God’s Critters in Katy

By Paige Holsapple

Hopefully you love your pets as much as I love mine! This column is devoted to caring for God’s creation and sparing dogs, cats and other animals from neglect, abandonment and abuse. After all, God has entrusted the stewardship of our pets to us. We as Christians have a duty and privilege to care for “every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth” (Genesis 1:26).

What Happens to Lost Pets?

As pet owners in the tri-county area of Harris, Fort Bend and Waller counties, many of us see animals who have wandered outside of their own homes and away from their yards. They often cross busy streets and roam wherever their curious noses lead them, even into an adjacent county different far from their family’s residence. 

If a dog or cat are picked up (or called into animal control by an impatient neighbor), they can end up in another county’s animal shelter—where they have an 80% or more of being euthanized. Their only hope is to be adopted or promptly reclaimed by their owner. Once impound occurs at a shelter, the owner will have a to track their pet and sometimes go to lengthy and expensive measures (in time and money) to locate them before they are “cleared” and end up being killed. 

Under Texas state law, the “72 hour Stray Hold” begins upon impound of a found pet and the owner is given the brief window to locate and reclaim their pet. It may seem overwhelming, but you can join the Facebook group Cinco Ranch Area Lost & Found Pet Network to stay current on Lost and Found pets in the Katy area. On the group page, and under the “files” tab, there are several documents with the details of what to do should you lose or find a pet in the complicated tri-county area of Katy, and other pet-related issues.

Why Chipping Matters

Why should you microchip your pet? In order to protect your pet and give you peace of mind, a microchip registers them with permanent information. If you move, updated info can be made by your vet or yourself online after you’ve registered. 

  • 1 in 3 pets will get lost. Without ID, 90% won’t return home.

  • Less than 2% of cats are ever returned to original owners.

  • If your pet is found by a good neighbor, they will likely take your pet to local vet to check for chip for a quick return. 

 • Collars and tags can fall off or be removed.

 • 10,000 pets a day are euthanized in Texas shelters every day and 90% are adoptable…or just lost.

Microchip clinics are hosted in our area at a significant discount through the Katy Community ‘Chip Clinic—A Mobile Effort in association with participating vet clinics or suppliers. Microchips can also be obtained through your local veterinarian. Don’t let your beloved pet become a statistic of poor stewardship… please microchip, and spay/neuter your pets for a long, happy life!

Paige Holsapple is one of Katy’s well-known animal advocates, often helping owners locate missing pets. She is also a graphic designer and photographer. You can connect with her on Facebook at just about any animal or shelter group. Pictured is her husband Randy with Yorkies Reggi and Piper, who are looking over the applewood smoked bones and treats from Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming.

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