Does the Bible Have a Place in a College Education?

I was raised a pastor’s daughter. My life revolved around biblical principles. “Do unto others”, “…but for the least of these…”, “pray without ceasing…” These were not only scriptures, but for my family, they were how we tried to live out our day-to-day.

My father held several degrees, including a doctorate in theology. I often wondered if it was overkill. He was a pastor and an engineer. So why the need to get a doctorate in biblical education?

I’m now much older. A grandparent, to be honest. And I can answer this question with my own life story. Everything I am, every thought I have boils down to my faith in God. The scriptures hold all we need to know to live our life. But do we truly understand all that God is teaching us? How do we rightly apply biblical principles so that we live our life with meaning and intention?

A biblical education (no matter what your career path) will, at the very least, deepen your faith, grow your knowledge of the scripture, and make clear your spiritual path, all while earning a degree that gives you expertise in your career. 

What else does it provide? Knowledge of how to use God’s word to bring healing and comfort. Imagine how a biblical foundation can help a police officer trying to comfort a mother who has lost her child; a doctor who has to give the news to children that their father won’t return to them, or a pastor who has to preach his fourth funeral in a week.

We aren’t meant to know this on our own. A college degree with a biblical foundation re-centers our thinking and informs our decisions. The chaos of life can confuse our thinking. Biblical education allows you to make sense of God’s word and understand how it applies to the chaos of today’s crises. 

I began working at the College of Biblical Studies in 2011. What I’ve learned from our staff and our students is that God wants us to go deeper. No matter who we are, what we do for a living, or where our passions lie, knowing God’s principles on a deeper level means that we will live our life – and pursue our career in a way that glorifies Him beyond what we could glean for ourselves. 

Ministers – Do you really know all that you can know about the word of God? Have you uncovered the deep spiritual truths? 

Leaders – Do you know how to cultivate an environment of love and growth? Are you helping your staff to become leaders in their own right? Do they know how to teach, lead, and minister to the next generation? Will they know how to thrive among the increasing worldly demands? 

Parents – Will your children know why you believe what you believe? Will they see the eternal benefits of following Christ, or choose to go their own way? Give yourself and your children an advantage in these challenging days. Know your path. Know the God who has created you and given you purpose. Do not surrender to the challenges of this world but thrive and prosper in the love of Christ. 

Yes, the bible has a place in college education for those who want to make a lasting difference. This is the place for those who do not accept the status quo. Our students tell us that their thinking begins to transform from their very first class. 

Please allow me to introduce you to the College of Biblical Studies. Earn an accredited, affordable, top rated college degree where the word of God permeates every class, helping you to make godly decisions and find your path. 

If you’d like to learn more, contact us. We’re here to make your life count. At the College of Biblical Studies, you will make a difference. For generations to come.

Are you in? Contact us! or 713.77.BIBLE

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Melinda Merillat

Melinda Merillat is a freelance writer and oversees the public relations at the College of Biblical Studies.