O Lord, Stuck In Lodi Again: Terrorism, Voter Fraud, Election Integrity and Lodi

The song Lodi was released by Creedence Clearwater Revival in April 1969, six months before their worldwide-acclaimed hit Fortunate Son. In Lodi, the vocalist describes riding into Lodi on a bus, but probably walking out on foot – stripped of all money and possessions.

For the 800,000 people in the Lodi-Stockton area, what have their thoughts been on the future of their democracy? Perhaps stripped of their right to know. Free and fair elections are fast becoming a thing of the past, and entire processes are being stolen from Texas to California. Just when the world thought that America had already become a model for electoral democracy, Christian conservatives are often at the frontline sounding the alarm that “all is not well” with elections in the United States.

The Lodi City Council elections – which coincided with the United States Presidential Election in 2020 – saw Pakistani-American Shakir Khan earning his councilor position through openly brazen electoral fraud, even though it should have been obvious to registrars that he was using some of the same details for multiple false names, nonexistent persons, and non-bona fide persons.

The Lodi City Council has five councilors including Japanese-American Alan Nakanishi and Mayor Mikey Hothi who is of Indian Punjabi ancestry.

In the Heart of San Joaquin County, Insidious Treason of the Most Dangerous Kind

Situated twelve miles north of the University of the Pacific, and about an hour and a half from the San Francisco Bay Area, Lodi is part of the Greater Stockton metropolitan region in the County of San Joaquin, California, and is renowned for its up-and-coming reputation in grapevines and winemaking. Unfortunately, the past week in Lodi has been marred again by treasonous crimes against the sovereign wellbeing of the United States.

The previous crisis in Lodi was the 2005–2019 case of the Hayats, also Pakistanis: Umer Hayat was trialed for alleged involvement with al-Qaeda and Islamofascism, while his son Hamid Hayat had returned to Lodi fresh from terrorist training in Pakistan. Hamid had been training with Islamic swords and Kalashnikovs on target dummies sporting printouts of George W. Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. In Lodi, Hamid was never alone and got to team up with al-Qaeda’s number-two man Ayman Zawahiri – both attended mosque at Poplar Street. Hamid was hoping to plant explosive devices at supermarkets and hospitals in the metropolitan region in and around Stockton.

Hamid’s violent antisemitism was apparent to investigators with the FBI. When queried about his feelings concerning Wall Street Journal (Fox Corporation/News Corp.) journalist Daniel Pearl’s execution in Pakistan, Hamid had this to say about the death of this Jewish reporter at the hands of jihadi extremists, “They killed him. So I’m pleased about that. They cut him into pieces and sent him back. That was a good job they did. Now they can’t send one Jewish person (anymore) to Pakistan.”

In 2013, Japanese-American judge Atsushi W. Tashima argued in favor of Hamid Hayat, and in 2019, the United States Government automatically withdraw all charges against Hayat “due to the passage of time.”

Shakir Khan’s Arrest Highlights the Ease and Severity of Electoral Fraud

CBS News (Paramount) in Sacramento has reported on Shakir Khan’s arrest and the charges he now faces in the day after his resignation on February 16, 2023. This comes more than two years after his crimes in 2020.

In searching Shakir’s residence, police officers retrieved sealed and completed ballots and discovered approximately seventy names registered to the house, Khan’s email address, and his phone number. In addition, dozens of mail-in ballots were found as well and these were probably the only ones remaining that Khan had been too distracted or complacent in the past two years to properly get rid of.

Investigations reveal that as least twenty-three persons could vote using his residential address and that about fifty persons were registered to vote on his email address and phone number. Many of these suspicious registrations were new and submitted to California Secretary of State Alejandro Padilla–D between the months of June and September, 2020.

The list of charges Shakir Khan is saddled with today includes unlawful voter registration of other persons, submission of fraudulent registrations, aiding and abetting the commission of election fraud, creation and submission of fictitious names, fraudulent casting of votes, and tainting elections with persons not qualified to vote. This is the work of one man in a small city in the country-city heartland of California near San Francisco. It is now clear to many Republicans what the extent of this nationwide problem must be in places such as Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, and Harris County, Texas.

Shakir Khan “attempted to undermine, manipulate, and violate one of our most fundamental rights here in our country, and that is the right to free and fair elections,” states Patrick Withrow, Sheriff of the County of San Joaquin. Khan has appeared in court in recent days in an orange jumpsuit but it is likely he – just as it was with Hamid Hayat – will be acquitted by a left-leaning committee or Democrat judge in the coming years and suffer absolutely no consequence for the treasonous actions he undertook back in 2020. Khan is also accused by various entities of having committed tax fraud, money laundering, and the stealing of funds meant to help businesses survive the lockdowns.

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