Teens Work Internationally to End Abortion

I started GreatLife Teens, a teen-led pro-life organization, in 2020. My  inspiration for GreatLife began in August 2018. I sat in the back of the room listening to Terry Beatley share Bernard Nathanson’s story. When she shared his quote telling the world that he’s “all about love now,” I knew I needed to be that change. To give people, especially teens, the opportunity to be all about love again in the pro-life movement. 

This organizations’ mission is to bring the pro-life movement to teens by creating a culture that empowers pro-life activists. GreatLife’s team of leaders around the world strive to elevate this mission through our core four program: volunteer, connections, conversations, and politics. This program provides resources to strengthen teens with information to informally engage in conversations about the pro-life position and how to actively be involved in the movement. 

“GreatLife allows teens like me to get involved and encourage everyday people to stand up for the unborn,” said Makayla Obasun. 

When teens find themselves as an anomaly amongst their peers while taking a stand against the great injustice abortion has brought upon our society, we seek to support them by providing our platform as a space that allows teens to express their views and connect with like-minded people. Through giving teens a place to be heard, our aim is to equip them with the skills necessary to be pro-life leaders in their community. 

“GreatLife Teens has changed my life for the better! They have provided a place for me to find where I fit in the pro-life movement and get involved!” said Amanda Catey.

Since November 2020, GreatLife has gained members across 21 U.S. states and 4 countries, all fighting for the joy and dignity of life, and we are just getting started. In 2021, GreatLife has launched an official website, blog, podcast, politics show, and WRITE campaign. These are all contributions in our aim to invest in an innovative approach that empowers youth across the world to protect the sanctity of life through opposing radical abortion policies, delivering support to mothers in need, and providing accessible resources. 

Margaret Mary Beckmeyer said, “It’s a great encouragement to see yourself surrounded by so many other people, especially people your age, passionate about promoting the right to life.”  In addition to fighting the battle against abortion’s legality, we strive to create an atmosphere where abortion is unthinkable. Promoting a pro-life culture among younger audiences strengthens our ability to influence the next generations’ fight for life and support for expecting mothers. Greatlife strives to be the glue in the pro-life movement, to connect pro-life teens first over social media, and then in person to sponsor a revival in our world. 

“Being a part of GreatLife is more than standing up for those without a voice in the womb or ending abortion,” said one participant. “GreatLife is a family, a safe place, somewhere where all opinions are welcome and where we spread love and encouragement to our fellow teens. We can depend on each other here in our pro-life community. We are forgiving, loving, strong, and faithful. We are ready for anything that comes our way. We are the pro-life generation. We are GreatLife!” 

To learn more about GreatLife Teens, visit our website greatlifeteens.organd connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: @greatlife_teens 

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Ava Lael

Ava Lael is GreatLife Teens Director of Communications and Co-Director of their Big Sister Program. GreatLifes Big Sister Program is a mentoring program that provides support and encouragement to teens in the pro-life movement in order to empower strong and courageous activists. Ava is passionate to fight for the lives of the unborn and strives to inspire others to do the same. In her free time she leads a chapter of her states right to life and volunteers weekly at a local pregnancy resource center. Contact Ava with any questions at ava.greatlife@gmail.com.