Texas RINO Hunting Season: How 18 Texas House So-Called “Republicans” Voted to End the Death Penalty for Mass Murderers with HB 727

Texas RINO Hunting Season: How 18 Texas House So-Called “Republicans” Voted to End the Death Penalty for Mass Murderers with HB 727

We’ve taken the liberty of emphasizing the names of a few key RINO players in surrounding districts: Jacey Jetton, Gary Gates, Lacey Hull, and Stephanie Klick. These notorious right-wing imposters have countless times violated the sacredness of their seats and the trust invested in them to represent their constituents. It’s time to flush out the Austin Swamp.

This past legislative session, the RINO-riddled Texas House voted in favor of HB 727, a piece of legislation created to end the death penalty for the mass murders and Jeffrey Dahmers of the state. Thank God that the Senate had the respect and basic human decency to kill the bill before it ever hit their chambers for debate.

Let’s take a look at HB 727, and House Speaker Dade Phelan’s eighteen “Republican” henchmen who incessantly vote “yes” to betraying their constituents.

In a longitudinal, elaborate scheme, Drunken Dade first granted Criminal Jurisprudence chairmanship to the far-left State Rep. Joe Moody (D-El Paso). Dade then strategically positioned State Rep. Jeff Leach (R-Plano) within Moody’s committee, who last year expressed his undying empathy for child murderers in a debate with conservative podcaster Allie Beth Stuckey.

State Rep. Jeff Leach

In Stuckey’s episode with Leach, the lawmaker attempted to paint a mother who murdered her own child as a “victim of the system” and a “wonderful mom.” As she tends to, Stuckey obliterated Leach.

So, after carefully crafting a pro-murderer committee, Dade plopped all pending legislation involving the death penalty into their laps. Thus birthed HB 727, with the objective to kill, or at least severely water down, the death penalty for mass murderers in Texas.

The bill was essentially a “get out of death penalty free card,” which would have permitted murderers and child rapists to avoid capital punishment if they could simply obtain a “mental illness” diagnosis.

Furthermore, the house bill would have allowed anti-death penalty social justice groups to pressure and persuade psychologists to diagnose mass murderers and child rapists as “bipolar” or “schizophrenic,” tossing capital punishment off the table for that criminal.

Naturally, the bill was aggressively opposed by law enforcement, the parties who actually capture these monsters, gather evidence and put them behind bars. Yet criminal justice is out of their hands the moment these stains on humanity are locked in their cells, righteousness dependent on jurors, judges and the lawmakers who craft the rules of court.

HB 727 was filed in November, two months before the last legislative session began. It received a hearing in early March and was voted out by the next week. The Calendars Committee received the bill on March 21, and it was then considered in the committee two days later. Six days later, it was moved to a vote.

It’s quite the enigma, how slowly House legislation moves when Drunken Dade wants it killed, and how rapidly it moves when he wants it passed! Around this time, Dade and his caucus of RINOs killed forty-eight conservative bills, many of which stayed in the Calendars Committee for weeks.

When the bill was on the floor for debate, Dade and his “Republicans” were surprised at how strongly it was opposed by the genuine conservatives within the House.

As Texas Scorecard pointed out, the debate revealed a few crucial insights:

  • State Rep. Toni Rose (D-Dallas) seemingly didn’t understand the bill she was advocating for; or, perhaps, she was deceiving her colleagues and the public intentionally.
  • Jeff Leach called a “point of order,” or a procedural objection, on an amendment to the bill that would have made it NOT apply to mass murderers. Leach pretty blatantly wanted the bill to benefit the worst of our society. 
  • Leach claimed that the bill wouldn’t change anything but “the order in which evidence is presented,” and that its passage was about “trusting our judges and jurors.” These were two painfully obvious lies, and the passage of it would have prohibited those very judges and jurors from listening objectively to trials, evaluating evidence, and using their own judgments to issue capital punishments to wicked mass murderers feigning “mental illness.”

After the first read, 63 House Republicans voted against the bill. Eighteen House RINOs voted alongside the Democrats in favor of it.

Stephanie Klick, Gary Gates, Jacey Jetton, Lacey Hull.

In cahoots with Drunken Dade, these representatives were Brad Buckley, Dustin Burrows, Angie Chen Button, Drew Darby, Gary Gates, Charlie Geren, Ryan Guillen, Lacey Hull, Todd Hunter, Jacey Jetton, Ken King, Stephanie Klick, Jeff Leach, Morgan Meyer, John Raney, and Ellen Troxclair.

Some of these names probably ring familiar to you; as a reminder, many of these RINO Reps also voted to betray Attorney General Ken Paxton in his completely baseless and falsified impeachment trial. Their treachery was unforgivable to Paxton and citizens alike as they nationally humiliated the state of Texas.

We’ve taken the liberty of emphasizing the names of a few key RINO players in surrounding districts: Gary Gates, Lacey Hull, Jacey Jetton and Stephanie Klick (even though she is not in our area, she is the top henchman for Phelan). These notorious right-wing imposters have countless times violated the sacredness of their seats and the trust invested in them to represent their constituents. It’s time to flush out the Austin Swamp.

As we know, Democrats can only effectively man the Texas House if they can persuade enough Republicans to support their agenda. Drunken Dade, their biggest proponent, needed to increase the number of Republicans voting “yes” to their bill by its third reading.

To bring the bill into fruition, Leach teamed up with Toni Rose and Joe Moody to amend the bill that Rose, hilariously, didn’t even understand. The three did muster together enough functionable brain cells needed to water it down a bit, but not to worry, it was still a horrible bill.

And after its third reading, more “Republicans” did switch over to their anti-death penalty camp. In a final tally, 48 conservatives still voted “no.” Here’s the list of the GOP seats who changed teams:

Ben Bumgarner, Dewayne Burns, Briscoe Cain, Tom Craddick, Charles Cunningham, Brian Harrison, Kyle Kacal, Brooks Landgraf, Janie Lopez, Tom Oliverson, Jared Patterson, Glenn Rogers, Nate Shatzline, Gary VanDeaver and Cody Vasut.

Let’s take a moment to recall that capital punishment is a Texas- and biblically granted right to enact justice. Attacks to infringe upon this God-given liberty place is unforgivably disrespectful to murder and rape victims, their loved ones, law enforcement officers, citizen safety and the legal system as a whole.

Texas must follow the path of Florida and expand capital punishment, rather than lessening its scope. We’ve become so pathetically weak on crime, and our streets, come nightfall, pose an ominous and lurking threat. Are the rights of murderers more sacred than our ability to cross our land without harm?

Thank God that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick maintained more respect for the justice system and capital punishment than the RINO-riddled Texas House. Although the bill ultimately failed, we must recognize this as yet another policy where the House solely represents the most extreme leftists in our state.

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