A Glimpse Abroad at Soul Stirring Structures

Every once in a while we hear of churches with unusual architecture, none more so than those designed by Geometrica. The company, located in Cypress, builds unique houses of worship all over the world with their trademarked system known as Freedomes®. 

These domes and long span structures are constructed with artistic geometric patterns, making the worship experience novel. Fortunately, I was able to visit two of these churches (based in Mexico) this past June. The images are so impressive that I asked the company to share photography of churches from other parts of the world – which is quite amazing. Enjoy this pictorial pilgrimage to some of the most unique houses of worship south of the border, as well as in Honduras and Africa.

WHITE-DOMESanJuanBautistaSkyward in Monterrey 

The blend of space and spirituality at San Juan de los Lagos in Monterrey, Mexico is almost poetic. A stunning sculpture of metal weaves upward in a heavenly spiral, while underneath a wide-open sanctuary basks in the architectural beauty from two levels. The interior and exterior aesthetic transcends physical borders and makes this large worship area “feel” more intimate and purposeful, exemplifying soul-stirring worship and lending an artistic impact to Monterrey’s landscape and beyond.

SanJuaninteriorMonterreyA Practical Parish

San Juan Bautista de la Salle, another close-knit congregation in Monterrey, is a revered architectural icon in the community. The unusual exterior – a geometric dome – covers an interior without walls or barriers. This allows the flow of communal traffic to accommodate services, weddings, funerals and public gatherings.

This structure merges unique design with freestyle architecture through the use of a lightweight steel and aluminum alloy frame, perfectly proportioned and built to last for generations.

GhanaAfricaA Hall for Thousands in Africa

The “7th Wonder” of Ghana, also known as the Perez Dome (formerly Word Miracle Church International), sat uncovered for two years. The 14,000-seat auditorium — spanning 59 meters — was beyond of the construction capabilities of local suppliers.

The Most Rev. Dr. Charles Agyinasare, presiding bishop of the over 500 affiliates and associate independent churches, reached out to Geometrica all the way from Accra, Ghana. Now a soaring symphony of geometric patterns sweeps upward and elevates the praise and worship experience — especially when the sun lights up the largest dome of its kind in Africa.

The Heart of Honduras 

The Iglesia de Cristo Ebenezer is home to 6,500 worshippers any given Sunday. The spacious sanctuary spans 76 meters with a wide-open circular floor plan to accommodate the large congregation, media center and foster family outreach ministry.

HondurasGeometrica manufactured this Freedome on the outskirts of San Pedro Sula. The immense dome covers the sanctuary, grand vestibule, majestic stage and main nave. Iglesia de Cristo Ebenezer has become a magnet for the community – a place where men, women and children gather for devotion, education, and fellowship in the heart of Honduras.

Engineering and Architecture

Churches are just one application in which Geometrica specializes. The company has built industrial vaults and manufacturing domes in 30 countries since 1992.

To learn more, visit www.geometrica.comwww.geometrica.com.

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