Official Catholic, Episcopalian and Calvinist Leaders Endorse LGBTQ+ Attitudes in First-Ever Ecumenical Joint Front

In a first-ever ecumenical joint front for the Catholic pontiff and two Protestant denominations on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, plus movement, Hispanophone and Buenos Aires-born Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio, head of the Roman Catholic Church has announced that he believes “being homosexual is not a crime.”

Bergoglio, also known as Pope Francis, leader of the Vatican City State stated on his Shepherd One flight on board an Italian Air Transport (ITA) plane this month that he and the Episcopalian Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin P. Welby of London had come to an agreement. On Shepherd One, the Catholic and Anglican leaders maintain that the cultural criminalization of homosexuality was wrong, and that a different attitude – that of open welcome – should be adopted by churches of Christ throughout Christendom toward persons living a homosexual or transgender lifestyle.

Joining the Anglican and Catholic leaders was the Right Reverend Iain MacLeod Greenshields of Glasgow and Fife, who is Scottish leader of the Presbyterian Church. Greenshields had been known as a humanitarian in previous decades, particularly when he had been involved in giving generously to impoverished children in the province of Guangxi (廣西), mainland China during the George W. Bush years in the mid-2000s.

Unfortunately, the Rt. Rev. Greenshields has joined his British contemporary Justin Welby in support of LGBTQ+ lifestyles this month, after his earlier, 2021 interview revealing he had no qualms about young people being in possession of recreational drugs, saying that these drugs should be decriminalized.

South Sudan Plight Sidelined in Favor Of Trendy LGBTQ+ Topics

Francis, Welby, and Greenshields overlooked the South Sudan issue on the Shepherd One flight and left it aside in favor of addressing the LGBTQ+ agenda at the forefront of Democrat priorities in the Western hemisphere. This is despite the fact that the Italian carrier was ferrying them back from a Christian political meeting in the new country of South Sudan.

The men supplied no concrete ideas for the wellbeing of the peoples of South Sudan, who are mostly Dinka in racial composition.

Instead the paper wars between Democrats and Republicans on why it is good or bad to expand two obvious genders to dozens or potentially hundreds of genders have become important bread-and-butter topics for men of authority like the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Rome.

The Dinka race in South Sudan achieved their sovereign independence by 2011 after a long civil war in the Republic of Sudan ( جمهورية السودان ), an Arab Islamist state. The Dinka people are Christian and additionally define their Christianity as a national mood for their new Republic of South Sudan.

Salva Kiir, President of South Sudan and commander-in-chief of the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces has made it clear what his opinions on homosexuality are. On Dutch radio, Kiir talked about his ethnic group and how his people possessed no homosexual proclivities. “It is not even something that anybody can talk about here (in South Sudan) in particular. It is not there and if anybody wants to import or to export it to South Sudan, it will not get the support (it wants) and it will always be condemned by everybody,” the longtime independence freedom fighter said. Kiir is famously known for having labeled homosexuality “a bastion of Western immorality”.

Perhaps this is why Pope Francis and the Archbishop of Canterbury do not care for South Sudan at all, and merely enjoyed a free holiday there and back. On their charter jet, these powerful men of the largest church communions of the world – Catholic and Anglican – focused their ordained energies on placating the financially well-endowed LGBTQ+ movement, instead of shepherding and assisting the people of God in South Sudan. The wayward attitudes of these men represent yet another downward trajectory for Christendom and a failure of the Catholic Church and Anglican Church to stand up for the virtues of our creator God.

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