Ellie Brown – The Metamorphosis Series – Who or what is your Adonai?

Last week, I introduced myself to Katy Christian Magazine readers with a summary of my overcoming life story. I stated that it would be my goal to share with you how my life has been transformed from a prison of self-doubt and trauma to one of joy-filled healing and miracle. Today, we begin the journey up the mountain of transformation. Ready? Let’s Go.

The truth is that I am a much better speaker than I am a writer. So, I am doubly challenged as I attempt to convey in writing a concept – an experience – that occurs at the spirit level. I promise to be as clear as I can in this teaching. 

The metamorphosis, the transformation, that we all need to undergo to achieve full freedom and peace is a spiritual process. The only way to reach the mountain peak of Christ’s gifts and miracles is to spiritually climb. And, like all mountain climbers, there is equipment and preparation needed. 

The how isn’t what makes this process complex. Nope. How to achieve freedom and anointing, how to reach a level of faith and maturity in Christ as to experience miracles, is not complicated. What brings the greatest challenge – the potential avalanche if you will – is our own inclination to lead the climb. You know, when we decide that we are the experts and should guide the trip up the mountain. When we implement half-measures, we are not surrendered. When we read expert directions and decide only to follow certain parts of the roadmap, we will miss the miracle. Essentially, we totally mess up the journey when we decide we know best.

As long as I place my own self-will as the master of my destiny, I will never reach the promises God intended for me. 

As long as I place any person, place or thing before God, I will always strive rather than experience mind-blowing miracles. 

God has twelve known names:

Adonai is our focus today. Lord. Master. My Lord. My Superior. Lord, King of the earth. Owner of the universe. Owner of me.  

Jesus Christ as my Adonai means that He is solely responsible for providing and caring for me. No amount of striving on my part can fulfill the job. This name of God must be important; otherwise, Adonai would not be mentioned 300 times in scripture. God does not waste space or words.

It takes a firm, intentional decision to fully surrender to Christ as Lord, my Adonai. The difference between my life today and a decade ago is incredible. I have been saved by Christ since I was a child. But I was not yet set free by Christ until a decade ago. Why? Because I had not fully surrendered to Him. Today, I am an entirely different person. I am free from guilt and shame. My decades-long insomnia is gone. I do not live in a state of continual internal fear or anxiety. I am less impulsive and compulsive. My life is calm. And, today, I see regular miracles. Every day, all-day long, I intentionally surrender all-in to Jesus. For me, it is simple: surrender, repentance, obedience, and praise. That is how I climb the daily journey called life.

God’s manifestation of Himself will be limited if we run our own lives. He will take as long as He wants to get our attention, and we will not see the move of God individually or collectively until we fully surrender to Him as our Adonai. The fastest way to annihilate the obstacles in my path is the absolute surrender of my will and life to Jesus Christ. Every time my lips praise Him, I slay my oppressors. The praise of God overwhelms the sound of evil.

Until we settle the Lordship issue, we cannot achieve our full calling. We will not effectively hear Him when He whispers in our ear, or when He brings someone important into our hike up the mountain. (Romans 10:9, 10)

The more I am a slave to Jesus, the freer I am. It is as simple as that. (1 Corinthians 7:21, 22)

I absolutely will go in the wrong direction if I don’t place Jesus as the owner of my life. If I do not surrender to Jesus as Adonai, then I am inevitably surrendering to problems. Trouble becomes my owner, and that trouble will become confusion and drama. Chaos will ultimately run my life. 

I am a former expert in chaos. Today, the metamorphosis in my life is that I experience calm, peace, and an incredible closeness with Jesus Christ. When He wasn’t Adonai, my life was fraught with angst and poor decision-making. It is a simple choice for me: insanity in my life or the gift of miracles that I can shine to others.

Let me ask again: Who or what is your Adonai? Who owns your life?

Your answer will give you clarity for the next steps on your journey up the mountain of transformation.

See you next week. I am off to buy some sturdy hiking boots.

Blessings, EllieB

Study Scripture:

Genesis 18:3
Psalm 8:1
Psalm 110:1
Isaiah 6:1
Romans 10: 9, 10
1 Corinthians 7:21, 22

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