But God…

There have been times in my life when everything seemed to be cattywampus. No matter what I did or how hard I tried to correct the situation, it just got worse and worse. I was on the verge of despair, wanting to give up. But God…

I was in a bad marriage with 4 little ones and a husband who didn’t want the responsibility. Life was difficult, to say the least. Finding a way to take care of my babies while I found a paying job… getting my oldest to kindergarten and the others to sitters…putting food on the table and a roof over our heads… having transportation and juggling five jobs at one time. I could have easily given up, but God…

When I graduated from high school in 1969, I was proud to have received a number of scholarships for furthering my education. However, my spouse (the deadbeat dad) would not allow me to go to secondary college. I stayed home and had baby after baby and felt like I had let my benefactors down because I didn’t honor their faith in me. After 17 years, long after that marriage ended, I finally did go finish my schooling and found a job as a teacher.  I can proudly say that I started teaching when I was 41 and taught for 24 years, retiring at age 65.  And it would not have happened, but God… 

One of my dreams as a young wife (in my second marriage) was to be able to visit Israel. An organization I was active in, Women’s Aglow, was sponsoring a trip to the Holy Land and I had put in my reservation. Just before the final payment was due, I found out that I needed a few hundred more dollars, so I had to let go of that dream. Many years later, when I was teaching language arts in junior high, Holocaust survivor Helen Colin recommended that she and the other survivors in Houston sponsor me on a teacher’s trip to Poland and Israel to study the Holocaust.  It may have been delayed by 20 years or more, but I finally had my dream fulfilled, but God… 

My beautiful mother was a vibrant, healthy sixty-nine-year-old who walked 2 miles a day.  When she had a stroke in her bedroom in March, 1991, her world came crashing down. It left her with her left side paralyzed and unable to complete even the simplest tasks for herself. She was a determined lady who found her identity in baking, so she found a way to resume her passion, albeit with the help of a bread machine.  Even with her physical disability, she lived a full, vibrant life until the age of 91. She could have easily given up and stopped trying, but God… 

My second husband ended up being a dialysis patient.  He went through almost five years of treatment. He and I both were discouraged at various times while he underwent his medical care.  There were at least three times when I was on my teaching job in Bay City and he was in the dialysis center in Wharton where he had a crisis. I had to return home quickly to take him to an ER in Sugarland. It was overwhelming to not know what was going to happen each day, but God….

Think of the “but God…” experiences you have had. You could have been killed, but God protected you.  You could have died from an illness, but God helped you get well.  You had a challenge that was bigger than anything you could ever imagine, but God gave you the strength to endure. You had a dream that seemed to be shattered, but God restored your hope and gave you a new beginning. 

So, look up, my friend, and realize where you might be if there had not been a “but God…” experience in your life. 

Matthew 21:22  And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive,

 if you have faith.

Romans 10:17 So faith comes from hearing, 

and hearing through the word of Christ. 

Mark 11:22-24  And Jesus answered them, “Have faith in God. Truly,

  I say to you, whoever says to this mountain,

‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, 

it will be done for him. Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

1 Corinthians 2:5   That your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God. 

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Elizabeth Moreno

Elizabeth Dettling Moreno, AKA “Miss Liz,” is a retired Language Arts teacher who became a published author after retirement. Moreno, who has authored seven books, is the mother of four sons and one daughter, sixteen grandchildren, and several great grandchildren. After being a widow for two years, she married Randy Tolman in November of 2021 and moved to Camp Lost Pines in Warda, Texas. They have started a ministry together called “Life After Death Revivals.” For information on books or ministry, call 979-533-0216 or email praise77488@sbcglobal.net