Psalms of Motherhood and Other Reflections on Life

Children’s author Elizabeth Dettling Moreno has expanded her horizons by publishing the story of how, with the help of the Lord, she survived the roller coaster marriage that was her world from 1971 till about 1979.  These prayer poems chronicle the events in her life that led to happiness, heartbreak, joy, insecurity, optimism, poverty, hope, and above all, abiding trust in the goodness of our Heavenly Father.

In order to understand her journey, you need to know a little of her background.

Moreno was raised in a Godly home, and although they were not wealthy, they did not lack. There was always food on the table, heat in their house, money coming in, hospitality for visitors, and encouragement along the way.  With 6 siblings, the Dettling children knew their responsibilities and they knew how to share.

After she graduated from Wharton High School in 1969, she took a job in the local donut shop and met the man who would impact my life forever. Although he had tattoos and was a drinker, she saw in him a need for someone to help him get his life in order. Mistakenly, she thought that she would be that person. It was only much later that she discovered Jesus saves, and she didn’t need to. By that time, she was in a miserable marriage with stair-step children… ages 1, 3,4, and 5. When people laughed and asked where “2” was, she replied, “It is now in heaven, with Jesus. It was a miscarriage.”

Life was turbulent to say the least. They did not always have a phone and running water. For at least three years, she had to carry water in gallon jugs to their house from a nearby water well. Her babies bathed in a big wash tub. Her husband was a good worker when he wanted to be, but that was too irregular to count on. She didn’t work outside the home because she seemed to be continually pregnant.

Although she had graduated from Wharton County Junior College after they got married, her husband did not allow her to continue her education for a teaching degree and really did not want her to have much contact with old friends or family.  She learned to live on beans and beans and more beans.

 She expects people will be reading her book, possibly more for gossip than spiritual value.  Regardless of motives, God will be lifted up.  She spared no punches.  Her testimony flows through all the pages, from how horrible things were to how merciful and great God is and how He carried her and her children through. People will either love it or hate it and those who read it won’t be able to say they never heard the Gospel. She has even included the story about how she prayed the sinner’s prayer.

Because Moreno is a prolific writer, she included many of her other writings to give glory to God.  The first half of the book is a chronological compilation of an assortment of what she calls “prayer poems,” or psalms. The whole 2nd half is full of testimony, songs that she wrote, tributes to deceased family members, and miscellaneous poetry and prose. She thanks God and believes that this book is ordained for such a time as this to help lead people to the Kingdom.

Psalms of Motherhood and Other Reflections on Life is available directly from Liz Moreno by contacting her at or from Amazon ISBN 48591765R00129.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

lean not to your own understanding.

In all your ways, acknowledge Him

And He will make your path straight.

Proverbs 3:5, 6

New American Standard Bible

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