Service and Leadership. It is Impossible for One to Exist Fully without the Other

I’ve spent my lifetime learning what it means to fully inhabit servant leadership. As a young man, service became one of the mantras of my life. Whether serving in the military, pastoring a church, walking the halls as a hospice chaplain, or replacing dry wall as President of a Disaster relief organization, my life has been and still is focused on serving my community and making it better. I’ve seen humans in every state of emotion and held their hands as they’ve grieved loss and celebrated milestones. It’s been a privilege to come alongside them and serve them wherever and with whatever they have needed.

Montgomery County is the place where my wife, Dawn, and I have put down our roots. I can’t think of a better place in our great state of Texas to enjoy all that life offers. As a resident of this county, I’ve taken my love of service to those around me and have been honored to contribute to our community.

Now, as I look to the future, I see an opportunity to utilize the years of experience and skills that I’ve gained to do something bigger for Montgomery County. Something that impacts more people and preserves our county as one of the best places to raise a family. As a County Judge, I will be able to represent our citizens and serve at a higher level. 

Right now, we need a change. As we move forward and seek to continue putting the citizens and families of Montgomery first, we need to look to the leadership of our community for both guidance and service. Right now, we do not have the leadership in place to take us into the future in a way that will preserve what we hold so dear. Increasingly, we are seeing traffic jams, personal liberties being taken away, wasteful spending, a lack of planning for the future, and citizens who don’t understand the importance of participating in their community. That is not the direction that we want for Montgomery County! We can and must turn this around.

I’m focused on an upgrade for the people of Montgomery County. The next 15 years will be nothing like the past 15 years. We are at a crossroads with people from all over the country moving in and changing the demographic landscape. We need a new type of leadership philosophy that will move us into this new and exciting future while maintaining our traditions of community and strong family values. Raising families is the heartbeat of our county, and I love that I can be part of the future movement that will keep Montgomery County the best place to do that.

This will require new leaders with the spirit and vision to think outside the realm of the past and look to the needs of the future. Leaders who understand that to lead, they must first serve the people of their county and put the needs of the whole ahead of the needs of the few. That’s not what we have in place now, but that’s what I will bring to the position of County Judge. In an era of lockdowns and wasteful spending, it is time for change. Change that will inspire a better work environment for employees across our county and more transparency for the citizens who make their home here.

The past decisions that are made by people can indicate how they will make decisions in the future. When I look at the many of the current leaders in Montgomery County, I am concerned for our future if we don’t make changes now.

Friends, the leaders we put in place and the decisions that are made today are not short-term decisions. They will impact our county for decades and generations to come. That’s why it is so important that we do not just look for good leaders, but we look for leaders who have servant hearts and a true love for our county. Someone with strong ethics, transparent dealings, excellent morals, extensive experience, well-honed skills, and most of all, a commitment to the long-term vision of the greatness of our county. It’s time for a change and an upgrade as we move into the future. My love of God, commitment to family, and service to country make me the right choice.

“Montgomery County, Texas.” It’s with great pride that I answer questions about where I live with those words. I truly believe that we live in one of the best places to raise a family and enjoy life with friends and loved ones. Thank you for casting your vote for me, Billy Graff, for County Judge, and allowing me to serve our community as we move into the future. It’s an honor and a privilege to do so.

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Billy Graff

Billy Graff’s career can best be described as one of service. As a USMC veteran, an entrepreneur, pastor, teacher, and non-profit founder, Graff has spent his lifetime leading and inspiring his community. Most recently, Graff has received two Special Congressional Recognition certificates for his full-time work in leading the disaster relief non-profit organization, IConnect. In his role as Founder and President, he has raised and managed over $5 million and rebuilt 500+ homes at no cost to families directly impacted by disaster in the greater Houston area. Graff has been married to his wife Dawn for 40 years and has three children and six grandchildren. They make their home in Conroe, Texas. He is a constitutional conservative standing for liberty and freedom. He is running for Montgomery County Judge.