It is Time to Take Note of the Role of Your County Sheriff

The hostility the Biden Administration exhibits towards the American people cannot be understated. It is safe to say that federal agencies operating under this administration have been weaponized against the citizenry. One example of this is the Department of Justice issuing a memo which called on local police departments to begin monitoring parents who protest at school boards. Another example is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (AFT)’s absurd call for the restriction on stabilizing braces on pistols.

These examples show the intent of this administration: to portray regular parents as the threat of our times, while at the same time moving one step further to disarm the American people.  It is clear that the United States government views Americans as belligerents who should be rendered defenseless.

In these uncertain times, it is important to understand the role of your County Sheriff.  The Sheriff is the only police official who is directly elected by the people and, as such, has a sworn duty, more than any other county official, to defend the residents of the county. Police Chiefs, on the other hand, are appointed and are thus driven by politics, as their loyalty is to the Mayor who made their appointment.  But the direct election of the County Sheriff buffers all levels of politics and attaches the Sheriff to the people in an intimate way.

Leadership is discovered in the darkest of times, and across the country, many County Sheriffs are rising to the occasion. They are stating quite bluntly that they intend to directly confront Biden Administration officials, should rights violating policies enter their respective counties.  Here are a few examples:

  • Oklahoma County, OK Sheriff Tommie Johnson sent a clear message to the ATF that he will stay in line with his constitutional duties and has instructed his officers to “take no action” should they encounter a citizen with a pistol equipped with a stabilizing brace.
  • The Arkansas Sheriffs Association produced an official statement countering the ATF rule and citing Arkansas state law that prohibits any cooperation with the ATF on this issue.
  • Polk County, WI Sheriff Brent Waak took the most considerable defense of the citizenry and not only stated that he will not enforce the ATF rule but that that rule is in fact a violation of the U.S. Constitution and his officers will be directed to defend county residents should the ATF enforce their agenda in Polk County.

These actions had a considerable effect on the leftist attack of our country as the ATF and Biden Administration backed away from this weapons confiscation effort. A strong show of force by Sheriffs across the country proved to be a worthy defense of the citizen’s constitutional rights.

However, the leftists are well entrenched in governments at all levels, and rights-violating policies will no doubt appear again. In Fort Bend, the County Sheriff’s office is currently held by Eric Fagan. Fagan is a stated progressive, and progressives are not known to hold any respect toward the Constitution. Biden officials may view Fort Bend as more fertile for their policy implementations, and county residents may be more vulnerable in that way.

But today, there are a number of candidates entering the coming race for Sheriff. This contest could serve as an exercise to strengthen constitutionality in Fort Bend County. As these candidates vie for your vote, you have the perfect chance to make them state publicly if they will defend the constitution and your rights.  And that question can be simply stated as: “Will you direct your officers to stand up to Federal Agents should they enforce unconstitutional rules on the citizens in Fort Bend?”

I urge you to ask.

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Chris Heasley

Christopher grew up in the industrial Midwest city of Youngstown, OH where, during his formative years, his hometown experienced the steepest economic decline of any American city. Later he worked in economic development in the industrial city of Pavlodar, Kazakhstan. Through these experiences Christopher developed his opinions on the causes of economic decline, industry exodus, and the factors that determine prosperity.