A Chat with Dave Coulier

We all know and love Dave Coulier as the lead character Joey Gladstone in the late ‘80s through mid-‘90s ABC sitcom Full House. Chances are, you and your children watch the re-runs. 

He co-starred with (and played zany best friend to) Bob Saget and has remained close to fellow castmates John Stamos, Jodie Sweetin, twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Candice Cameron. In fact, he introduced Candice to hockey player Valeri Bure, her future husband. In 1990 at the height of Full House ratings, Dave wore a “second hat” as host of ABC’s America’s Funniest People, a show featuring funny video clips of people caught in outrageous moments.

Up Close and Personal

Dave loves his home state of Michigan and is the middle child of five born in St. Clair’s Lake. He was a funny kid, and later attended the all-boys Notre Dame High School. His sport has always been hockey (Full House fans have seen him wear a Red Wings jersey on the series), which led to his participation in the Celebrity All-Stars squad whose team has included notables Jason Priestley, Matthew Perry, Alan Thicke, Michael J. Fox, Michael Keaton and Richard Dean Anderson. 

His son Luc, a recent college graduate, also plays hockey and attended a Catholic all-boy’s high school just like his dad. As for the name Luc, Dave explains, “I wanted a Biblical name, and my mom is from Canada, so we went with the French Canadian spelling.” 

He caught some breaks early on in his career. Performing stand up in Detroit, he struck up a friendship with then-aspiring comedian Tim Allen, who went on to star in the sitcom Home Improvement. He grew up listening to George Carlin and Richard Pryor, but it was advice from Jay Leno that made an impression. “Jay saw me at a comedy club, and said, ‘Good, clean stuff—you’ll work anywhere if you can work clean.’” Dave did just that and was invited to the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1987. 

After Full House, Dave has stayed busy performing in comedy clubs across the nation, hosting on Animal Planet, co-starring in VH1’s Surreal Life, appearing on Nickelodeon, and making a cameo in the Even Stevens Movie, among other projects. 

The Clean Guys of Comedy

What you may not know is that Dave is at the forefront of the “clean comedy” movement. Families are the widest demographic in need of “clean” options. His goal is to deliver humor that doesn’t pander to (or depend on) coarse comedy to crack people up. 

This American stand-up comedian, impressionist, television actor, voice over artist and host stars in the big screen Clean Guys of Comedy, which debuted at the Katy Cinemark September 19 via a live streaming performance from a comedy club in Denver, Colorado. As Dave notes, “If you’ve been to a stand-up comedy show in the last few years, you know the trend is foul-mouthed and cringe inducing. Everybody likes to laugh, and we do too. We’re creating a whole new, very big way for both top name and up-and-coming comedians to reach the world.” 

But Don’t Mistake Stand Up for a Full House Episode

When word got out that Dave Coulier’s stand up routine would be streamed live at the Cinemark, Katyites naturally asked, “Is it appropriate for my elementary student?” After all, Dave has legions of second (or third) generation fans who still watch Full House. His answer: Although it is the cleanest stand up show out there (PG-13), it really is up to parents to decide what younger children can handle. He compared it to a comment made Bill Cosby when they worked together back in the day: “I laughed because my dad laughed.” 

Dave, as well as comedians Jamie Kennedy, Ralph Harris, Andy Hendrickson and Heather McDonald, all entertained the audience. Absent were the four-letter words, although the performance was definitely geared toward teens and grown ups. 

Feedback from the Community

Katy Christian Magazine promoted the Clean Guys of Comedy event through social media in September, and a group of local fans won tickets and giggled through the show. It was a great way to spend a Thursday evening, and Paige Holsapple commented, “My daughters are in college, but grew up watching Full House. It was nice seeing Dave all grown up.” Christi Borden laughed out loud at the five comedy routines, but noted that audiences should be prepared for some adult themes minus the four-letter words (notably Heather McDonald’s act). 

Holly Chervnsik and her 3rd grade Full House fan, Nadia, were there to see Dave—and he delivered! Nadia enjoys logging on to his website and listening to his G-rated children’s music and skits (and will be writing to him for his autograph). Of his website, Dave says, “It’s great for kids,” and he is happy to provide content for young audiences free of charge. 

Connect with Dave!

You can find Dave on Facebook at www.facebook.com/davecoulier.tv and on his website www.davecoulier.tv. His child-appropriate music and skits can be found at www.davecoulier.tv/freestuff.html. We thank him for the interview and his “clean comedy” initiatives!

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