Houston Police Department the One to Watch for Possible Woke Repositioning

Police in Houston are being dragged through a new round of nonsensical reprogramming, instead of the vigilant policing techniques we need for the reduction of crime. Innocent officers will be taken to classes that blame their minds for being incorrect. These classes are extremely expensive and a waste of resources, as current affairs analyst Merissa Hansen discovered recently.

“The Houston Police Department is going through an organizational cultural assessment of the entire department’s policies and procedures,” Hansen writes.

“According to Chief Finner, nothing is off the table. Organizational Culture Inventory surveys were sent out department-wide. Supervisors were talked to about the process. It seems Assistant Chief C.T. Hatcher is spearheading the process.

“The organization contracted to lead the retraining is called Being First. A Dr. Dean Anderson, CEO and co-founder of Being First, Inc. spoke at the meeting. He bragged about successful cultural changes brought to organizations like the United Nations. He also said he had retired and then began feeling that this current society could be impacted with bringing his methods to police departments – but that his process is very expensive.”

Merissa Hansen is host of The Houston Comical and a social influencer for new generations of conservatives in America. Hansen covers Harris County news and is an alumna of the University of Colorado in Denver.

Retraining A Police Force So That It Is Nowhere Near Effective Anymore

“Dr. Anderson explained that the Houston Police Department had been wanting to go through this process but could not afford it until a benefactor – who wishes to remain anonymous – paid for the entire process.

“It seems curious that something that sounds like a huge organizational change is being paid for by anonymous sources,” Hansen muses. The lack of transparency is worrying for the young Houstonian, who discerns what is likely a creeping leftism taking the department hostage. “It… sounds suspiciously like Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)-type dogma being implemented in the fourth largest police department in the United States.”

“Navigating transformational change processes like climate change requires conscious change leadership,” says Morton Baek, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry for Climate in Denmark and a client of Dr. Anderson’s Being First syllabus, “Being First offers the most comprehensive product in the market…. At the Climate Ministry we have benefited greatly….”

According to Being First founder Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson and husband Dr. Dean Anderson, the idea of the American police force was founded on incorrect principles. “Traditionally, policing has focused on crime prevention and the maintenance of public safety,” but that has to change. Instead, “leading-edge police services must embrace diversity and inclusion and implement flexible work protocols.”

Editor’s Note: Including diversity for the sake of diversity instead of merit would only decrease the crime-combating effectiveness of any police force, and this is the worrying trend of woke political correctness in America. Also curious are the retraining emphases on creating flexible responses to crime. The risks are that criminals will now be flexibly dealt with according to their diversity metrics. Flexibility also denotes the imminent decrease in police professionalism, with officers being unavailable, patrols being gradually understaffed, and police personnel taking on roles they comfortably prefer, instead of what safe streets and secure neighborhoods demand of them.

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