Will the Cross at Katy Community Fellowship be the Tallest in Katy?

We really dont know if it will be the tallest cross in Katy,says Pastor Tim Barker at Katy Community Fellowship. “It was not our goal to build the biggest or best, but to create something that would reflect the majesty of our Lord Jesus Christ and lead people to know him as their savior. The peak of our church is 45 feet tall, so we decided not to build any taller.

Artist Drawing of Cross for Katy Community Fellowship

The next step was finding someone who could complete the project at a cost that they could afford.  “We have been blessed by members of the church and the community who have made donations specifically to support the building of the prayer park, and we want to use these funds wisely,said Pastor Barker.  He turned to those he trusts most, asking for guidance from within his congregation.

We asked some members who they would recommend, and someone told me about John King at JK Welding. He said that John was a Godly man and is known as the Special Projects Guywithin the industry,said Pastor Barker.John came in at a price that we could afford, and in today’s environment, every penny that we can save is good stewardship with the Lords money,he added.

The Ringing Singing Tree of Texas

King, owner of JK Welding in neighboring Cypress, is known for constructing the Ringing, Singing Tree of Texas, the largest wind chime in the United States. Weighing in at over 27 tons and over half- a-mile of six-inch pipe, this modern day marvel is located in Manor, Texas, near Austin, and is a sight to be seen, or ratherheard! 

JK Welding is also credited in helping save our beloved Battleship Texas from sinking. We worked very closely with Taylor Marine in repairing portions of the ship. Certain areas were severely damaged and rusted out, so the ship was taking on water. Had we not fixed it, the ship would have sunk,said King.   

Community Fellowship Cross Under Construction

So when Pastor Barker was able to obtain the services of King and JK Welding to build the Cross, which will be the entrance to their future 2 ½ acre Prayer Park,he did not hesitate. 

Groundbreaking for the new park will be on Sunday, September 6, and the cross will be erected on Tuesday, September 8, at the entrance of the park. The cross is designed in such a way that you can walk through it, and at the foot of the cross there will be a baptismal pool where we will conduct baptisms. The park will host 66 plaques displaying scriptures, and seven points of prayer, which are Salvation, Healing, Family, Revival, Strongholds, Authorities, and Nations,Barker said.

This park is not to be an everyday walk-in park for fun and leisure, but rather a place where you can pray, experience healing, be delivered from strongholds, and have intimacy with the Lord,he added.

Pastor Tim Barker & John King

How did John feel after Pastor Barker chose him for the job? Were blessed, honored and grateful. Its not every day that a welding company gets to do a job like this,he said. This project has to do with our Lord and Savior. I am a Christian; all of my employees are too. This is very dear to our hearts.”

I searched long and hard to see if I could find a taller cross in Katy and was unable to find one. I am not sure if there are, or are not, taller ones in our community, but that is not important.

What is important however, in a season where we need time and intimacy with the Lord more than ever, you will be able to find that in the not too distant future at Katy Community Fellowship, 24102 Kingsland Blvd, right here in Katy, Texas!

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