Meet Mike Khan, Republican Candidate for Fort Bend County Commissioner Precinct 3

Fort Bend County, TX– As the first winds of autumn rustle through the leaves, election yard signs and billboards begin emerging throughout town. Daily, Texans are reminded that our next primary election is drawing near.

Last year, Fort Bend County experienced major redistricting, shifting the sociopolitical and demographic elements of each district. Precinct 3, which used to be predominantly white and affluent, now welcomes more racial and economic diversity, with 72% of the district consisting of racial and ethnic minorities.

An incumbent candidate, Fort Bend County Commissioner Andy Meyers (R-Pct. 3), is likely in the final year of his last term. As a white man, it’s unlikely he’ll win his restructured district’s support. This of course was by design. Furthermore, Meyers will be eighty-two years old (which is two years older than President Joe Biden) in the next election, so he has effectively aged out of office.

For these reasons, Katy and Fort Bend Christian Magazines have developed interest in a new Republican candidate in the Pct. 3 Commissioner’s Court race; a man who we believe actually stands a chance in winning the seat: Mike Khan.

If Khan defeats Meyers in the upcoming Republican primaries, he will likely joust head-to-head with either of two Democratic challengers, Kiran Kumari Rao and Taral Patel. And as a Muslim American of South Asian descent, he has greater odds of winning his diverse precinct’s support than most Republican candidates.

“Why would a Christian publication support a Muslim man’s candidacy? And why should I, as a Christian?” you might ask.

We form our political leanings and backings with heavy contemplation, appreciating the gravity of each article and comment we publish. Through this process, we reached the conclusion that when choosing a candidate to represent our values, we are not choosing a pastor for our church, but someone who can win a race without compromising our values.

Many Democrats, like FBC Commissioner KP George, claim to be Christian and are actively involved in their churches, yet lead us down the path of Sodom and Gomorrah by promoting and creating laws which disobey Biblical principles.

With these factors considered, we believe Khan is the one candidate in this race who would actively fight for our causes and who could actually win the seat. But decide for yourself; let’s explore Khan’s background and politics.

“I know what the American Dream is all about; I have lived it,” Khan began. “I came to this country at a young age with only $400 in my pocket, a dream and a can-do attitude. I came in pursuit of the American Dream and have never looked back. Over the years, [I have] built many businesses from the ground up. I know what it takes to guide and lead an operation.”

“My experience is proven not only in the breadth of the many types of operations I have led and managed, but in the depth of understanding business itself, which allowed me to make these organizations succeed.”

As the founder, owner and CEO of Radio Dabang 99.5 FM, Khan is a well-known businessman in Houston and now hopes to provide a conservative voice in local politics.

With years of experience in business management, Khan knows how to balance budgets, and he will work hard to protect our tax dollars while supporting the continued economic strength of Pct. 3, he said.

“I am well entrenched in my community and understand the sentiments of my neighbors and local business owners; this is… why I am running. Constituents of our community do not feel that their interests are adequately represented, and I plan to bring the representation they are seeking to them.”

If elected, Khan’s primary goal would be to offer a conservative voice for his district. Khan would work hard to protect our quality of life; create and keep jobs; protect our tax dollars; support our  law enforcement; improve our schools; defend our state against illegal immigration; fight against forced mandates; and represent and address the concerns of our community, he said.

The following section addresses Khan’s specific politics by issue.


  • Comprehensive transportation plans: Address traffic congestion and road safety by developing transportation plans that cater to current challenges and anticipate future growth.
  • Pursue grant opportunities and partnerships: Collaborate with federal, state, and regional agencies to fund improvements like road expansions, intersection upgrades, and maintenance projects.
  • Expand public transportation options: Improve connectivity by encouraging the growth of efficient public transportation, such as bus and ridesharing services.
  • Promote alternative transportation modes: Work with local businesses and municipalities to encourage walking, biking, and telecommuting to reduce traffic-related emissions and improve quality of life.


  • Comprehensive flood management plan: Develop a plan that includes infrastructure improvements, better land-use planning, and effective emergency response strategies.
  • Collaborate for funding and resources: Partner with regional and state agencies to secure funding for flood mitigation projects, such as levee improvements, detention basins, and drainage system upgrades.
  • Green infrastructure: Encourage the use of eco-friendly solutions to reduce stormwater runoff and promote natural water filtration.
  • Engage residents in flood preparedness: Educate residents about flood insurance and property protection measures to enhance community resilience.


  • Business-friendly environment: Streamline processes, reduce regulations, and offer incentives to attract businesses to Fort Bend County.
  • Industry-specific training programs: Partner with local organizations to create training programs for in-demand jobs like healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and renewable energy.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship: Provide resources to support the growth of local startups and small businesses.
  • Invest in cultural initiatives: Showcase the county’s unique attractions, history, and natural beauty to stimulate the local economy.


  • Strengthen public education: Advocate for increased funding, support initiatives to reduce class sizes, and promote innovative teaching methods.
  • School choice: Support initiatives like charter schools, vouchers, and homeschooling to ensure parents have the freedom to choose the best educational environment.
  • Early childhood education: Expand access to programs like pre-kindergarten and Head Start for a strong foundation for academic success.
  • Youth engagement: Develop partnerships with local businesses and nonprofits to create programs that engage youth, build leadership skills, and foster civic responsibility.


  • Affordable housing solutions: Work with non-profit organizations, developers, and financial institutions to offer a range of housing options, including affordable rental units and homeownership opportunities.
  • Gentrification and displacement prevention: Introduce measures like inclusionary zoning, rent stabilization, and property tax relief to protect long-time residents.
  • Support community development initiatives: Revitalize underinvested neighborhoods, improve public spaces, and promote economic growth while preserving community character and culture.


  • Advocate for adequate funding: Prioritize the safety and wellbeing of all residents through budget allocations for law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services.
  • Address root causes of crime: Collaborate with community stakeholders to tackle issues like poverty, substance abuse, and lack of educational opportunities.
  • Community policing: Promote initiatives that build trust between law enforcement and residents.
  • First responder recruitment and training: Support diverse and well-qualified first responders who reflect the communities they serve and enhance emergency preparedness through investment in equipment and training.


  • Resident and stakeholder input: Ensure decisions are made with input from the community.
  • Technology and communication: Improve communication and provide easily accessible information on county initiatives, decisions, and budgets.
  • Open data policies: Allow residents to track progress on key issues.
  • Public engagement: Encourage town hall meetings, public forums, and online platforms for residents to voice concerns, ask questions, and provide feedback.
  • Performance metrics and evaluations: Establish metrics and evaluations to ensure county departments deliver high-quality services and meet community needs.

Another motivator for Khan’s campaign is his desire to give back to the community that has given him so much, he said.

“I have lived in Fort Bend for almost 30 years and raised my family here. The liberal policies that have gradually been deteriorating our rights and freedoms over the past decade have concerned me. We need everyone to be educated and engaged about what all is taking place in their government, and most importantly, everyone needs to get out and vote!”

“I am a man of principle with conservative values. I am also a businessman who believes in free market capitalism. I want to give back to my community and leave a collective legacy we can all be proud of. I have worked hard my entire life, defending what is right and uplifting those around me wherever and whenever possible,” he said.

“I have served our community in many ways, but there is much, much more work to do. I look forward to representing you and your interests and doing any and everything necessary to make sure that the American Dream lives on in the hearts of every individual.”

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