God Lens: Clarify and Focus in on Israel

God Lens Clarify and Focus in on Israel

Put on those perspective bifocals and let’s look at a complex topic: Israel.
We need the vision for both long-range perspective and up-close actions today.
Such a small piece of geographical landmass and yet such great conflict about it.

First of all, there is a spiritual component that is the highest law concerning this land and people group. Think of sowing and reaping: it’s a law. Some folks call it karma, some say “What goes around comes around.” The point of the matter is it is a spiritual law and will work for religious people or non-religious people alike.

Spiritual Law

Spiritual law concerning Israel is this: Israel is like the tithe to God. Such a small percentage, yet so much conflict about it.

For those scriptural skeptics, here is your scripture and verse:
“Israel was holiness unto the Lord and the firstfruits of His increase, all that devour him shall offend: evil shall come upon them saith the Lord.” Jeremiah 2:3

Onto the political aspect. The left and the right are diametrically opposed concerning this topic. The left screams the land is Palestine. The right says it is a sovereign landmass given to a sovereign people by God.

The waypoint of September 11, 2001, has been the bell ringer for most of America concerning anything in the Middle East. Most Americans couldn’t tell you what the word Islam meant before 9-11-2001. However, we must understand the factual history behind this tragic history as relates to the dealings of America with Israel.

Palestine vs Jews
Every time America’s and Israel’s political leaders have tried to “solve the issue” and come to a “compromise” concerning this land, there have been serious consequences for each nation.

These questions begged to be answered as the study began on this topic.
If the land is Israel, why do people say Palestine?
Why does Abraham have anything to do with this?
Why is compromise bad in the perspective of God?

Glorious Way Church, a regional center in Northwest Houston, offers an occasional Faith Foundations class concerning this topic and to help shore up your faith on this topic. Senior Pastor John Greiner has also been the forerunner concerning churches activating their congregations to their moral civic duties. Pastor Greiner opened Glorious Way Church on Palm Sunday 2019, right when everything else was closing for the COVID19 pandemic. Quickly, this Pastor gained media attention worldwide with articles from BBC, ABC, and Washington Post criticizing his decision. However, this Pastor won out, crediting God for the win. They are also having a COVID19 informational event with local leader Dr. Hotze on this same Sunday evening.

Come out and join this class to learn more on October 24, 2021 at Glorious Way Church at 9 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.

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Joseph Menslage

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