Feed the Hunger, The Fellowship and Faith West Academy Hosting a Packathon in Katy, February 23–25, 2023

This February, Faith West Academy at 2225 Porter Road (Katy, Texas 77493) will host The Fellowship-sponsored Katy Packathon event to help Feed The Hunger bring emergency meals to thousands of starving children in various parts of the world.

You are welcome to increase awareness and bring participants into this initiative. Do remember to share this Katy Christian Magazine and Fort Bend Christian Magazine report with your family and friends!

If you see yourself as a potential participant, visit the official webpage to register, or call the Feed the Hunger organization at (314) 504-5610 if you have inquiries to make on whatever detail of the event or packing process.

The official webpage for the Katy event hosted by Faith West Academy and The Fellowship (Katy, Texas) is www.feedthehunger.org/katy where you can pay to pack, because your monetary contribution will go toward helping supply these nutritious emergency meals for children who are most affected by war, famine, or dire circumstances in various parts of the world. The price is US$65 a person to participate.

For participants below eighteen years of age, a waiver form is required with a parent or guardian signature. Visit and print the PDF waiver form here: www.feedthehunger.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/PAT-Registration-and-Waiver_v4.pdf

Feed The Hunger: “Hunger has no ears, so people have a difficult time hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ when they are hungry. A Packathon is a two-hour, hands-on service opportunity for anyone ages 5 to 105. It is a truly rewarding event and will bring people together in a way your community may have never seen before. Your work will go toward providing Feed the Hunger meals for the local community, as well as at-risk children nationally and internationally.

“Internationally, your contributions will assist with feeding children, physically and spiritually, every day for the entire school year. Local ministries that have and will continue to benefit from the meals packed include Katy Christian Ministries, Attack Poverty/Friends of Sundown, Eyes on Me Ministry, Children Like Loni, Texas Relief Warriors, Hope Impacts, Disaster Relief, and many more.”

Can we bring food or drinks?

No, food or drinks are not allowed in the packing area.

When should we arrive at the Packathon?

You can arrive 15–30 minutes prior to your shift to get checked in.

Can we wear necklaces or earrings?

No hanging jewelry allowed.

Are hairnets a requirement?

Yes, hairnets must be worn the entire time within the packing area.

Will we stand the entire time of the two-hour Packathon?

Yes, you will be standing the entire time unless there is a request to have a seated position.

Can I pack with a team if I have one?

Yes. If you want to pack with a team, add Organization/Church Group – Team Name during registration. The official registration webpage is www.feedthehunger.org/katy

Feed The Hunger is also known by its acronym FtH, and has been “equipping vulnerable children with nutritious meals, Bibles, and school supplies so they can succeed in life.” They are a Bible-based ministry founded on Christian conservative principles and eager to share the practical love of God with all nations, tongues, and backgrounds.

The Feed The Hunger organization “knows every child wants to succeed, but many do not have the resources they need. Without proper nutrition, education, and spiritual guidance, it is easy for them to feel defeated. But we believe every child deserves to experience the love of God and the opportunity to grow and learn.

“So how do we make this happen? Using our reliable global partnerships, we identify vulnerable children at risk of starvation or malnutrition, provide immediate nutritional resources, and invest in their long-term success through education and spiritual growth. But we can’t do it without you. You also have a hunger in your heart to help kids break free from poverty and hopelessness. They can know what it is like to have full bellies, engaged minds, and the love of Christ in their lives. Together, we can equip them to change their world!”

The Fellowship is a Christian church headquartered at 22765 Westheimer Parkway, Katy, Texas 77450 and gathers Christians in modern evangelical services on Sundays at 9 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. “Feed the Hunger meal packets are designed to help malnourished children and families, both here in the United States and overseas,” and this February 23–25 (Thursday to Saturday), the church is partnering with Faith West Academy, a K-12 (ages 4–18) private school to host the event in the biggest space ever arranged for the Katy Packathon.

Sign up for the Packathon and pick your packing day at  www.feedthehunger.org/katy

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