Merrick B. Garland’s Department of Justice Uses the Full Weight of the FBI to Crack Down on Christians in America

A disturbing trend that is being mirrored in Canada and the United Kingdom as Christian Values are being prosecuted worldwide.

Christians who speak up for family values and the Christian gospel are met with special weapons attack teams, or SWAT teams, in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, and left-leaning jurisdictions will get the courts and police forces to take away everything that sustains you: your liberty of movement (jailtime), your reputation (a criminal record), and your money (hefty fines and legal fees).

Ultimately, you will lose tens of thousands of dollars – hundreds of thousands sometimes, if you’re a millionaire and taken for a ride by those who persecute you. You will be tempted to give up on standing for the truth.

Pro-life defender Marie Houck recounts how a SWAT force of about two dozen police specialists descended upon her house in Pennsylvania just to seek out her husband and arrest him. The Federal Bureau of Investigation came with fifteen vehicles and the SWAT team banged on her door. This was not 1755. It was September 2022.

Police Power Is Being Misused to Destroy Christian Life

The FBI successfully carried away pro-life, pro-baby Catholic university alumnus Mark Houck, an American citizen of German heritage after having forcibly entered the Houck residence. The Bureau needed fifteen vehicles and nearly thirty officers for this. Houck was guilty of one thing: obstructing access to an abortion center. He had been standing in front of a “clinic” (abortion center) about a year ago in his ardent desire to change customers’ minds before they went in.

The FBI spent months formulating the arrest, and finally selected a violation of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act as a tactic to deprive Mark Houck of his freedom and detain him.

The 72-year-old Planned Parenthood supporter who had verbally assaulted Houck’s sixth-grader son outside the “clinic” has gotten off without consequence. Planned Parenthood, the world’s foremost authority on the termination of womb life and founder of the International Planned Parenthood Federation has helped its supporters and fans escape prosecution in every instance such as this.

The United Kingdom Buckles Under the Same Insanity

Across the Atlantic, the fate of Christians is exactly the same. In December, also 2022, Caucasian Englishwoman Isabel Vaughan-Spruce was arrested by British police – because she was praying soundlessly outside an abortion center in Birmingham. The “clinic” in West Midlands (west-central England) is a euphemistically named British Pregnancy Advisory Service, but does not advise for pregnancy. Rather, it is a British pregnancy termination service, and Isabel was uttering her silent prayers outside the facility.

British courts decided to harness provisions of the Public Space Protection Order – something they took days to cleverly lasso in order to implicate Isabel, because the Advisory Service is indeed funded by the National Health Service in Great Britain, so prosecutors can cunningly appeal to public space protection as an excuse to take Isabel’s savings and enrich British government coffers that way. The money confiscated will likely go toward helping with nationally funded abortion in England and Wales. Isabel Vaughan-Spruce was carried away in handcuffs by three fully uniformed British officers in broad daylight.

Whether it is weird laws, or spurious applications of laws, or laws rewritten or reinterpreted in order to take down Christians, cool-sounding names such as the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act and the Public Space Protection Order are wonderful ways with which the left-leaning “liberal democratic” movement preserves its penchant for the convenient destruction of womb life in the name of human rights.

But what about the rights of the child? A child is not human, but rather subhuman – if leftist interpretations are to be believed. Abortion supporters claim that womb life is not human yet, thereby effectively classing the life as a subhuman one.

Canadian Police Well-Funded for The Suppression Of Christian Activity

The rights of the child are not foreign to Derek Reimer, Canadian of Dutch-German heritage, who leads Mission 7, a church group. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Mission 7 is part of the Equip Canada ministry in the adjacent province of British Columbia and Reimer has been vocal about his faith for many years.

In February 2023, Reimer was manhandled, roughhoused and thrown to the ground by LGBTQ+ supporters at a public library. A few days later, Canadian police showed up at the victim’s house to arrest him. The violent LGBTQ+ supporters are not being pursued by police.

Reimer had gone to the public library in February to investigate a drag show for kids (i.e., transgender/transsexualized story hours for children). He had dared to speak out in protest there. LGBTQ+ supporters responded by treating him as subhuman and shoved him out of the public library like he was some kind of unwanted animal. It is insightful to note how abortion practitioners treat womb life as subhuman and unwanted as well, and they excel in expelling womb life in like manner as throwing Reimer out.

Derek Reimer’s arrest by the Calgary Police Service in this month is no easy task for the western Canadian law enforcement institution, buttressed by the keen ally known as the Calgary Police Commission whose main objective includes “equitable policing.” With a yearly budget of approximately 320 million United States dollars won for it by the Commission, the Calgary Police Service is evidently using its funding in taking traditional Christian family men behind bars, and with immense efficiency and secrecy as well.

Calgary police have blocked onlookers from filming during the arrest, reminiscent of how the KGB behaved in the twentieth-century cities of European Russia.

Blue And Red States Swamped By Officials Who Prosecute Victims

Jesse Michael Boyd is the father of a Scottish American family and founder of the Jew and Gentile evangelistic ministry Zerayim Colportage Board. Jesse was known for taking the gospel of Jesus Christ directly to people in towns and cities across America. Along with teenage daughter Bethany Grace, Jesse was accosted one day along a country street by a rich businessman in Madison County, Montana who threatened gun violence on the Christian missionaries.

When Boyd and Miss Boyd defended themselves with a steel pole, they were arrested by the Sheriff’s Office of Madison County and thrown in jail. The dangerous businessman, who had threatened to kill the Boyds, is safe from the clutches of the law, and has been coached by expert lawyers on what and what not to say.

The sheriff’s office sent a SWAT team to detain Jesse and Bethany. The authorities carried out what the Montana businessman had been threatening to do. The SWAT team pointed firearms at the father and daughter and forced Boyd and Miss Boyd to their knees before restraining them. For the sake of the gospel of God, eighteen-year-old Bethany Grace was violently dealt with at gunpoint and hauled away in steely cold handcuffs.

This was in November 2022. Regardless of what you are inclined to feel about red states or blue states, religious persecution is on the rise everywhere in America – and Christians are first in the line of fire, because the paradigm of conservative values, such as pro-life, respect for two genders, foundation of the family as the basic and most sacred unit of society, and the creation of humankind by a divine Master will find its most natural home in the Christian faith.

Jesus Christ Had More Freedom Than We Do

Therefore the Christian faith is being vociferously attacked and large quantities of government resource are being squandered to establish a form of political correctness in officialdom, and put toward cementing a harsh and disproportionately disdainful attitude toward anything even remotely resembling Christianity.

Bill Todd, a local man, is the only Christian conservative in Madison County’s Government and has had little to no power in stopping the official persecution of the Boyds. A Montana court has ordered the Boyd family ministry to stop trekking across America handing out evangelistic tracts and Bethany and her father are effectively barred from doing what Jesus Christ Himself could do in the Cisjordan.

Jesus of Nazareth could walk around in a Roman province and preach the gospel – in the first century AD. Fast forward two thousand years, and our “enlightened” twenty-first century universe prohibits us from walking around in Montana telling folks about Christ and the gift of eternal life.

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Victor Yong Jen Ong

Victor Yong Jen Ong chairs a community roundtable for classical Chinese values, and is critical of communist 'democratic' philosophies. Credentialed in global affairs at Harvard University and in corporate ethics at the Federation University in Australia, Jen is author of Daughter of Palestine, a pro-Israel book, and appears on Israel365 and Oriental Daily News.