Letter from the Publisher

Twenty years ago, when I was a member of Houston’s First Baptist Church, each Sunday school class was assigned a family to “adopt” for Christmas. The church had identified many families within the community who were in need, and we all worked together to provide them with Christmas gifts. The family I had the opportunity to serve was one I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

My class adopted a young Hispanic family with two daughters, who were roughly 5 or 6-years-old. My wife and I were part of the delivery team that took gifts and a Christmas meal to them. When we arrived at their apartment complex in Spring Branch, at first I thought it was a condemned property. Most of the apartments were boarded up, and driving through the parking lot was similar to driving through an army artillery field because of the many, deep potholes.

Our destination was one of the few apartments that wasn’t boarded up. Our team gathered the gifts and warm meal and knocked on the family’s door. When the mother and father opened their door and invited us in, it was apparent that they had very little to their names. I don’t even think that they had electricity.

When we presented them with their gifts and the meal, the precious little girls’ eyes lit up. Their father and mother, who were overcome with gratitude, broke down in tears.

Like so many of you, I cannot for the life of me recall the majority of the material objects I’ve received for past Christmases. In fact, I can’t even remember the gifts I received last Christmas. This is not to say that presents can’t be wonderful and enjoyable; they certainly can be. However, out of my years on earth, the Christmas that impacted me the greatest was a day of giving, not receiving.

Standing in that family’s household reminded me that everything my wife and I possessed was given to us by the Lord’s grace alone. This Christmas, I encourage all of you to incorporate this mindset into your lives. Finding the time and the means to serve others is the greatest gift of all.

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Joseph Menslage

As the President and Publisher of Katy and Fort Bend Christian Magazines, Joe Menslage is committed to covering social and political news from a Christian worldview. He founded Katy Christian Magazine in 2005, which swept the greater Houston and Katy areas like a storm. That’s when Joe realized the urgent need for publications willing to give voices to the voiceless, without political correctness or censorship. Joe Menslage founded sister-publication Fort Bend Christian Magazine in 2014. Prior to creating Katy Christian Magazine, Joe Menslage led a colorful life. He was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, spent a great deal of his childhood in Colorado, and lived in a couple of other states before he moved to Houston in 1981. Joe was God-gifted with an entrepreneurial mind, and self-started other business ventures before he found his calling. In Joe’s words, our innate talents are given by the Lord, and are meant to be used to serve the Lord. Aside from being a President and Publisher, Joe Menslage is also the co-founder of Katy Christian Chamber of Commerce, where Christians can network, build business connections, listen to passionate speakers, and enjoy monthly breakfasts and lunches. Joe Menslage also hosts a weekly political satire YouTube channel. Joe Menslage has four children. Outside of work, he enjoys hiking, watching zombie movies and K dramas, ax-throwing and Krav Maga.