Canine Ambassador Makes Living in Cane Island Even Better

The sun is peeking over the horizon and beginning to flood Katy’s unique master-planned community, Cane Island with golden rays. For those who live in this amenity-filled village, it is just another day in paradise. But for Hub, the community’s canine ambassador, his day of work is just starting.

He awakes in the home of Cane Island’s Vice President Matt Lawson, who cares for the pooch when he’s not working for his Kibble. His wife and children dote on the furry, golden retriever as he stretches, shakes off his slumber and is led to the community’s Welcome Center where he will spend his day greeting guests and residents with a shake, a sniff and a head to be patted.

“Hub is our community mascot,” said Cane Island’s Director of Marketing, Lawren Eckhardt. “He comes into our office every day. He’s there to greet people and make them feel comfortable. We call him our ambassador.”

And his title isn’t just for show. He’s not only on hand in the Welcome Center to offer his comfort, he also serves as a spokesperson for the community’s website, where he answers all of the questions guests and residents need to know.

The handsome pooch’s likeness is prominent on the site and he explains that his duties include looking good, representing Cane Island at special events and around the Katy area, hosting the annual Cane Island Ambassador’s Gala and inviting dignitaries to the Ambassador’s Suite that was named in Hub’s honor.

“Hub is a one of the best-behaved dogs I’ve ever been around,” Eckhardt said. “He walks around with people in the community, and some people regularly stop by the Welcome Center just to pet him.”

The two-year-old golden retriever comes from a long line of diplomatic canines and when founders of Cane Island saw the pup’s potential to spread happiness and good will among the residents of the community, they knew they had found their furry representative.

It didn’t take much to convince Hub to take the position, just a few dog treats, and now he has become the embodiment of warmth and excitement in the community.

He welcomes new neighbors and even has scheduled interactions with his adoring fans. Guests and residents can stop by the Welcome Center to find out when and where they can wave hello to the happy pup.

“He instantly puts people at ease when they meet him,” Eckhardt said. “Everyone loves him.”

Photography provided by Cane Island and IPK Photography,

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