The Metamorphosis Series – Addicted to Fear. What is the Antidote?

Greetings again. I am blessed the Lord has gifted me with the opportunity to share my journey of transformation with you. To date in this series, we’ve discovered how I was imprisoned in my mind for forty years in the wilderness. From age eight to age forty-eight, I was graced with Christ’s salvation. Sadly, I was an individual who struggled with the consequences of not fully surrendering my life to Him. I held onto self-will and control. It wasn’t until I decided to live my life as a slave of Jesus Christ that I was set free from worry, depression, wrong think, compulsiveness, and crippling fear.

Last week’s article, Who or What is Your Adonai? brought many responses from readers: “How do I let go?” and “I honestly feel like my mind is captured and I cannot keep living like this. I don’t want to live like this.” 

You are correct. Our minds do become hijacked prisoners of That Wily Devil. Millions of Christians – and millions more non-believers – are in the awful cycle of torturous brainwashing. Individually and collectively, the successful menticide of God’s children can be seen on the world stage as one big mental breakdown. We are witnessing a range of breakdown from the inability to manage emotions to the display of full psychosis. We are watching a terrible time of mass hysteria and living in the era of chaotic insanity. Clearly, the war is in overdrive.

The enemy will never be satisfied with just partial control of your mind. Why? Because the goal of darkness is to wipe out any light of God within you. The entire objective of evil’s war against God is to steal the souls of His children. When we give a piece of our mind to the devil, he will then move in and begin the work to take all clarity, discernment, and well-being. His endgame is to destroy the call on your life from the Father.

In the Book of Life long before earth was formed there was an assignment with your name on it.

Fear is a lie from the devil. He wins the gold medal for entrapment of God’s lights into the lair of “I know better,” and “I am not good enough. Mental health decline begins with, “I can do it myself.” When we intentionally leave God out of any area of our life, we separate ourselves from Him. One tiny area of my life in which God is not invited will lead to an inability to hear, see, and feel His wisdom. I cannot hear God’s whisper in my ear when my mind is focused on me, me, me or the world, world, world. 

Current case scenario: a microscopically small virus the eye cannot see has now gripped an entire planet in paralyzing fear. The devil directs his minions to amplify the propaganda. He then pops open the champagne bottle in delight as millions of souls are captured in torturous fear.

And Jesus weeps for His lost sheep.

What areas of your life are you attempting to manage without Jesus? How is that going?

If I want to live a life of total freedom from confusion, overwhelming emotions, and worry, I must let go of control. To reach my intended destiny, I must purposefully bring God to the minutiae of my life. I infuse Jesus into every breath I take, every thought I think, and every emotion I feel. That is my antidote to the addiction of fear.

I have now been lettinggoofself to Christ for a decade. It is comical how quickly I can spin myself to panic. An observer could easily recognize when I am operating with and without Jesus as my Adonai:

  • Negativity, anxiousness, gossip, glass-half empty, fatigue, and drama: Jesus isn’t driving
  • Joy-filled, peaceful, and Christ’s miracles through me: I am in the passenger seat

Perhaps you aren’t as messed up as I can become. On the surface, that may be an awesome look. But please don’t be too quick to think that it is actually a great thing. Why? Because it only means you could have further to fall before you can flatten yourself to surrender. My addiction to fear is clinically late stage. That means I can reach desperation quick. I am not exaggerating. The consequences to my lapse of faith and surrender are brutal and swift. In fact, it is life-threatening. I am lower to the ground and it takes nothing for me to spin out of control. It also means it only takes a split second to flatten myself out in surrender before the Lord.

Faith will not grow from a mustard seed to an ability to move mountains until complete surrender to the Savior.

I am a walking, talking testimony to God’s promise that if we involve Him in every area of our life, miracles will commence.

I have told you in my articles that I prefer speaking to writing. Why? Because this is the part of the speech where I would be using more passion in my voice. This is where my body language would intensify, and my arms would be waving in emphasis. I would be vocally and visually staring you in the eye to say,

“Would you let go already so Jesus can heal you? Would you please stop grabbing ahold of the wheel so the Creator of the Universe can take charge?”

The only way to achieve great faith is the decision to live a life of surrender to the Master.

For me, it is simple: Am I here to fulfill the calling on my life or am I here to be a part of the problem? Am I determined to bring the light of Christ to the world or am I okay with the endless exhausting battle?

I am rooting for you to flatten yourself before the throne of God in surrender. Please hurry up. It is going to take many of us united to shine a huge spotlight for the lost sheep. I am ready to charge ahead with you.

Blessings, EllieB

Scripture to study:

Isaiah 35:4
John 14:27
Isaiah 43:1
Psalm 23:4
Psalm 34:4
Romans 8:38-39
2 Timothy 1:7
Galatians 2:20
James 4:7, 10

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