must act, and we must act now.”

“‘Not getting involved in politics’ is no longer acceptable. The left is fully committed; this is their religion. We are currently in the midst of a communist revolution. They have achieved almost every goal but one: taking away our guns. They want to disarm us, because they want the freedom to hurt us without us fighting back. They want to do things to us that would cause us, defenseless, to need to shoot them.”

“We must pass laws such as not recognizing the renaming of Fort Hood; replacing statues torn down in the name of wokeism with five more of the same historical figure who was removed; encouraging firearm education in schools including marksmanship tests; passing campaign finance reform laws so that only individuals can donate to political campaigns for whom they can vote; radically overhauling our education system to stop the communist factories; and eliminating college degrees that cost more to obtain than graduates can ever hope to pay back.”

“We cannot ‘live and let live’ our way out of communism. We must become activists if our state is to survive this onslaught. Think back to the Warsaw ghetto uprising. The Jews in that ghetto did not fight back until the Germans had shipped 80% of them to concentration camps. Just imagine what they could have done, the lives they could have protected, if they had risen up before they were down to 20%.”

“We can prevent this if we rise up now, peacefully, before it’s too late. But it takes us to wake up our neighbors and our family members. We can do great things in our state and return to living in freedom, but we must act now. Being a mediocre Republican is no longer acceptable.”

Tuesday, March 5, 2024, is the Primary Election date in the State of Texas. Mark your calendars and familiarize yourselves with candidates for each position now, as this date is rapidly approaching.

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