Israel, Not China: Reflections on Why Some Lives Seem More Important than Others

Germany scrambled to ditch its National Socialist flag and reverted quickly to the Weimar one. But Japan keeps its horrible Sun Sphere and Rising Sun – the same Suns that bombed the living daylights out of thousands of defenseless sailors on a Sunday morning at Pearl Harbor. Audaciously both the national and naval ensigns are retained by Japan, with no repercussions. Everyone tiptoes around this. No one in media and academia has made any fuss about the Rising Sun, Sun Sphere or their defiant fluttering above our heads at major summits and conferences.

The Strange Case Of An Exalted Israel And A Condemned China

The International Holocaust Remembrance Association denounces antisemitism (anti-Jewish sentiment) and calls out anyone who dares deny the historicity of the Holocaust.

Germany has confessed on all counts, and no reputable German personality or civilian denies the Jewish account. Concurrently, the Jewish people make important mention of the Holocaust every week and every year, and there is an annual day to mark it, Yom HaShoah, as well as a global foundation to propagate the memory of WWII anti-Jewish atrocities: Yad Vashem.

There is no International Chinese Remembrance Association. Six million Chinese were systematically massacred, and an additional 14 million were indirectly eliminated as well.

Japan denies the war crimes on all counts, and every reputable Japanese personality or ordinary civilian steadfastly denies the atrocities. There is immense love for Japanese contemporary kawaii (cuteness culture), therefore the global compassion for China is near nonexistent. What happened in the Chinese Republican capital, Nanking, is summarily ignored by the United Nations and all mainstream news outlets, because the value of a Chinese life is a Gentile life, and not as noticeable as a Jewish one.

They were ghettoized, pushed into unlivable conditions, gang-raped, experimented on with germ research, herded and shot and piled into mass graves, lined up on beaches and riverbanks and slashed to death… were these Jews? No, this was the destiny of unfortunate Chinese persons, killed for their whiteness, their Republicanism, and their Taoist Old Testament-style belief in an Unseen God.

No one cares.

The world romanticizes and sympathizes with Japan’s worship of their Emperor and the Sun Goddess Amaterasu, because Japan looks cuter than China. The Unseen God is no match for Amaterasu and her cuteness.

Antisemitism Is Wrong, But Anti-Chinese Trends Are Absolutely Acceptable

The world insists that Caucasian people have to universally atone for the Holocaust. Meanwhile, the evidence of the Fate of China already outweighs that of the Holocaust, but it is the Holocaust that is used every day by social justice warriors to attack Caucasian people in North America.

The Germans have apologized over and over, again and again, and gave unspeakably huge volumes of money and free infrastructure to Israel in order to build up the State of Israel in Palestine.

Unlike Germany, a proudly confident Japan tells the United States Congress that the Japanese nation shall never apologize, and that there’s nothing to apologize for. Meanwhile, China stares blankly at her own Chinese toes and does not dare to venture even a whimper, and she has never asked for monetary reparations at all. Not even once.

Chinese pride orients itself on not wanting anything from Japan. No financial or infrastructural compensation can bring back the dead. Money and stuff would only be an insult to China. This is precisely why there is no Claims Conference Against Japan.

The Jewish people operate a Claims Conference Against Germany.

Building An Alliance With Israel Is Encouraged, But Building An Alliance With China Is Not

Today, the trend at news organizations is to get Americans and Chinese to suspect each other and enter into a future of distrust – so that America and China never form a permanent alliance.

When Democrats and Republicans make policies that are anti-Chinese, it’s socially acceptable. If Democrats and Republicans make policies against Israel, it’s a no-no, because it’s antisemitism.

This double standard is strange. Both Jews and Chinese are pre-Christian peoples for the most part. Europeans prior to Christ were pre-Christian as well. In fact, by ratio and proportion, there are more Chinese Christians by national percentage than there are Jews who are Christian. Christian Jews (so-called “messianic Jews”) are a very miniscule minority.

So, in this weird and wild world, why is a love for Israel highly encouraged, and a love for China not? Why are Caucasians asked to love Israel, and hate China?

Why are antisemitic perspectives wrong, and anti-Chinese trends acceptable?

Why is the Holocaust – a dagger that strikes at the heart of the Caucasian people – spoken of so frequently, while the Fate of China is rarely mentioned? Why is Germany stomped into the ground, and Japan allowed to go scot-free?

The double standard basically suggests Germans are culturally atrocious and capable of doing wrong, but Japanese are somehow not. The over-emphasis on the Holocaust in the public sphere in every country worldwide persists in stark contrast to the complete exclusion of the Fate of China. A Chinese death – Christian or pre-Christian – simply does not matter.

The Christian Church Understands Death Well

The Christian faith is a religion built on the death and resurrection of the Son of Man. For two thousand years, the New Testament has called on all to see this death, cling to its meaning, and claim its promises. There is justification by faith in this shed blood, and renewal of one’s spirit through unity with the Holy Ghost. His death is remembered with the internationally-renowned symbol, the cross.

For a faith so reliant on memory of His death, the Armenian Genocide (1.5 million) and Fate of China (20 million) are not difficult to mention, and Christian scholars have been at the forefront of stating these facts. But Turkey and Japan deny the atrocities.

Living in a Chinese body, what does denial mean for me? It just means I do not matter. Chinese folks do not matter. Black Lives Matter – but no, not Chinese lives. Democrats will champion black lives, but the Chinese are simply too white and too Oriental to be classifiable as a minority. We are either lumped together with multiple ethnicities as “Asians,” or at other times talked about as if we are cyborg aliens deviously plotting to destroy America.

The Government of Israel has deleted mention of the Armenians on several occasions. Israelis saw this and a few have dared to express concern. But everyone is muted when it comes to Chinese people. Christian or Taoist, our deaths – and indeed my own death – shall never matter, because we never make a sound, whether in life or in death. Our voices are irrelevant in the global game of swanky leaders at Brussels, Davos, and New York.

But maybe, just maybe, our voicelessness shall be our redemption. We are not kawaii, we don’t have Hello Kitty Sanrio characters, and we don’t have cool-sounding ninja-esque names like Kanagawa and Miyazaki. But we can reach for something more comforting, more pertinent, and more emotionally introspective for what our deaths were. In our national grief, we reach for the death of Jesus Christ, and because of this, the Christian Church in China is the world’s fastest-growing sector of Christianity.

That will prove us. And God the Father shall have His victory.

Israel Is A Communist Nation Defended By Its Nominal Conservatives

Israel is defined by leftist governance. Founded in 1948 by left-wing leader David Ben-Gurion, he also created the IDF, the Israel Defense Forces. Israel was first governed in the form of a socialist government with martial law for thirty years, with all Prime Ministers of Israel (technically the highest executive of the land, equal to the U.S. President in its role) from 1948-1977 being secular socialists. Soon, rebranded liberal democrats served as Prime Ministers, 1984-1986, 1992-1996, and 2001-2009, Later, more liberal democrats variously chaired the Finance, Defense, Foreign Affairs, and Prime Ministership departments from 2013-2023.

A conservative Israel is impossible, and certainly not with the one Benjamin Netanyahu (2009-2021) whom the world thinks matters. Functionally, Israeli society is left-wing socialist, by choice. Ten thousand recreational abortions are undertaken with every 15-month cycle in this small nation. Jews with authority have forcibly sterilized other Jews, in the jurisdiction of the State of Israel, so as to create an imagined version of demographic perfection. With its secularism and atheism, it is effectively a communist nation defended by attractive conservative politicians for the sake of its borders. This is a hybrid government.

Karl Marx’s Jewishness naturally does not present any conflict.

But Marx was certainly not Chinese.

China and Israel have communist characteristics in them. But only Israel is embraced by D.C. elites and celebrated as though only Jewish deaths matter. The Holocaust is wrongfully utilized as a perpetual damnation of Caucasian reputation in the day to day, and every left-wing project that begins in America marginalizes the Caucasian people with spurious claims that the Caucasian mind wants to commit mass murder.

Germany has confessed. Japan has not.

Who precisely is more inclined to mass murder?

More greatly detestable is the mass murderer who pleads not guilty.

An American-Chinese Future Is More Sensible Than Animosity

American politicians must begin to immerse themselves in the actual environments of the Republic of China and People’s Republic of China, and get first-hand knowledge of what the peace and sensibilities of the Chinese people are. Caucasians and Chinese served in China together during WWII, and fought a common Japanese foe.

America and Europe were on the frontlines of reporting in China, and recorded Japanese atrocities.

Japanese armed service personnel who rape a Chinese girl, or tens of thousands of Chinese girls in the space of a few weeks, or Chinese Christian girls, or Christian Caucasian girls volunteering in Nanking – these are important details for your mind’s eye. What you don’t know won’t matter. What you do know begins to matter.

 What are dead American sailors worth? What are Chinese girls worth after their rape, torture, disembowelment, and murder? Apparently the Americans and Chinese are nothing in the eyes of left-wing organizations such as NBC News, CNN, and BBC World.

The Fate of China is equal to the Holocaust, and there should never be lopsided reporting in favor of the Jewish people only.

Journalism today enjoys talking up Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen, Dachau, Warsaw ghettos, Anne Frank, Hatikva and the State of Israel, and Jewish festivals (Purim, Hanukkah, Yom HaShoah, Pesach, et cetera), but China is treated as a global threat and an insidious infiltrator.

News commentators cannot afford to say Israel or Jews are a global threat or insidious infiltrators, but it is open season on the Chinese. There is obviously something improper with such an arrangement.

The American-Israeli alliance is strong, despite Israel’s leftist secularism. It is time to build an American-Chinese alliance, because the Chinese will always outperform Israel.

The Chinese are deeply spiritual, and the Soviet symbolism is decorative. Capitalism, entrepreneurship, and efficiency are clearly who we are throughout, and the only thing missing is a multiparty electoral system.

But look at what Israel has done with the luxury of multiparty elections. They have taken a good thing and chosen leftist, secularist, liberal democratic parties instead. How different is Israel from China, and why is Israel such a friend in America’s eyes, when China can serve as America’s friend and indeed family?


The racial culture and philosophical wisdom of the Chinese nation reside in pre-Christian norms that mirror the early revelations given to mankind by the Creator. The Chinese people speak the following idioms and proverbs on an everyday basis, and these words are an integral part of the Chinese language.

捨己為人 Give up thyself for the sake of others. (Chinese idiom)

The righteous person gives and does not spare. (Proverbs 21:26)

驕者必敗 The arrogant person will fail. (Chinese proverb)

A prating fool will fall. (An arrogant and foolish person will fail.) (Proverbs 10:8)

人在做 天在看 Whatever a person does, God sees it. (Chinese idiom)

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. (Proverbs 9:10)

皇天不負有心人 Our Sovereign God will not fail those who labor honestly. (Chinese proverb)

To the righteous, good shall be repaid. (Proverbs 13:21)

人心難測 The human heart is difficult to examine. (Chinese idiom)

The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked – who can know it? (Jeremiah 17:9)

When Chinese people praise exceptional beauty, the idiomatic mei-ru-tianxian 美如天仙literally means “(she has) beauty that resembles an angel of God.”

The Taoistic yin-yang – a symbol so quintessentially Chinese as to be unmistakeable and probably the only cultural representation of Chineseness a young child can draw with ease – is also a compact reflection of duality and synergy. Two genders, two complementary halves (for two shall be one, and be one flesh), and that “the evening and the morning were the first day.” (Genesis 1:5)

When Chinese folks argue among themselves, they will warn wayward individuals about “going against the will of God,” and scold criminals for being “without law and without God.” (違反天意) (無法無天)

One of the most popular TV shows in mainland China today is 天賜的聲音Tian-ci-de-Shengyin, or Voices Gifted By God. This is a mainstream series on state television.

No American TV show of significant repute these days dares to mention God directly. But in China, public television will boldly reference God. Chinese TV studios make expensive dramas that catapult Chinese Christians to national prominence. A Chinese Christian can become the most popular TV star in a country of 1.5 billion citizens. He is still trending.

State TV and public-private networks popularize a Christian man. (In America, Christian men are canceled.) Meanwhile the most popular actress in China is the Uyghur beauty Dilraba Dimurat. Her home province is Xinjiang, in the Xiyü (west China) region. This is the reality of Xinjiang and the Uyghurs in mainland China.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they are indeed children of God.” (Matthew 5:9)

Reflections: My conclusion is that the Chinese people are a doormat and this is perhaps alright, for we will never wage war on the world, no matter how we’re treated. It remains true we are the perfect sort of child to bully. Folks will badmouth us and we rarely come back with a good response. We only flounder, say something stupid, sob a little, and go completely silent. When we do speak, we sound childish and desperate. So we revert to quietness again. Like Adriana Olivia Kuch, we simply fade away.

May God bless this childlike innocence.

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Victor Yong Jen Ong

Victor Yong Jen Ong chairs a community roundtable for classical Chinese values, and is critical of communist 'democratic' philosophies. Credentialed in global affairs at Harvard University and in corporate ethics at the Federation University in Australia, Jen is author of Daughter of Palestine, a pro-Israel book, and appears on Israel365 and Oriental Daily News.