Dr. Hotze and Team Expose Massive Election Fraud Scheme in Harris County

Photo Above: Left: Acting Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins-D . Center: Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg-D. Right: Harris County Precinct Constable Alan Rosen-D.


As Josef Stalin once asserted, “it is not the one who casts the vote that matters, it is the one who counts the vote.”

Acting Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins-D would have you believe that there is no voter fraud in Harris County. So would Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg-D, along with Harris County Precinct Constable Alan Rosen-D.

But in order to prove voter fraud, you first must investigate it. All three were unwilling to do so, despite the mountain of evidence exposing voter fraud in Harris County. So, Dr. Steven Hotze organized an independent investigation of voter fraud in Harris County that our elected officials were unwilling to conduct.

Dr. Steven Hotze

Dr. Steven Hotze has been involved in Texas politics since 1976. He is currently the CEO of Conservative Republicans of Texas, Conservative Republicans of Harris County, and Liberty Center for God & Country. “I have been well aware of the various election fraud schemes perpetrated by Democrats over the years,” Dr. Hotze said.

These election fraud schemes have basically gone unchecked and unpunished. Because the Democrats now controlled the Harris County Commissioner Court and the Harris County Clerk’s office, I realized that the election machinery was now in the hands of the Socialist Democrats, giving them a fertile environment and an opportunity to carry out massive ballot by mail vote harvesting election fraud.  

This massive election fraud scheme was organized by Democrat County Commissioner Rodney Ellis, and State Senator Borris Miles. Their two captains were Gerald Womack and Dallas Jones, who employed groups of soldiers to harvest ballots by mail from nursing homes, homeless centers, and poor neighborhoods. Harvesting ballots by mail is a felony in the state of Texas.

The Harris County Clerk, Chris Hollins, created drive-thru voting at 10 locations, nine of which were in Democrat County Commissioner precincts.  

The Democrat leadership boasted that, by using ballot by mail harvesting, they would be able to carry Harris County by 700,000 votes, which in turn would have shifted Texas into the Biden camp. This would have been a swing of 76 electoral votes. Had this occurred, Trump would have been defeated in Texas as would have Senator John Cornyn,” he continued.  

“I organized a team of highly qualified private investigators, including retired HPD Detective Mark Stephens and former FBI agent Chuck Marler, to discover, expose and disrupt the Socialist Democrats’ massive election fraud scheme,” he concluded.  

HPD Detective Mark Stephens

Additionally, Dr. Hotze had his attorney, Jared Woodfill, JD, file lawsuits to prevent County Clerk Hollins from mailing applications for ballot by mail to all registered voters, and to stop “drive-thru” voting. 

Dr. Hotze’s private investigators obtained affidavits, video recordings, eyewitness testimonies, and a mountain of other evidence proving ballot by mail harvesting in Harris County was occurring. They presented these findings to County Clerk Chris Hollins, Constable Alan Rosen, and District Attorney Kim Ogg, and they declined to investigate their claims further.

We first reported on illegal voter ballot harvesting about two months ago, as did many other media outlets. In a sane society, the data collected is more than sufficient to conduct an investigation. However, rather than doing the jobs they swore an oath to do, our elected officials blatantly ignored the evidence and declined to investigate further.

This is the Investigative Summary that we have obtained from Dr. Hotze and his team of investigators. You can download it here:  Investigative Summary by Mark Stephens



The purpose of any investigation is to search for and discover truth without bias. Investigations into allegations of criminality involving election fraud during a political season will most certainly draw criticism of political bias. However, free and fair elections are the foundation and quintessence of every healthy democracy and the election process is the outward expression and assurance of the notion that we are still a government of the people, by the people and for the people. For that reason, our election process must remain free of criminality and fraud, and every effort must be made to search for and discover the truth without bias in such allegations.

Election fraud is seemingly the only crime whose very existence is denied because of the difficulty and refusal to investigate the allegations. Some of those difficulties include but are not limited to the nature of the crime itself, political bias, intimidation and fear of retaliation, obstruction, the advance of technology, and the incessant interference of political parties and government entities.

This year, Harris County officials who have long claimed election fraud does not exist on a large scale in Harris County, pooled resources and convened the first-ever joint Election Fraud / Election Security Task Force consisting of four Harris County agencies; 1) the Harris County District Attorney’s office; 2) the Harris County PCT 1 Constable’s office, both acting as the law enforcement component of the Task Force; 3) the Harris County Clerk’s office; and 4) the Harris County Attorney’s office, the latter two acting as the civil component of the Task Force.

All four Harris County agencies that comprise the Election Fraud / Election Security Task Force are controlled by a singular political party. It is decidedly not a bipartisan effort, by design.

Two of the agencies’ leaders, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg and Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen, who represent the entire law enforcement component of the Election Fraud / Election Security Task Force, are not merely passive observers this election season, but active participants as they are both running for re-election.

Therefore, if any allegation of criminality regarding election fraud involves any individual or any organization connected to their own campaigns, they would be tasked with investigating themselves, which seems unlikely at best.

This brings into question the integrity and very existence of the Harris County Election Fraud / Election Security Task Force. Therefore, it is reasonable to question whether this politically weighted group was conceived with a purpose to actually detect and prevent criminality in the election process or to suppress any true investigation thereof.

Dr. Hotze’s private investigators confirmed that member groups of the Harris County Election Fraud / Election Security Task Force actively suppressed accusations of criminality in the election process in Harris County.

During the early voting period in Harris County, numerous allegations were made concerning the behavior and possible criminal activity of a Presiding Judge and two Election Clerks that were personally close to him. The allegations involved both felony criminal offenses and misdemeanor criminal offenses, which included Illegal Voting, Election Fraud, Terroristic Threat, Official Oppression, Retaliation, Assault, and Criminal Mischief.

An individual from the Harris County Clerk’s office, a core member group of the Harris County Election Fraud / Security Fraud Task Force, was sent to the polling place where the alleged criminal acts occurred, SRD 133C which is physically located at the Masjid El Farooq mosque at 1207 Conrad Sauer, in Houston, Harris County, Texas. In fact, this individual was present at the polling place, though did not witness, when some of the criminality occurred there. Additionally, County Clerk Chris Hollins also made an appearance at this same polling place during the time the allegations of criminal activity were formally made to the County Clerk’s office.

Statements, declarations, and/or affidavits were taken by the County Clerk’s office from the witnesses, all of whom were Election Clerks and an Alternate Presiding Judge, who provided eyewitness accounts of election fraud and other crimes.

The allegations included one instance where the Presiding Judge refused a minority voter’s request for a foreign language tablet (Hindi is his first language, not English) and required the voter to vote in English. Knowing the man was struggling with the English version, it was further alleged that the Presiding Judge then not only attempted to influence the voter to “select and enter” a vote for Joe Biden against his will, but after hearing the voter plainly state he wanted to vote “all Republican” instructed the voter to cast a vote without making any more selections down the ballot. An eyewitness observed all of that and further observed the voter arguing with the Presiding Judge by angrily exclaiming in broken English, “I don’t want to vote for Biden, I want to vote for Trump!”

There were two more credible allegations that the same Presiding Judge physically reached into a polling booth, on two separate occasions, and illegally cast ballots for voters who unwittingly abandoned the voting booth before casting their ballot. This is a 2nd Degree Felony in Texas. Another allegation was that an Election Clerk, who had a close relationship with the accused Presiding Judge, threatened witnesses with physical harm, including the female Alternate Presiding Judge and a female representative from the office of Secretary of State. This threat appeared to be in retaliation for what they witnessed and an intimidation effort to influence their conduct and activities as Election Clerks for the Harris County Clerk’s office.

In addition, this same Election Clerk made a comment to another Election Clerk who was a witness to the criminal acts, “I know cartel members and they will cut your head off.” This comment was obviously made with intent to shock and intimidate the witness and place her in fear of serious bodily injury, and also to influence her conduct and activities as an official Election Clerk employed by Harris County.

An additional allegation came from an Election Clerk who witnessed and reported the physical assault of a 16-year-old Student Election Clerk, by another Election Clerk with a close relationship to the Presiding Judge. After reporting what she knew to be a criminal assault against the young Student Clerk, her brand-new BMW was damaged in the parking lot by someone who “keyed” long scratches across the hood.

Beyond the criminality, there were allegations that the Presiding Judge and the two Election Clerks close to him, would scream obscenities, vulgarities and profanities toward the Republican Party and President Trump and spew other political bias while in the presence of voters.

All the aforementioned allegations were investigated by the County Clerk’s office and, ostensibly, by the full Harris County Election Fraud / Election Security Task Force.

The last declaration, statement, or affidavit was taken by the Harris County Clerk on the evening of a polling day and the conclusion that the allegations were deemed unworthy of further investigation was rendered the next morning after the opening of the polls. In short, the case was closed before it was ever opened.

The decision was then made by the Harris County Clerk, a member group of the Harris County Election Fraud / Election Security Fraud Task Force, to leave the accused Presiding Judge and the accused Election Clerks in their respective positions at that same polling place, with those who accused them, unobstructed from committing further criminal acts.

Indeed, it was during the commission of yet another further criminal act of Illegal Voting by the Presiding Judge that our investigators were able to prove the same eyewitnesses were, in fact, credible as our investigation into this matter concluded with the long accused Presiding Judge verbally confessing to the 2nd Degree Felony of Illegal Voting, while the confession was being recorded.

In essence, the Harris County Election Fraud / Election Security Task Force knew election fraud crimes were being committed, yet empowered the accused to commit further acts of election fraud by refusing to adequately investigate the allegations and leaving the accused in the same official position as a Presiding Judge with the emboldened expectation he could stay the course of criminality without further hinderance of investigation or indictment.

Dr. Steven Hotze had this information turned over to the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office. Other investigation(s) are on-going and continue. This specific investigation was concluded with the following: 

A recommendation for consideration that those accused in this investigation be immediately suspended from their positions as Harris County Election Officials, pending further investigation and consideration of criminal charges

 A recommendation that the individuals who violated the Texas Election Code be banned from working in an official capacity at polling places on election day

A recommendation that legal remedies be pursued to protect active witnesses from retaliation

A referral to the Texas Attorney General’s office for review, further investigation, and consideration of possible criminal charges for violations of the Texas Election Code pertaining to §Sec. 276.013 Election Fraud; and §Sec. 64.012 Illegal Voting by a Harris County Election Official, and subsequent criminal violations of the Texas Election Code and the Texas Penal Code

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